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'What Are You On?'
by Adrian_Katnip_R.
Citation:   Adrian_Katnip_R.. "'What Are You On?': An Experience with LSZ (exp107484)". Dec 15, 2015.

3 hits oral Unknown (blotter / tab)


Backwoods and LSZ

It was the final night at Backwoods music festival, and I had already taken mushrooms on the first night and drank on the second. So I was looking to finish the weekend off with some LSD.

It was approximately fifteen to twenty minutes before eleven at night, and Porter Robinson was about to hit the stage. Sitting down with my crew, I looked over at my friend and he was already tripping on some. He sold me three hits for twenty bucks, and I instantly put all three under my tongue. We continued to chill and wait for Porter Robinson to come on. About fifteen minutes into Porter's set, I started to feel the onset. My body became warm and tingly inside. Like butterflies were coursing through my veins. It was quite a euphoric feeling. It then rushed to my head. I could feel my brain tingling as well. Almost as if it were getting massaged, which felt AMAZING!

As this feeling of intense euphoria took over my body, my vision began to change. I began to see tracers on just about every moving object. The people, flags, totems and stage began to glow and breathe. Everyone that was standing in front of me almost seemed to melt together as one. Moving, jumping and dancing in unison as the lights and lasers poured over them. The music was starting to distort here and there. Not heavily, but enough to notice. After about forty minutes, I began to start peaking. This is when it really hit me.

The tracers began to be more prominent, and were accompanied with colors. Dancing became more difficult than normal. I eventually resorted to just swaying side to side. Occasionally fist pumping and lightly moving my legs in between. The lights got more intense, and the music was completely melting my brain. At one point, I had to put my hands over my face. Not because I was having a bad trip or anything, but because of how intense the trip had suddenly gotten. The body high turned from a tingling sensation, to what felt like levitation. I could no longer dance. I stood there in complete awe drinking water and enjoying the show. The crowd that stood before me now became what looked like a pastel painting.

As Porter's set was coming to an end, I began to feel like I had just witnessed the most magical moment of my life. I loved everyone around me. Even if I didn't know them. Everything in that one moment was perfect. I walked back to where the rest of my crew was during the intermission, and two of my friends came up to me and asked if I wanted to go check out Dieselboy at the Elevate stage. Of course, I agreed and we ventured off into the night. As we walked towards Elevate, the trees began to shift and wave. The sound of the wind brushing against the leaves almost resembled that of waves on the beach.

As we approached Elevate, one of my friends looked at me and said, 'What are you on?' To which I replied, 'Three hits of LSD that ____ sold me.' He then looked at me and exclaimed, 'That's not LSD. That's LSZ. He bought it from someone and he got it tested at the Dancesafe booth. It turned out to be LSZ.' Confused, tripping, and a little upset, I wanted to confront him. But, I was already having a blast, and did not want to ruin my trip. So I shrugged it off, said nothing, and proceeded to have a good time.
Confused, tripping, and a little upset, I wanted to confront him. But, I was already having a blast, and did not want to ruin my trip. So I shrugged it off, said nothing, and proceeded to have a good time.
We walked inside, and the bass was hitting hard! Dieselboy was absolutely crushing it. By this time, I was still peaking which made it even more mind blowing. Coincidentally, my friend ____ was there. I went up to him, and thanked him for those three hits. Just looking at him, I could tell he was feeling it just as hard as I was.

After about two hours in to the trip, the body high started to subside, and I was once again able to dance. Sadly, Dieselboy's set was coming to an end. So for the remainder of his set, I was dancing like there was no tomorrow. As I did, the peak became less intense, and I could tell I was coming down. The tracers and visual distortion were still present, but I didn't feel as euphoric and on edge. Once they closed Elevate, we made our way back to the main stage where we sat, tripped and watched Odesza and The Floozies end the festival with a bang.

Once The Floozies closed out the main stage, we made our way to the Globe Theater for the after party. We left around four, and walked back to camp to get some rest. Once we got there, everyone began to pass out. Still coming down, I laid on a small couch we had brought with us, and began to star gaze as it was a clear sky. I could still see minor distortion in the stars, but by five o'clock, the trip was practically over. Dirty, sore, and tired from a weekend of intense partying, I finally went to sleep happy knowing I had an amazing time at Backwoods.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107484
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Dec 15, 2015Views: 3,508
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LSZ (609) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Music Discussion (22), General (1)

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