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An Excellent Social Lubricant
by Sector
Citation:   Sector. "An Excellent Social Lubricant: An Experience with 2C-B (exp107710)". May 2, 2016.

20 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
      Alcohol - Hard  
      Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I purchased this 2C-B off of the darknet from a now defunct marketplace probably over a year ago. I had no intention to take it at the time, but assumed in the future an event would come up that would warrant it. When my friend (we'll call him M) told me about his plans for the night, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take it, after testing it of course.

I used the EZTest for ecstasy and it turned a bright green, indicating 2C-B. Perfect. I have a milligram scale (as I think most drug users should) and used some weighing paper to get as close to 20mg as I possibly could. I then put this into a gel capsule, swallowed it, and drove 10 minutes over before any of the effects hit me (erowid puts the come up time at about 45-75 minutes, so be careful).

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

M's plan was to hook up with this girl (F) by inviting her over to his house while his parents were away on a trip for a few days. For whatever reason, he believed the best way to do this (or perhaps just the least creepy (or as he might say, 'sus')) was to invite me, two other guys, and 3 of F's friends over for a small get together. None of the girls were interested in me, and one already had a boyfriend, so rather than trying to hook up with one of the remaining 2, I decided to take this 2C-B to spruce up the night and discover its effects. I'll say this right now, this was my first time taking 2C-B but absolutely not my first time on any psychedelic. I would not recommend being around people you don't know very well for your first time on a psychedelic. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect and knew how to control myself if things got a little too hectic for me.

I arrived at M's house around 7:30 pm with a bottle of Jack Daniels and him and one of the other guys (T) were there, watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on M's new 70' 4K TV. I tried to get them to play an 8K video (it should look amazing on a 4K TV due to chroma subsampling) but I ended up getting distracted by this website I found of a 365 Gigapixel photo. About 10 minutes later another guy and F and her 3 friends and a boyfriend of one of them showed up. I had met all of them before, so it was a typical meet and greet small talk. Nothing too exciting, and I was still not feeling it at all. It was around 8:30.

I was starting to believe it wasn't working at all. I had eaten dinner before I took the capsule, but it was over an hours since I had taken it and I could barely notice anything. I spent a few minutes deciding whether or not I was experiencing OEV's or I was just fabricating that, and I ended on the latter.

We all went over to the living room and sat on the couches talking. I sat there with T, and this is when I first started feeling the effects.

It was about 90 minutes before I felt it, although I've noticed that with nearly all drugs it takes longer for them to hit me, but they always do. The first time I took acid it took nearly 2 hours for me to feel any effects so I took an extra tab, big mistake. If you've tested your drugs, have confidence in that they will work. Patience goes a long way.
Patience goes a long way.
According to T my pupils weren't too big (I hadn't yet told anyone there I was on anything, and I only took a sip of the Jack Daniels I brought before realizing how terrible it tasted), although his looked huge. The distortion seemed to quite literally change the shape of his head and especially his eyes, whereas I've noticed on LSD a pattern is overlaid on things, and things appear to be moving, but never entire shapes appearing different. I was worried for a second this would go too deep, and everything around me would change, but I was fairly confident 2C-B had no such effects. This is actually part of the reason I think 2C-B would be a good first time psychedelic. Whenever I had a negative thought, it would seem to get brushed away quickly and I'd return to this giddy, upbeat state.

Now the OEV's were quite pleasing, and definitely made the night more interesting, but what I enjoyed even more was how my thought patterns changed and how I was able to communicate them much more clearly than I ever could on LSD. I told T, 'Are any of us living our lives actually thinking? Are we thinking and pondering things on a daily basis, or do we just act on our desires, e.g. I want to hook up with this girl, I want to get into this school, etc. do we ever actually think about why those things are, and what we will gain? Will it truly make us satisfied? He didn't really seem to buy it, and teased me a little, but later in the night my out of the ordinary thoughts actually made him think.

Most of us, including T and F but not M for whatever reason, went outside to smoke weed and cigarettes. I don't really enjoy weed, so I passed on that, but when I was offered a cigarette I took it. It seemed a little more comfortable than usual, and the brisk winter night felt comforting and like an enjoyable change of scenery rather than something to be feared. It seemed less cold than when I had first arrived, even though clearly it was since it was later in the night. As we stood outside next to M's (much to my chagrin) non-working hottub, taking hits off the bong and me and a few others smoking bogeys, we talked about our schools. F and her friends along with one of their's boyfriend all went to this private school not too far from where we all lived, whereas me and the rest of the guys went to public school. They told stories their teachers had told them of getting high and doing all sorts of drugs, which to me seemed odd, but nonetheless I laughed and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It certainly lowered my inhibitions, as when I'm with people I don't know very well I tend to be quite quiet and think too much about what to say, often leaving the conversation to go on without me. The conversation flowed smoothly without any awkward pauses or silences and we all enjoyably smoked and laughed about the trials and tribulations of being a high school senior.

