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Nice and Easy
by hulu
Citation:   hulu. "Nice and Easy: An Experience with 25I-NBOH (exp107750)". Jan 22, 2016.

T+ 0:00
0.25 hits sublingual 25I-NBOH (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:50 5 hits smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis  
I have little experience with psychedelics. Took shrooms/truffles 6 times since july 2015. And once LSD about 2 weeks ago. A few experiences with 2cb and one with 2cp sum this all up. So I know my deal with phens and tryptamines. I almost always stayed in a medium dosage range, since I am a total beginner and have been avoiding 'drugs' (for me everything else than alcohol and MJ - but my viewpoint has changed)
until I was 27 and tried MDMA the first time. That changed the view on drugs and since then I have been drinking a lot less, which I like. Still fighting the stupid opinions about drugs in my circle of friends. I never used benzos and I never used opiates but I tried coke twice and I don't like it (I know coke is not a opiate...). I don't like to sniff stuff, period.

I'm not a person who gets anxious so fast and I would not call any of my trips a 'bad' trip, but there where
really stressful ones. In the end of the day, those were really my 'life-changing' ones. So I don't join the
'good' and 'bad' trip terminology.

Since I heard a bunch of bad reports about 25I-NBOH, I thought I might get a little too uncomfortable
thinking about no medical history of this chemical. It might kill me, as opposed to LSD or shrooms, but I gave it a try a few weeks later, when I got a little calm.

Set and Setting:
Me and my girlfriend in the living room of our apartment. Nothing was especially prepared for the evening.
I knew she would sleep soon and I would like to experience it with somebody around, even though she was
in fact sleeping the whole time, I felt safe with her around. My mindset was pretty good, since I had a very stressful previous week. I finished my to-do list right on that evening and was still a little happy about my performance in the university (I played guitar and harmonica). So I felt not very joyful, but satisfied. A good start. My girlfriend knew I would be trying it out, so she wouldn't be surprised if I woke her with a crazy look on my face.

Since this is a very new compound, I wanted to see how low dose affects me.
Since this is a very new compound, I wanted to see how low dose affects me.

-About 11pm (0:00)
I cut a blotter of 25I-NBOH (1600 micrograms) into 4 pieces and put the biggest one under my tongue (about 500ug). I instantly noticed the bitter taste and as the tip of my tongue was touching the blotter I noticed that it was becoming a little numb. I did not have any of these first impressions with LSD (no taste, no numbness).

I was watching TV, but it bored me. So I put on the 'Last man on earth' series. My pulse feels raised. I might smoke a little weed. I rolled a joint, but waited another 20 mins to smoke about 5 drags. I don't feel much of the joint and that was making me confident that there was something coming.

It's coming. I did not expect that much for that dose. But I guess the weed enhanced it a little. I'm feeling
mood-lifted and a bit euphoric. But having a few thought loops that were easy to get away from.

I'm very happy about the series and have been laughing a lot. It's just nice to be alive and breathe. I feel no body discomfort at all. It starts to feel like a mild dose of 2C-B but without any body turn downs.

I don't like to watch the series any more. I was thinking too much other stuff. I did not want to think too much, since it was still very language-based thinking and I wanted to see what happens when I'm meditating a bit.

I turned the lights off and put on some music. I was just focusing on my breath and my heart beat. I lost
the sense of feeling my breath for a short time and it was frightening and interesting at the same time.
I was still breathing of course, but it was a strange shift of perception. I know I am breathing all the time
but I'm not aware of it most of the time. But that moment was different. My awareness was pointed at my breathing and I knew I would function as a (physical) body if I want to or not, so I just went with the flow.

Thoughts were coming in. Interesting thoughts I had to follow. This was definitely the peak of the experience. This would be a very good dose for social situations like parties as well, as I did only have very mild OEV. Brighter colors and a little morphing next to my point of view. When I closed my eyes there was very little CEV, but as I was meditating and feeling the sensation of 'letting-go' I noticed a real bright come-up, which was fading away the moment I was thinking about letting go and wanting (!) to let go. I was very fine with that and did not expect much more of this dose. In fact I was surprised how pleasantly this substance helped me to meditate.

I had to stop meditating since I got too many thoughts and couldn't focus any more. Music was still playing and I was smoking the joint I rolled earlier, which gave me a boost into the experience. Music was wonderful and I was enjoying the artwork of the album cover on my TV. Full darkness was helping me with my CEVs and I turned the TV off.

I couldn't enjoy the music much longer since I had to close my eyes again and feel what's coming. When I opened my eyes I noticed a red LED from my Wii which was shining right into my face. It was marvelous. I felt how it touched my eye. Everything else within my sight got blurred and had a grainy texture. I knew I could see this sober, but I was much more open and a lot less 'goal' oriented. That means, my actions had no cause. I was just experiencing for the experience, not for anything else. That felt really good. I don't like this day-to-day routine of thinking too much of achieving goals and I'm happy about letting go of the sensation that I have (!) to do something, in order to justify my being.

For the last 40 mins I was watching Last man on earth again, which was entertaining. I knew it was coming to an end and I did not want to extend the experience in any way, since I had an appointment for the dentist in the morning.

I went to bed with my girlfriend. Still having a lot of crazy thoughts which were all very interesting. Closed Eye visuals were coming a lot more than before, since I really wanted to sleep now and could manage
to do so within 30mins.

I got up and felt really normal. Not too tired or anything. I did not go to the dentist, and I didn't have to, since it was a regular checkup. I needed sleep indeed, but I think that was because of the stressful week

25i-NBOH is a very interesting substance since it hat no bad body load whatsoever. No nausea, no pain or anything bad. I recommend to try a very low dose at first, you never know how your body reacts. It was fun (euphoria and laughter) and introspective (meditating was a lot easier). When I repeat this experiment I will double the dose to have a blotter.

Thanks for reading!
And sorry for my grammar since it is not my native language.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107750
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jan 22, 2016Views: 5,177
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25I-NBOH (615) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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