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The Perfect Mix
LSD, Alcohol & Ether
Citation:   Ether boy. "The Perfect Mix: An Experience with LSD, Alcohol & Ether (exp10781)". Oct 21, 2019.

  repeated oral Alcohol  
  1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  50 ml inhaled Ether  
Acid, Ether and Alcohol - The Perfect Mix

My friends had just finished their end of year uni exams, and although I still had one more assignment due the following week, I decided to go out with them to get 'totally trashed' on a nightclub crawl. Of the 4 other people I was with, 3 of them had no intentions of having anything other than lots of alcohol
Of the 4 other people I was with, 3 of them had no intentions of having anything other than lots of alcohol
, indeed when I pulled out the acid for myself and the other friend (who also knew about the ether) they seemed to deny any knowledge of 'what that shit is'. In any case, at about 10pm (it was a Thursday night), I had one tab and my friend had only a half, despite my attempts to convince him to have more.

I had never tried these particular ones before so was unsure of the dosage, but banked on waiting an hour for the onset. Half an hour later we parked the car on a popular strip and all got out to go get out first drinks and 'get the ball rolling' so to speak. Luckilly, I had a full bottle of Bacardi rum on hand and also plastic disposable cups. We each has about 3 shots worth of rum, sculled in one hit (except the guy who still had to drive us to where the main clubs were). When I opened my case to get the rum out, my friend who had also had some acid noticed I HAD brought along the ether; 99+% pure reagent grade diethyl ether. He had tried it before, when I first got the ether and we had our first binge (which was not done in conjunction with any other drug), so both he and I knew what to expect of the ether, but not really what to expect with the ether combined with the alcohol.

After a few deep huffs each (we put a hanky at the opening of the bottle and turn it upside down to just wet a little patch and then hold that at our mouthse and sucdk a lungful of air through the wet patch) we were laughing our arses off whilst the other people with us kind of looked on with curiosity and disapproval as if we were inhaling gas or glue or something. Although the high only lasted a few minutes, the residual effects of the ether persist for some time, a bit like being drunk on alcohol after inhaling heaps of nitrous oxide (which gives a similar high). By the time we all got back in the car it was about an hour after we had taken the acid, and although we were both thoroughly intoxicated by the alcohol and ether, we were pissed off because we couldn't feel any effects from the LSD. However, in hindsight, the euphoria we had could not be explained by just ether and alcohol; that is, once the ether high wore off, we were still giggling and talking to each other as if no one else was in the car, like in our own private little world in which we could understand each other completely clearly but everyone else was just minding their own business. My friend doing the acid and ether with me was especially annoyed about the acid as he was certain he had just sucked on an untreated piece of paper for an hour or so (and this WAS his first ever acid experience). I however knew better.

I could feel a detached, altered awareness which I recognised from the previous (and first time) I had ever had acid before. Perhaps my friend, despite my warnings to the contrary, expected to have massive hallucinations on half a tab, or expected to feel a hit as the LSD came on or something, like most other drugs. What I think happened is that he convinced himself that the LSD was bogus and continued in his skewed, slightly altered state for the rest of the night, repeatedly denying that the LSD was working on him, despite my efforts to explain to him certain behaviors which we were both exhibiting could not be explained by either the ether or the alcohol. It is worth noting at this point that we drove to the main clubbing area, where we planned to go to maybe 3 or 4 different clubs and have drinks at each one; which we did. We we drank steadily (maybe 2 beers an hour) from about 11:30pm till about 4:30am. Also, we had maybe 2 more small binges on the ether; I have a little hip flask only big enough for about one shot of liquid, and I filled this with ether so we could do it in the club.

The first club we went to, I was starting to feel really fucked... As in, the alcohol was making my movements a bit awkwards, the ether was still giving me a bit of a residual high and there was something else... Which could only be the acid - skewing my perception and creating a psychedelic euphoria which was magnified by the loud speakers and flashing lights in the club. I bumped into an old friend from high school (about 3 years ago) and the first thing he asked me was 'what are you doing tonight? Eccies or what?', which was a little disturbing because I never talk to this guy and he would never expect me to take drugs; I was never into that when I knew him. I can only suspect that he noticed our strange behaviour and knew it was something other than alcohol, or perhaps noticed my eyes were dilated (which they were). I explained to him that we were just having some ether and he was not really surprised (maybe he could smell it and knew what it was). I think his dad is a doctor so he would know all about ether.

Anyhow, we had some shots in the club and my acid/ether friend brought a bit of the vodka back up and we were kicked out of the club. I was quite fucked at this point, and remember that we had the shots (I didnt see him bring it back up), then I noticed he was walking to the exit next to a guy in a suit, who I (at the time) suspected was a friend of his from work or something. I didnt even suspect that he was a security guard. I remember asking him as they walked away 'did I miss something here? What's happening?' then we were outside and he explained who the guy was and what happened.

So we went back to the car and refilled the little flask, did that ether and went to the next club. I remember walking around the club as if I was touring a museum, as if those people were just in another world, and I was talking about them to my friend as if they could not hear me (remember, in our own private little bubble?). We had some more drinks and finished the flask of ether, and I decided to do an experiment, because he was still saying that the acid was a dud, despite the obvious non-alcoholic, non-ether effects on his behaviour. I was not feeling drunk as such, just a little weird and invincible.
I was not feeling drunk as such, just a little weird and invincible.
I decided to play a game of Point Blanc, the shooting game. I scored higher than I ever had before, getting 100% accuracy on levels which I had never been able to pass before (I am an experienced Point Blanc player). It was as if I had all the time in the world to pick targets... Like times was slowed down. Then we went over to a pool table and my acid friend played pool against one of the other guys who had been having heaps of drinks and was really pissed. I remember sitting down and waiting for ages, listening intently to the song being played by the DJ (one of my old favourites) and wondering why the game was taking so long. The My acid friend won the game and came over to me, saying to his defeated opponent 'gee, what a quick game!'. I asked him how long the game had taken and he said maybe 5 minutes, and I was shocked. I swear I had been sitting there for half an hour or more, waiting for them to finish. But then I realised that the same song was still playing... And a song doesnt last 30 minutes!!! DAMN! Was this the LSD working on me? I wasn't quite sure, but I remember asking my friend throughout the night 'what time is it? How long have we been here? How many songs have been played?' I was thoroughly experienceing time much slower than everyone else. I felt like we had been there all night when we decided to leave, but it had scarcely been 2 hours.

We went to the casino to sober up a bit and breath tested ourselves on the machine. I had 0.053 and my acid friend 0.12. BAC. This was at about 5:30am.

I have to say that this was the best ever drug experience I have had; the alcohol, ether and acid worked wonders, and I didnt have a single paranoid, anxious moment the whole night.
I didnt have a single paranoid, anxious moment the whole night.
There was a window of about 4 hours when I was just feeling absolute euphoria, total bliss, but was still able to function normally as if I was only a little drunk.

Best of all, I didnt have any hangover or comedown the next day. The dance music really enhanced the experience.

[Reported Alcohol Dose: "10-12 standard drinks"]

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10781
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Oct 21, 2019Views: 2,213
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Alcohol (61), Ether (131), LSD (2) : Club / Bar (25), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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