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Existential K Ditch
by ashtray girl
Citation:   ashtray girl. "Existential K Ditch: An Experience with Ketamine (exp107627)". Mar 22, 2018.

  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Previous to this experience I had always enjoyed the wacky experiences I had had on Ketamine. A few days previous to this I had picked up 3 grams of dreamy ketamine and had indulged with friends and on christmas day. However on Boxing Day I decided I was up for a bit of holing. I snorted around 200-300 mg in one go. Stupidly.

I was sat at my desk in my room, parents were asleep. I was listening to mellow music and was doodling. I always enjoyed art whilst on ket. As I began to come up I lost most of my co-ordination which is what one would expect. I began to feel very disassociated, not just from my body but my room. I began to see my desk as an island I could not leave. The usually mellow music became distorted and tinny. I felt very sick as well. I dutifully carried on with my art hoping it would calm me. I was snap chatting friends at the time but could not use my phone well at all. It made me feel sicker and I could not comprehend the existence of my friends, I felt like I was the only person in the world, stuck to my desk.
I could not comprehend the existence of my friends, I felt like I was the only person in the world, stuck to my desk.

I decided to move to my bed as it was becoming impossible to draw. I watched some trippy visuals on my phone but I felt like I was going to die. I felt incredibly nauseated and thought I would be sick. I was aware that I'd choke on my vomit because I was lying on my back but I couldn't move.

I could compare it to being pass out drunk but far more hellish and feverish. It wasn't enjoyable at all. I was also tripping pretty badly. I saw my hands melting in the dark. I eventually rolled onto my side and really worked on calming myself. I tried to be sick but couldn't do it. So I lay on my side and held a soft toy. I closed my eyes and worked on breathing. I could no longer feel my body and was convinced that my heart had stopped.

When I closed my eyes I saw Matisse's dancing women spinning in my head. I still felt sick and incredibly isolated. I eventually went to sleep. Slept for twelve hours and was shaky and uncoordinated the next day. Miserable!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107627
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Mar 22, 2018Views: 721
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Ketamine (31) : Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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