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Migraine Miracles
Citation:   Croak_Poke_Trip. "Migraine Miracles: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp107836)". Feb 7, 2016.

25 ug sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis  
BODY WEIGHT: 61.5 kg
I have spent most of life experiencing and understanding these interactions between chemical and creature(EXPLICITLY CONSENTING ADULT HUMANS). Over the past year I have taken a break from my heavier compound use to try and pinpoint irregularities, or wrinkles I like to call them, in my mental processes and spiritual breakthroughs. Mulling these new found insights for days, weeks, in this scenario, years. I have dozens if not hundreds of trip reports I have never transcribed in fear of being found out, written by myself, colleagues, and fellow psychonauts trying to source a better way of living symbiotically as a species on Earth. This week I experienced something that is basic fundamental drive for my study in Ethnobiology and Organic Chemistry.

I am one of the many people that experience debilitating headaches and migraines. I have read many articles on the success of psilocybin and psilocin with a virtually 100% success rate on eliminating and keeping brain pain suppressed for up to 12 months on moderately low doses. Here I digress to the point of my report, the efficiency and speed of my personal trial.

As I began school again, my anxiety increased and my stress began to compound. I arose from my slumber around 7 a.m. Sunday morning to find I was experiencing a nuisance of a headache. I figured it was due to poor diet and lack of hydration from testing the day before yesterday and neglecting to properly care for my physical self on Saturday. The pain behind my eyes in the right hemisphere of my brain had gotten to become more of a nuisance than it had been in the past years. I had however experienced migraines and clusters MUCH worse than what I was dealing with at the time. I continued to hydrate and eat proper meals for the rest of the day in hopes symptoms would be gone Monday morning.

I was exceedingly mistaken...

Monday morning I rose to a splitting cluster headache that I could pinpoint to the base my skull, deeper close to what I assume to be the hypothalamus, and the same spot behind my eye. All spots focused in the right hemisphere of my brain. I went about my day knowing I will have to deal with this pain until it decided to subside. I no longer smoke cigarettes or heavily drink alcohol (only in moderation, i.e. 1oz of liquor every 3 months).

Once I had driven to campus I managed to suck it up and push off this headache as stress-induced and once again assumed it was a particularly aggressive cluster headache. I made it back home around noon for lunch and the pain had increased again to the point of causing nausea. This is when I became the typical cluster sufferer, banging my head on walls, pressing into my eyes in hopes that maybe I could drown the pain out with external pain or distractions, to no avail. I smoked a large amount of hybrid marijuana after a hefty dinner and proceeded to attempt to meditate before going to bed. The pain was so bad however, settling my mind was impossible, it had permeated my consciousness and was beginning to truly perfuse my physical self with malice.

Tuesday morning I arose at 5 a.m. to incapacitating tremors of pain. The scotoma had begun and my peripheral vision was blurred and tunneling. I couldn't believe it, this was the worst attack I have ever had in my life and I just couldn't believe it. I started pushing my head into my night stand directly onto my supraorbital nerve. This gave me temporary relief as it had in the past (may be psychosomatic in its 'cure'), so I continued to put pressure on the nerve as I got ready for school. I made it into school and suffered through hours of classes with my head down attentively listening and lifting my head only to take notes.

Once I made it to my car my scotoma had began scintillating and now enveloped approx. 80% of my vision. Driving was not an option, nor was using my phone, considering I couldn't see my hands. I sat in the drivers seat for close to an hour in pain contemplating stumbling on foot the 4 miles back to my house. As I began to relax my scotoma began to break and I got to a 'safe' visual state so I could effectively drive myself home. I immediately went to bed, after about 3 hours of napping I woke up and my headache had gotten worse, again, despite my history of 10-20 hours of headaches. I was in my 53rd hour of headaches when I mentioned my problem to a friend, they reminded me about the properties of 'magic mushrooms' and the advances being made over in the UK on cluster headaches. This is when I remember similar reports involving 2-Bromo-LSD. I began rummaging like a wild animal through my goody bags in hopes of finding a cap, or a stem, SOMETHING, AAANYYYTHING to dull my torment. That's when I rediscovered a 200ug blotter of AL-LAD I had been saving for a rainy day. This is where my life turned around and my goals in life reinforced.