In the darkness of night, the visuals were lowered, but not gone. I noticed distortion around the lit end of my cigarette and the flame of T's lighter was quite beautiful. While I've heard a flame described as 'dancing' before, this was the first time I'd ever truly seen it. Eventually we went back in, as what we had to smoke had been smoked. When I came back in, M's Bernese mountain dog was happy to greet me and the others, but as most of them either ignored her or gave her a reassuring pat or too, I stood there petting her, and become oddly sad. Her soft, black fur felt oddly better than normal, almost like its thread count had increased, and patterns started to emerge from the hair on her back and face as her pupils grew and shrank. As self-aggrandizing and falsely grandiose as it sounds, I had somewhat of a poignant moment with this dog. I felt deeply sorry for it. I wondered what would happen to it as I went off to college and never saw it again, and if it would be happy. Looking back on it, it seems foolish, but to a degree I still understand my train of thought. Dogs lead such simple lives, but they seem so much happier than any of us, I thought to myself. It quickly seemed more positive than negative, and with my spirits renewed I went back to the living room with the rest of the group, as did the dog.

I took the recliner the de facto couple had last time, and the actual couple retained their same spot on the couch, kissing and lying together in a way that was between next to each other and on top of each other. M and F were back on the couch with the other girl, and me and T were further away from each other this time. He seemed bored, and retreated into his phone. I had told M I might sleep over, so I decided to rescue him and said 'Hey, can you show me where I'm sleeping?' He gladly took this offer and went upstairs with me, leaving the rest of the group to their attempted partners. He showed me the room, and as it was pretty boring we decided to check out M's room. As soon as I walked in, I noticed how childish it seemed. For example, M is 17 like me, but on the wall he has a large red and yellow Communist flag. 'What is he trying to say with that?' I said to T, who seemed as befuddled as I was. Right next to the bed was a statue of Yoda that was about a foot tall and seemed oddly cheap. He was making this weird face, almost as if he was watching whoever was in the bed. 'Who would want to hook up with someone in this room?' I asked. T responded 'Yeah, Yoda's watching you do it the entire time.'

It seemed to me at the time as if the room mattered more to who you would choose to have sex with than the person, and I later realized that you can have basically anything in your room as long as it isn't super weird, since the person is there for you and not your decorative items. 'Hey, do you ever think about like, the alternate dimension we're in?' T looked at me as if I was about to say something absolutely crazy. 'No, no I don't mean it in a crazy way, I just mean that this entire room wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the decision of M's Dad, which might have been a total mistake for all we know. Who knows if right now, there isn't someone else having sex who doesn't pull out and whose kids' friends are standing in their future room asking the same question?' He took it more seriously this time, and it perplexed him in the same way it perplexed me.

I noticed a photo on the wall of M and his parents and I remarked 'Isn't it odd how we make monuments to our decision to settle down and have a child? This entire house is just that, a monument, to their decision to have a child. I mean, it makes it look like something great happened here.' I said, pointing to the family photo. As soon as I said it I realized how much ruder and harsh it sounded than I meant it to.

On 2C-B I noticed my desire to say anything negative about anyone was extremely suppressed. While normally I'm not overly rude, I usually don't go a night without saying some small thing negative about someone else. Maybe just a piece of gossip, or making fun of someone who isn't present. I don't think I said anything purposefully unkind that night. The world just seemed like a sad enough place as it is, but it didn't bring me personally down. For instance, whenever anyone famous was mentioned, I thought about how few of us are ever going to achieve that. About how 99% of us are going to be working jobs where we should be getting paid more, but instead we accept the shitty salary as we focus on whatever rich idols on the television we're admiring. It made me feel sorry for everyone in the room, even though none of us are really poor, just that our lives are going to be spent in this continual state of being less than who we spend our time hearing about on the news.

I won't bore you with the details of the rest of the night, but I am certainly glad I took 2C-B. I can't think of any other drug I know that would keep me in such good spirits the entire time, even when things seemed sad or depressing. It certainly made me funnier and more creative as T noted, even if some of my creativity was perhaps not as profound as I believed at the time. This seems like a great, conversational substance for someone with some experience who wants to go out and have a good time. As for negative side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and stomach aches, I experienced none of them. This could partially be due to the fact I kept my dose relatively low, but I am also not a very large person (about 135 lbs, 5'6'). On a side note, I noticed that time seemed much more normal than it did on other psychedelics. I was able to keep track of time pretty well, except for that since I was enjoying myself it seemed to go by quickly.

One last thing, as for its properties compared to MDMA, I'd say it's quite different. A lot more psychedelic, but the tactile feedback was certainly there. I've never experienced the vivid OEV's I had on 2C-B on MDMA however, and I'd say that selling 2C-B as MDMA (as I have heard has been done) to someone experienced with MDMA would certainly not fool them.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107710
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: May 2, 2016Views: 3,165
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2C-B (52) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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