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Beams of Light
by SirSlothSlayer
Citation:   SirSlothSlayer. "Beams of Light: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp107907)". Erowid.org. Nov 8, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107907

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral Methallylescaline (liquid)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Cannabis  


I had this experience while at home from college, when the air gets colder and the sun sets earlier (Sometimes I feel psychedelics can set the mood for a season). Recently, I had acquired a couple various research chems from a reputable vendor, and after reading up on methallylescaline upon seeing that they had stocked up on it, I knew I had to observe its effects. So after receiving my 250 mg bag (ended up being 260 mg thanks to the generous vendor) in the mail, I loaded up 4 capsules with around 65 mg each.

From the very limited information I had on the substance at the time, I managed to extract from scattered trip reports that I should expect a 12-16 hr trip, so I planned accordingly to dose relatively early in the morning on a nice day.

Here is my report of that day; collection of notes taken during and after experience:

>10:35AM - Dose 30 mg in water, substance dilutes almost immediately. Tastes bitter, but doesn't linger long. Not nearly as bad as DALT/NBOMes.
>10:48AM - Already feel early serotonergic come up signs; my brain feels strangely stimulated, jaw/muscles tightening slightly, I feel my face/particularly my nose starting to sweat. Light buzz.
>11:00AM - Come up signs are slowly becoming more evident, and feel very similar to LSD as far as physical side effects go. At this point I'm smiling wide and feeling giddy, however nothing is too apparent yet, I can only tell something's coming.
>11:20AM - Packed one bowl outside; This gave a particularly unique body high that reminded me slightly of the highs I used to get during my first days of smoking. Something is definitely effecting me at this point other than cannabis, but still not apparent.
>11:35AM - First visuals slowly start setting in. Artificial strands of neon-ish 'light' subtly begin to imprint on my retina, similar to how bright lights 'imprint' on your eyes if you look at them for too long. Line of sight seems to mellow ever so slightly. Definitely coming up.

Head feels stimulated (almost electric) as visuals increase, conversely my body is beginning to more sedated.

>11:45AM - Take rest of dose (35 mg) in capsule.
>12:00PM - Very pleasant body high, all objects appear slightly brighter, disproportionate, as well as foamy/light in texture. I was definitely having visuals at this point, however they weren’t at all overbearing for me. Felt like I was at a + + level, but again; not too intense.
>12:30PM - “Now feeling very energetic. I put on some Grateful Dead, and immediately felt in union with the rhythm and meaning of whatever song was on. When I hear lyrics, I tend to subconsciously contextualize them to my trip at that moment, as if the song was written for my trip somehow. This is unique to me, as the last time I experienced something like this was years ago with NBOMes. As far as visuals go, still just subtle light patterns in the corner of my eye, still waiting for my second dose to kick in.”
>12:45PM - “Walls/curtains start to breath ever so softly; not extremely so, but still evident. At this point my body feels fuzzy. Jaw/muscle pain seems to have faded into the background.”
>12:55PM - “Things getting more 'dream-like'; I feel my head space expanding, my environment around me seems to be moving more fast paced, despite the fact that there might not be anything moving at all. Random objects/lights suddenly seem more salient; pulling in my attention for no good reason. Only slightly unsettling, yet interesting.”

>1:30PM - “My head is rushing, and I feel sort of anxious/jittery, but I don’t have a problem managing it at this point, it’s just there. I’ve noticed that my arms and legs have definitively become hypersensitive to ‘fine-tuned’ movements; they twitch and tremble (?) frequently, and if I keep my hands still they begin to shake.” This might’ve been due to the fact that methallylescaline is in the phenethylamine class; known for its affinity to agonize dopamine. Perhaps it raises dopamine levels in the substantia nigra similar to amphetamines and cocaine, effecting motor control.
>2-5PM - Up until 5PM, there were no new progressions significant enough to write about as the trip was happening, I teetered but never reached the + + + level. However around 2 PM I noticed a very introspective thought process emerge. I began to think about many things going on in my life, the trip, all the things concerning me that I usually didn’t want to think about, and began to really think about them subjectively, as well as objectively. Being completely alone with my thoughts in this introspective state definitively served me well, as it left with a strong sense of resolve, well after the trip had subsided. However, my entheogenic thought process lasted only as long as the trip did. I still think this is interesting, as I’ve only felt similar thought patterns with a few other psychedelics, such as 25-B or LSD.

During this period, I still had steady, yet mostly subtle OEV’s; mostly just morphing in the corner of your eye, or shifts in color/light. At this dose, OEV’s were nothing incredibly special, however I believe that methallylescaline really shines most with its CEV’s. My CEV’s were composed mainly of geometric lights that seemed to form various “neon-like” designs in my minds eye; interesting, but nothing incredible either.

5 PM was the point where I began to come down. I noticed the body high was mellowing out, and my visuals were slowly becoming more and more subtle as well. However, I was still by no means sober, I still felt pretty good, aside from jaw/muscle tension that was beginning to set in. Around 8:30 PM all visuals had come to pass, save a couple small CEV’s. From this point on, I felt close to baseline, however not completely. My body continued to have twitches throughout the night up until when I fell asleep around 11:30 PM.

Overall, it was an interesting experience; it was fun enough, however it was a lot of commitment time and devotion-wise for a relatively mild payout. It also seems that it has a narrow dosage range, as I and many people I know have since found that any more than 60 mg, (or even all 60 mg at once with me) consistently evokes chronic nausea. No visuals were worth writing home about, yet I feel that methallylescaline could have great potential if combined properly with other psychedelic tryptamines, or even its counterpart, alleylescaline.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107907
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 8, 2016Views: 2,627
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Methallylescaline (586) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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