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Incredibly Nauseating with No Reward
Citation:   ThePhoenix. "Incredibly Nauseating with No Reward: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp107717)". Jan 13, 2016.

65 mg oral Methallylescaline (powder / crystals)
J: 180lb, 65mg MAL dose (capsule)
M: 130lb, 45mg MAL dose (capsule)

Set and Setting: Both of us were excited to try MAL for the first time. The substance was tested with Mecke, Mandeline, and Marquis and was positively tested to be Methallylescaline HCl. This was taken in my cleaned up bedroom on a beautiful winter morning. Should be a good experience...

Note on dosage: I decided it'd be best to start at a higher dosage since many of the reports I read had said at 30-45mg people wanted to take a bit higher dosage to get a stronger effect since 30mg was generally an enjoyable dosage but pretty mild.

Both of us began our morning by taking MAL at 9:45a. Within 5 minutes I am already feeling first alerts on the MAL, and could be attributed to licking the scale bowl and powder knife residues after weighing substance. It feels like a cloudy washing feeling over the brain and a slight acidic feeling coming up the stomach initially since we hadn't eaten anything yet. This was a mistake.

Heavy nausea began at about the hour mark and M was vomiting to the point of continuous dry heaves. This lasted over an hour. While she was over the trashcan, I struggled to make breakfast, but before I finished cooking I ended up vomiting a few times, although I managed to hold it to only one session of violent purging. After I ate breakfast I came back into the bedroom where M was then laying in bed looking quite out of it. She did not appear to be having a very good time and was almost incoherent, barely able to talk.

I stayed with her for a bit to keep her out of dark territory, but it looked like it wasn't her headspace that was causing the discomfort. Rather the high dose of MAL she took would be the culprit. In about 15 minutes the wave had passed and she was able to hold a conversation with me. She described the experience as follows: moderate to heavy open visual distortions with a heavy vibration feeling, completely unclear thinking and unable to comprehend the experience or take anything from it, lack of novelty unlike most hallucinogens, murky visuals appearing lightly in the darkness of her eyelids with moving strings of point lights like Christmas lights with alternating colors. Also she pointed out her hands being very shaky several times.

As I lay there with her in the bed, I had some closed eye visuals like dark smoke forming into unclear patterns that very slightly reminded me of what I have read of mescaline visuals, although more murky and not entirely enjoyable. These CEVs proceeded into devilish cartoon characters just acting sort of evil the entire time. With sharp cartoon hands, they would come closer to me in a menacing way, but this did not really bother me as I've had some visuals like these before and it was somewhat humorous to me. Looking at my tapestry above the bed had little OEV effect on me but some wood patterns would breathe a bit and it felt as though the trees *might* come alive. This was a pretty mild effect, but M had a fair amount more OEV effects.

After I talked with M about her overwhelming experience for about 15 minutes, she was take back in by another wave. This whole time she was nearly hyperventilating and I had to tell her to breathe deeply to prevent that from happening. She would just stop breathing for a few seconds several times as well. This scared the hell out of me, especially considering all the bad physical effects she'd been having. Once she came out of this second intense wave, I decided to take a shower and try to get my day going after about a half hour of laying with M. My CEVs in the shower would be the last ones I'd have for the rest of the trip (T+4:00).

After M's second debilitating wave at around (T+3:00), she was completely coherent and not feeling any strong effect after this point and OEVs were minimal but would come back in small spurts once in a while. I felt completely sober apart from a slightly cloudy headspace feeling and a pretty messed up stomach feeling for the rest of the night. M's eyes continued to fluctuate in dilation until we went to bed at 2 am.

After Thoughts: We'll probably never do this substance again as it's just not worth it. In a long time, I may try doing about 20mg an hour after breakfast or something, but it appears as though this chemical has a very strange dosage response curve. Either that or our source was very impure.
this chemical has a very strange dosage response curve. Either that or our source was very impure.
Since no euphoria was present whatsoever at this dosage and I experience some pretty minimal effects, it just doesn't appear to be worth doing again. We had high hopes for this substance but it really let us down in the end. If it is only good to take at very mild doses and effect, I can't imagine it being worth to have in the stocks. Also the fact that it had some very compromising health effects, I can't imagine this being good for a person's body.

Potential Health Warning:
I must warn people about some of the physical effects of at least my source of MAL. The purity of my substance was not clear, but the powder was a light tan color like fairly pure extracted mescaline. I received it from a research chemical source in Canada. The physical effects from at least my source at this dose were extremely unpleasant. These included high muscle tension, tremors, high vasodilation (veins looked really bulged), continuously dilating and contracting pupils (nearly every 10 minutes), headaches, vomiting and diarrhea (DO NOT TAKE THIS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH).

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107717
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 13, 2016Views: 4,269
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