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Floating in Space
by jakin
Citation:   jakin. "Floating in Space: An Experience with Methadone (exp107682)". Jan 23, 2016.

10 mg oral Methadone (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis (daily)


I have used various drugs in the past for recreational purposes also for pain management. I smoke marijuana daily and for the most part have been off benzodiazepines and opiates because of how hard my habit is to maintain, but still use them in recreation when they are obtainable. I was never truly addicted to any benzodiazepines or opiates but the craving is still always there.
I was never truly addicted to any benzodiazepines or opiates but the craving is still always there.

I have heard a lot about methadone in the past some good things (but mostly bad) because of how potent and dependent the drug is. I was taking opiates at this time such as Hydrocodone and oxycodone when obtainable but never had seen or tried methadone. This is how my story begins.

My friend k had come across some methadone and he said he has had it for a while, he had asked prior to this if I wanted any for my back pain and always said no because of what I had heard about it. It was about 9pm I had just got to my house my mom was on vacation so I told k to come over. He arrives to my house and out of surprise tells me he brought the methadone or as we called it “done”. He had about a 10-15 mg chunk from a methadone wafer, he gave it to me I put it for safe keeping to take when needed. K went home I went to sleep because I was exhausted and much needed rest. I woke up with bad pain in my back and decided to take some of the chunk.

It was about 11am my back was killing me and took about 10 mg of methadone and started my day. I had a good amount of weed but did not want to smoke yet so I could savor the true effects of the methadone. I started doing some research while waiting for the effects to kick on and learned my dose was a little high for my first time. My other friend p calls me and asks to smoke and take a ride up to a local smoke shop to purchase a bowl or pipe. As we are driving the effects start to kick in I notice my back pain is gone and sit back with a big smile on my face. P notices I’m a little off and asks what I was on, I tell him some methadone. He looks stunned and tells me to be careful. We get to the store, got what I needed and head to my house.

As we arrive at my house I start to tell p how buzzed I was. It had been 2hrs almost since I had taken the methadone and felt really good but still didn’t know what I was in for. I start to think if smoking is even a good idea right now, I proceed to smoke anyway. After smoking, the high had gotten really intense still very euphoric but very sedating almost too much and start to think I have a long day ahead of me. I get on my computer to listen to music but put my head down on the desk because of how sedated I felt.

I felt I was in another dimension at this point like I was here but in a very sedated calm world. It was like everything was too much; I would get up to go smoke a cigarette but instead just lay down. For about 3 hours I cant remember much I was nodding off while laying down only waking up to my phone ringing, eventually put it on silent. I start to think if I take a small nap when I wake up it should calm the effects a little bit. I lay down, close my eyes; I was surely asleep but still felt in a conscious state. About 1 hour went by and BOOM. I was awakened by a loud sound and think it was just my imagination then another BOOM. Someone had thrown something at my window; it was k and I starts to wonder why he was here without notice. He asks what happened I had no clue what he was talking about but he said I told him to come over, I thought “wow I’m that messed up that I can't even remember communicating with him.' The rest of the night was a blur; I laid down nodding in and out of sleep.

I was just so euphoric but also felt as if I had been disconnected to the world like I was there but I wasn’t. When talking to a friend of k's he couldn’t comprehend me and thought I was angry with him. I decided it was time to lie down for the night as I had no business awake and this intoxicated. I lay down thinking how great but also how intense my experience was.

Overall it was a great experience and much was learned. I have come to my own conclusion not to take methadone ever again unless needed.
I have come to my own conclusion not to take methadone ever again unless needed.
Something so remarkable about my experience was this feeling I just couldn’t seem to shake and so this day I still think about it, the best way I could describe the feeling was just floating in space like I was on another planet almost. I kept thinking about this feeling knowing I would never obtain it again I go to sleep feeling great but disconnected. I eventually drifted into the morning Floating in space.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107682
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jan 23, 2016Views: 7,241
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Methadone (166) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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