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Extraterrestrial Beings and Alien Music
DMT & Cannabis
by Cola2216
Citation:   Cola2216. "Extraterrestrial Beings and Alien Music: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp107794)". Feb 15, 2016.

25 ug   LSD  
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)
    repeated vaporized DMT  
  2 hits vaporized Cannabis  


This was my first time experiencing DMT. A friend of mine had given me some & I hesitated giving it a go as I didn’t know what to expect, so I sat on it for about a month waiting for the right time & mental state to experience that which I looked forward too so much. Earlier that morning, I had micro-dosed with around 25-35mcg of LSD (this was day 2 of micro-dosing) & I had been hitting dabs all day so I was feeling pretty great to say the least.

My roommate & I were hanging out until he had to go to bed around 8pm. I called my girlfriend & talked with her until about 8:30 when she went to bed. I sat alone in my room thinking about my different experiences with substances. I had tried: Cannabis, LSD, Mushrooms, Salvia, & MDMA but not yet had the honor of experiencing DMT.

As I pondered my experiences, I felt the urge to just pull it out & look at it, see what it smelt like, kind of get a feel for the drug in its physical form. As I looked at it & smelt it, I inhaled what I describe to be a sort of melted/burnt plastic smell, however it wasn’t too unpleasant.

I proceeded to lick my finger & get a little on it to taste. As it touched my tongue it had a distinct flavor that was just like the smell. I didn’t feel anything though. I then thought to myself how I should vaporize a little on my quartz nail just a little to get a feel for it; if I feel I’m ready for it, I’ll proceed to attempt to blast-off. I grabbed a small metal spoon & scooped just a little up to “dab” with. I thought about the lighting in the room so I hooked up a small USB light next to me & turned the bedroom light off so I could still see but without too much light. I then heated my quartz nail & let it cool until I felt it was the right temperature & began pulling through the rig as I poured the little DMT scoop into the bowl of the nail where it vaporized nicely into white smoke, which I inhaled fully. I then set the rig down, laid down on my bed, closed my eyes, & breathed out the entire hit.

Almost instantly I felt like I was about to be pulled down through my mattress, out of my body & out of this dimension. My limbs became shaky & my vision had distortions here and there with fuzziness and vibrancy of colors on the tapestries hanging up in my room all around me when I opened my eyes after seeing a lack of visuals. I laid there a few more minutes as the visuals began to fade back to reality & I could sit still again.

I let 15 minutes or so go by as I thought about going the full extent & doing it all at once while I regained my grounding. I now scooped up the remaining DMT that I had & prepared my rig for use. Once ready, I let the nail cool to what I felt was a good heat based on how the previous scoop had vaporized & dumped the whole scoop on the nail, bad idea on my part. As the nail cooled, DMT vaporized while I pulled at a good steady pace but after a few seconds the nail was no longer hot enough to vaporize it properly, so I lost a lot of smoke & a good amount of the DMT remained on my nail afterwards. As I pulled through the rig my lungs became full while there was still more smoke to inhale, so I exhaled & instantly I started becoming disoriented, but I proceeded to take another hit, and another, and another, until I felt the hits weren’t making me trip any harder & the smoke was clearing up from the nail cooling. I was very shaky by this point & was worried I might break the rig if I attempt to get anymore smoke out of it so I set it down & laid down on my bed again.

I closed my eyes & laid my hands over my chest as I observed the images & sounds that were presented to me. I could hear radio signals, strange frequencies, like alien sounds you would hear in a movie. Images, similar to a time-lapse video, flashed in the background… 2 extraterrestrial beings appeared standing next to each other, facing me. They weren’t very well lit, but I could see the outlines of their bodies & their faces as if they were communicating with me, or showing me something. They looked like “the greys”, but darker in color (perhaps because they weren’t very well lit as I mentioned earlier). Behind them images continued to flash rapidly, so fast that they were hard to make out. I saw nebulas of many colors, pictures of space, kaleidoscopes, and all sorts of geometrical shapes & patterns. As time went on the noises I was hearing began to change as if someone was tuning the frequency & I began to hear what I would describe as alien music playing. It sounded like different frequencies formed in a way that it was music to my ears. I feel like the extraterrestrial beings I saw were showing me their music.

I let my mind wander & it began attempting to go places it wanted to go, rather than to sit back & enjoy the ride. I began to feel an unpleasant feeling, like I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I started to sweat & then felt like I was drenched in liquid, or even submersed under water, but only partially. In a way it felt like I had pissed myself at one point, but I later thankfully found that I didn’t. I got grip back on my experience & a third extraterrestrial being came into sight, only this one was leaning at an angle & it felt like it was hovering over me right above my face, although I could see it in a distance.

As the effects began to wear off, I felt very grateful to have the experience I had. I hit a dab or two & then went to bed. The DMT remaining in the nail I purged clean before hitting my dab, as I wasn’t ready to trip again so soon (I wish I would’ve saved it instead).

Overall I had a good experience with DMT & I would do it again in the right mindset any day.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107794
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 15, 2016Views: 2,417
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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