1:50 p.m.

T:00- I take said blotter and cut it into quarters, I then cut a quarter in half and took it as a sublingual dose. I figured on a 200ug dose in shoddy half blinded cuts I would be taking roughly 20-40ug. I spat it out as my mouth began to tingle heavily (roughly 20 minutes), since intoxication wasn't the goal here. I needed to run to the store so I called my fellow psychonaut 'R' to give me a ride and explained the situation to him. My palms began to sweat and my back started to perspire up to my neck.

T:20- I notice the familiar icy cooling begin to work its way though my spine. I remained in my bed until R showed up with 'S' and met me up in my room. We sit and talk a little bit, it puts my thoughts to ease. Then I realize I have been talking easily with no confusion or sound sensitivity for close to ten minutes. I turn my nightstand light on (a dull 40W soft white incandescent light) and my sensitivity to light had diminished drastically.

T:45- The desolating headache has lulled to a significant dull throbbing.
T:45- The desolating headache has lulled to a significant dull throbbing.
My head still feels like I've been hit with a bag of bricks, but I can move, motion and vibrations from bass in music is no longer making me nauseous. I'm sweating more now but I'm attributing it to a lack of food for the day. My chest is also tight, which I am also blaming to anxiety from not eating and feeling as though I'm reaching a +1. I have cold shivers and am sweating heavily now which has always been a personal sign to me that I am edging a +1 level. I start to get apprehensive about going outside since my house is still a quiet cave. R suggested we smoke before heading to the store for added enthusiasm on our food selection. I partake a smoke a good .2 grams of the same hybrid cannabis from earlier.

T:1:00- I make it into the grocer and the lights are oppressive. They cause mild flare ups but only when I direct my line of sight to the top shelves, with particularly direct lighting in the frozen foods, or exceptionally reflective packaging. My anxiety has slipped away and am more focused on getting food into me so I rush to grab my items and head to the checkout with no apparent change in my physical condition. Standing in the checkout as the cashier hands me my receipt I notice the fleeting sensation likened to coming out of a DMT experience. Similar to a veil or a sheet being drawn off my head down to my feet. The icy cooling has moved into my face and my neck with a furious push. As we're leaving the store this chemical antifreeze pours behind my eyes and over my scalp. I'm outside, it's close to 7C so as much as I want to believe this is the AL-LAD I assume it may just be the temperature shift. We get to the car and I acknowledge it's not just the air outside, it's really cold under my skin, the AL-LAD is working!!!

T:1:15- Back home and I'm so hungry I'd probably be having hunger pains if I wasn't having so many things going on in my body at the time. The cooling sensation has moved deeper behind my eye to the more centered discomfort. There is a significant amount of pressure still, probably relates to banging my head and pressure applied to my supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves. It would be a gross overstatement to call this pain by any means. On a pediatrician's scale from 1 to 10 this is a skinned knee 2.

T:1:35- I'm calling it, I can't feel a damn thing, and for that I am thankful for. I'm talking a full elimination of my pain and sensitivity. I can't believe it, I simply can't believe it. This will for now on be my first line of defense against migraines in the future.


T4:10- At my parents' eating dinner, their dogs are barking a lot, my headache is coming back I believe. For now I am going to firmly state I believe it is simply nerve agitation at this point. No other symptoms have shown up to make me believe I'm having another episode.


I am back recording that what I was feeling last night at dinner was nothing more than expected. The nerve pain remains but has diminished significantly. I will note again this is in fact not a relapse but my own undoing. I will deal with this as I always have with cold compresses and hot tea. I have not encountered a migraine today however I have had irrelevant headaches here and there. Every time the tingle seems to faintly surface and the faint dull pressure dissipates. I still can't believe it. I'm sure the levels I took are nowhere close to what some could call a '12 month remedy' but I still have 7 potential snippets left. I will keep them around in case I face this situation again.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 7, 2016Views: 2,613
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AL-LAD (603) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Health Benefits (32), Alone (16)

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