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Without Previous Drug Experience
by Tiago_V
Citation:   Tiago_V. "Without Previous Drug Experience: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp107880)". Feb 3, 2016.

100 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


1P-LSD - 100ug Without Previous Drug Experience

Just did 100ug of 1P-LSD. Figured I'd do a little trip report.
Healthy, 21 yo. No previous experience with drugs. Not even alcohol, let alone psychedelics.

Took it at 3 PM. No effects whatsoever. Read a book, then meditated a little bit.

I believe at 4 PMish, started to feel weird in the back of my throat. Sound got different. When I spoke it's like the vibrations were longer. No visuals.

This kept going to I believe around 5 PM. Same effects, still no visuals, but a lot stronger. The mental clarity was insane, nothing I ever experienced before. Like my brain is so open to whatever I wanted to do. Like all my life, my mind has been clouded / dirty / impure.

I recorded the whole day, from about 3 PM to about 9 PM. I spent most of the day talking to the camera about my life and society in general. Didn't have any 'breakthrough' or anything like that (and I expected that), but I think it did opened me up to talk about these things. If someone asked me I could have said it equally sober, but at least it gave me a good excuse to let my thoughts out, and even better, to record it in video, which I believe it's huge, and of the biggest benefits of this experience.

I think it peaked until about 7 PM. Then I kinda got bored, did mostly of the talking I wanted, and started to play CS:GO, while still talking to the camera with whatever it came to mind.

And that was mostly it. After starting playing CS:GO, I think the effect gradually wore off. Still no visuals, at all, unless I stared at the camera (even then, very little) or if I closed my eyes. Got mostly improved clarity and focus. This is what I'd imagine adderall feels like. A couple other minors things, but probably not related to the drug.

To be honest, what most impressed me was the hunger effect. I drank a protein shake in the morning, it's 11 PM now, still no hunger. Completely killed my appetite, I've never experienced this before. Best diet drug ever lol. I wonder if still works with micro-dosing.

Anyway, 8h and 30GB later, I'm very pleased with the experience overall. Glad it was so positive and easy. A bit disappointed in having no visuals, but it was worth it, and I'm very glad that I recorded my thoughts, which might have not happened... forever, and I'd die without ever doing so.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Feb 3, 2016Views: 4,165
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1P-LSD (682) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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