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Exploring the Present in the Future
Citation:   ZLPer. "Exploring the Present in the Future: An Experience with 25D-NBOMe (exp107803)". Feb 8, 2016.

2 mg buccal 25D-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Due to the small amount of information available online about this substance, and the strong experience I had, I felt it so necessary to record what happened that I am writing this the next morning. I currently have a headache, but Iím otherwise happy and sober. Anyway, the hallucinogenic drugs I have used include marijuana, DXM, DPH, salvia, and a small dose of mushrooms, but this was my first proper psychedelic experience. The trip occurred in and around a college campus, without a sitter.

T+0:00 Placed two 1.0 mg tabs between my gums and cheek at the beginning of a lecture, around 1:00 PM. Tripping in class didnít seem like a ball, but I figured Iíd be coming up when it ended. I removed the tabs after 30 minutes.

T+0:50 I am seeing translucent, detailed patterns on flat surfaces: my paper, the walls. Thereís a pleasant, speedy, but completely foreign body high present. Taking notes is not a challenge, but I keep getting distracted by my thoughts. The patterns and rapid succession of thoughts about my personal life stay for the rest of the trip.

T+1:00 I leave class, step outside, and am stunned by the futuristic world that greets me! Of course, itís no different than the college campus I walk through every day, but Iím struck by how wonderfully advanced and high-tech the Western society I live in is. I begin walking back to my apartment; people and cars that pass me have trails behind them, and very clear after-images appear behind some objects if I turn my ahead. This is marvelous!

T+1:20 I enter my apartmentís stairwell, and Iím stunned again. The floor and walls are overlaid with a wonderful pattern, as if I was at a rave and patterns were being projected. I decide to go out again, and take a walk through the surrounding neighborhood. All the visual effects mentioned are still present, but now, anywhere I focus my vision on becomes a ďfountainĒ, so to speak. Itís not jarring, but whatever is in the center of my field of vision seems to be projecting itself outward. If I stop and focus on it, my surroundings start slowly shimmering and waving.

T+3:00 Back in my apartment; I sit in a chair in the front area for almost an hour, listening to house music and occasionally walking around. The trip is definitely peaking now. My field of vision is still overlain with flowing patterns, which take the form of whatever Iím looking at.

T+4:00 I finally go back to my apartment, which I am quite anxious about, because Iím not sure if Iíll be able to have a normal conversation with my roommates. No one is there as I enter, so Iím very relieved; I eat a corn dog and enjoy the brilliant confusion around me. Not too soon afterwards, the roommate Iím closest with (and the only other who has tried anything beyond alcohol) gets home. We briefly discuss music and our friends, but itís difficult for me to formulate normal responses. Iím simply overwhelmed at the infinite number of possible ways to respond to a question, so I spit out some weird stuff. I go into my bedroom soon after.

T+4:30 Iím still peaking; I turn off the lights and listen to the SMiLE Sessions (Beach Boys). The mood of each track dictates my own mood. Somewhere near the end of the album, I touch both hands to the wall, and I seem to be holding hands with someone. Iím aware that itís just my shadow, but it feels as if it is my own consciousness, or maybe the spirit of humanity itselfÖeither way, being in contact with this thing overwhelms me with intense happiness!! I can walk away, then come back to that point on the wall, and my shadow/spirit of the human race/whatever is still there, awaiting my touch. I gradually begin to come down, and I accept that this thing is leaving too, with disappointment but respect.

T+6:00 By now, I am still tripping but certainly on the comedown.
T+6:00 By now, I am still tripping but certainly on the comedown.
For the next four hours, I do nothing but take a shower and sit in my room, in a chaotic succession of thoughts about my own life. I donít leave my room for the rest of the night.

T+10:00 Fall asleep around now, at 11:00 PM. I was still seeing dim patterns before I hit the hay.

I would call this a very positive experience, although there were difficult thought loops that I had to will myself out of; Iím lucky taking this relatively high dose didnít produce a bad trip. Nothing about the physical or sensory changes was unpleasant, but for others, the heart rate increase may be alarming. The most striking aspect of the trip (by far) was the torrent of thoughts I cycled through, but I wonít try to describe all of this; they were mostly personal concerns. I also thought quite a bit about why I do psychoactive drugs in the first place. Iíve read mixed opinions about this drug--MY experience was identical to trip reports of LSD Iíve read, but Iím not one to be trusted, as I have not tried LSD. It donít care that this is a new, under-researched substance though; I explored myself as much as I could ever hope to on any classical psychedelic.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107803
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 8, 2016Views: 2,455
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25D-NBOMe (541) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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