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AL-LAD Art and Shpongle
Citation:   MrMoran. "AL-LAD Art and Shpongle: An Experience with AL-LAD & 1P-LSD (exp107546)". Jan 24, 2016.

T+ 0:00
100 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 150 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 150 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Having not read many (if any) reports about 1P-LSD and AL-LAD being taken together, I decided after my last experiment with AL-LAD to break the ice. I considered first how one regimen of 150ug of AL-LAD would play into 100ug of 1P-LSD, partially because I was not entirely sure how one would play into the other, and wanted to get a feel for their interaction (if any). Then, at about 1.5 hours post initial dosage, I would then consider taking an additional dose of AL-LAD.

The setting for this particular experiment was a Shpongle concert, complete with vendors, as well as Alex and Allyson Grey being there (along with their art), which I felt was perfect for the visual activity of AL-LAD, as well as all the general psychedelia and good vibes.

0:00: At approximately 7PM, my girlfriend and I take our doses. No taste on either blotter, which is always a good sign. We continue to head to the line into the venue with some friends we met up with from my hometown. The line is long, but moves relatively quickly.

0:20: There is a faint hint of something kicking in. Nothing in particular, honestly, but the general first alert of LSD/AL-LAD/1P-LSD makes its appearance. During this time, I moved about the various exhibits, vendors, and talking with various people.

0:40: Around this point, I begin to really feel the effects. Part of me questions where I will be at the 1.5 hour point. The two tabs seems to have a mild potentiation effect between them - rather, it feels almost as though I took a 150ug LSD tab, and a 100ug LSD. The visual effects would best described as LSD++, in a sense. The AL-LAD enhances LSD's visual effects, while keeping the headspace clear, but the 1P-LSD does what the 1P-LSD does differently than AL-LAD does (which was very difficult to discern as they feel similar).

1:15: Time dilation begins to really warp around this point. I saw one of my favorite YouTube people at the concert, who was at one of the displays. I was still coming up on the effects, with the AL-LAD beginning to really take hold (and the 1P-LSD as well, as they have similar comeups). At one point, I felt as though I made a faux pas, but I did mention that I was a big fan of hers and truly grateful for the stuff she's talked about in her videos (particularly Bromo-DragonFLY). I kinda felt like a fan girl at that moment. My train of thought was getting somewhat scattered, and my mental filter was clearly inhibited.

1:30: Colors had felt much more vibrant and in finer detail, all akin to the typical lysergic feelings. I had somewhat more energy as well, but at points felt like I really wanted to sit down (I slept weird on my back the night before) - an interesting juxtaposition. I felt somewhat weird about my interaction earlier, wondering if AL-LAD would impair my thinking further, but my girlfriend and I decided to go for our second doses of 150ug AL-LAD regardless. From the prior experiment, I felt as though dropping the second tab at 1 hour after the first was a bit quick, and I wanted to space things out a bit. I wanted the tab to reach full effects by the time Shpongle came on, and by the time 1P-LSD fully hits its peak (about 3 hours on).

2:00: Colors grew more and more vivid, saturated, and contrasted with each passing minute. While mental abilities seemed to remain about the same, I could tell that more had been added and that things were somewhat different. The AL-LAD began to show its nature more.

The screen at the front of the room had visual effects to be cued with the show, and as I sat there, I watched it grow brighter, and more intense in general. Whatever it was doing, it did it more. At some points, it was too much to look at - the music felt as though whenever the drum beats ground to a halt (rhythmically, mind you), so did my process of thought. It was as though I couldn't think - I felt a strong desire to get my bearings straightened out, so I chose to view some more exhibits and clear my thoughts, as well as have a cigarette or two outside. Making conversation proved to be somewhat difficult, but maybe some people are just shitty conversationalists.

Keeping track of time and people was difficult as well. Numerous times, I would get separated from my group, which bummed out my girlfriend somewhat.

3:00: I grew more and more anxious as Shpongle's set drew nearer. I had been waiting for this moment for at least 3 years. The band playing before their set was a kind of euphoric triphop downtempo style band. Sometimes the synthesizer would play a certain note a certain way, and I would feel this immense, warm, powerful orange glowing feeling throughout my body. Synaesthesia became prevalent. I began to feel the notes, and hear the colors.

4:00: Shpongle finally starts playing, and everyone is ecstastic. The bass was classic Shpongle bass (which, in my opinion, you cannot show someone Shpongle without it). For the first time, I felt/heard (mainly felt) frequencies below 20hz, which feel almost as though they shake me to my core. At first, I thought possibly something was wrong with a subwoofer, but the note continued, and got slightly higher, and then lower. In some ways, it was almost overwhelming in terms of sensory overload. I could only focus on the music, the feelings, and the visuals - all other thought processes had to go, so they did.

6:00: Oddly, I don't feel much more sober than a couple hours ago. In this sense, I begin to suspect that the 1P-LSD carries the AL-LAD's visuals further than the AL-LAD could alone, even with stacked doses. But the visuals of the two are similar enough that, again, it's difficult to tell them apart, or to tell if they had gotten less intense, as there was less stimuli overall on the ride home. Maybe the visuals aren't the best metric.

7:00 - 12:00: The rest of the trip consisted of me and my girlfriend exploring an abandoned underground limestone mine with some friends. Patterning was still apparent in the rocks, which indicated there was still quite some activity. My girlfriend's head had a rainbow outline surrounding it when light shined on her, which was more in line with what 1P-LSD does than what AL-LAD does.

Sleep was attained at approximately the 13th hour (8 AM).

Overall commentary:
This isn't as detailed, as I wasn't actively taking notes throughout the trip.

There is no doubt that the two play into each other. I postulate, from my experience, that lysergamides add into each other's effects pretty uniformly. That's to say that if I took 150ug of AL-LAD with 150ug LSD, it would be equal in intensity to 300ug LSD or AL-LAD.

Stacking the AL-LAD doses, in hindsight, probably hindered my ability to tell the two apart based on visuals and when they taper, as well as how exactly the stack together. Perhaps next time I shall try this dosage again, but taking all 3 tabs at once to see if/when the visuals taper off. I recall how taking AL-LAD had most of its effects come and go over the course of 6-7 hours, with effects lingering for a few more hours afterward; these lingering effects might have played into 1P-LSD's activity (with 1P-LSD carrying out the remainder of AL-LAD's effects). The way I spaced the doses of AL-LAD may have caused it to last for most (if not all) of 1P-LSD's duration.

When I conferred with my girlfriend about how it all affects her, she had a slightly different experience, with the AL-LAD wearing off distinctly, and after the cave (9-10 hrs?), almost all of the effects from both had subsided. She fell asleep shortly before I did.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107546
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 24, 2016Views: 9,963
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1P-LSD (682), AL-LAD (603) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), General (1)

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