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Blue-Lipped Ghost's Trip to Hospital
bk-2C-B, Amphetamine, MDMA & Sleep Deprivation
by Tabi
Citation:   Tabi. "Blue-Lipped Ghost's Trip to Hospital: An Experience with bk-2C-B, Amphetamine, MDMA & Sleep Deprivation (exp107944)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107944

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 0:00 200 mg insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00 100 mg oral Amphetamines - Substituted (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00 140 mg oral BK-2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   oral BK-2C-B (powder / crystals)


This is a long story, so Iíve broken it down into sections. Iíve labelled them in case there is anything specific youíd be interested in knowing about my unstable experience with (primarily) bk-2C-B for if you canít be bothered to read all of it. :)
1. Background
2. Setting
3. Took bk-2C-B here
4. Tripping
5. Starts getting bad
6. Nightmare starts
7. Tripping balls in the hospital
8. Comments on bk-2C-B (for those uninterested in the details of trip reports)


My experience with bk-2C-B happened during one of the rougher periods of my life. Whilst studying at University I have been struggling to keep up with responsibilities and my own personal issues. In order to deal with the stress and unhappiness that comes with financial issues, losing friends, abusive exís, dealing with long term gender dysphoria etc. Iíd been drinking about a litre of vodka a day for ~3 months preceding this experience.

I had only gotten into drugs about a year before this experience. It was only occasional use initially. Within the lead up to this occurrence though my frequency of use had increased to maybe twice a month and also trying loads of different drugs.

Working at a nightclub and simultaneously studying at University gives rise to me being very tired all the time. Just before this trip I hadnít slept for a day and a half or eaten for a day or so.


The experience began on a Saturday at 04:00am.
Four friends and I, after finishing a decent shift at work, went back with P to his house. We regularly go back to someoneís for drinking and hanging out at this time. Arriving around 05:00 we began drinking. I had my faithful litre bottle of vodka with me, the others had their own alcohol which we all shared. Between 06:00-07:00 R took some of Pís MDMA and started rolling. Followed by Q who also took some MDMA for her first time. We did the usual being ridiculous with each other, listening to music, chatting, laughing. The usual. Then I asked P for some MDMA and did a 0.2g line. Pretty quickly I was rolling with R & Q. Our situation became classic for that of an entactogen; we were hugging, very nice things were said, chatting absolute quality high grade shit.

Eventually we looked out the window and the sun had risen, suggesting we ought to look at the time. It was 13:00 after a cigarette we purchased more alcohol, went to mine and grabbed a few things. One of our friends left around this point. The remaining returned to Pís, whose house mates were very irritated with the noise we had been making.


P, R and I then took some amphetamine to help stay awake at some time in the early afternoon while Q slept. I had 0.1g in a bomb and took it without fluid. Content with the buzz we felt the chilling continued for an hour or so. I canít remember whose idea it was, Rís or mine, to take some bk-2C-B next. However, R then took a 0.1g bomb of bk-2C-B with water. He turned to offer me the water but I had already taken my 0.14g bomb without anything. (Side note: apparently bk-2C-B forms inactive dimers in water/alkali solutions so this may explain why R didnít trip. According to online sources).

The rest of the day was entirely devoted to silliness. I wasnít paying attention to the effects of the bk-2C-B which we called bkath, and before I knew it we were taking a second bomb of bk-2C-B \ each that R had prepared containing ~60mg-80mg (0.06g-0.08g). So I had taken somewhere around 0.2g-0.22g of bk-2C-B, a research chemical of which nothing is known about other than what has been gained from subjective reports of effects (like this one!).


I started tripping balls and having a nice time. We were picking up objects and pretending they were phones to each from other across the room, addressing each other as ďdoctorĒ followed by the name of the object they were using as a phone. Imaginary medical conditions were flung around the room, and they were urgently referred higher to ďdoctor ceilingĒ. Perception of my surroundings changed as everything began breathing and colours were much brighter. Thought processes were quite disjointed and fast-moving.
Ridiculous quotes started being uttered, for the rest of the day I was incapable of saying anything normal (not that unusual for me to be honest). For quite a long stretch of time I was on Rís back as we wondered around outside and everyone started referring to me as Tabitha, my issued nickname. Someone came into one of the houses next door with their bike to see me tripping balls on Rís back. I greeted him by saying ďhello there, Iím the ostrich!Ē, whilst I was whispering into Rís ear about how P is actually a robot. I went in for a shower, during this time Q had woken up. I ended up sat on Pís bed in only a towel next to Q who turned to me asking ďTabby, why are we naked?Ē followed by a search for our clothes and getting dressed in the other room.

Effects of the bk-2C-B became more apparent once back in Pís room (it was cold outside). It mustíve been around 16:30 at this point. My pupils had been fully dilated for a long time. I was sat in a chair gazing at R. Heís slim, tall and has really nice, medium length, black, side fringed hair. I began to see tracers. These tracers were of Rís face and arm mostly, seeing fairly short lasting multi-coloured imprints of him left behind on a canvas-like background as he moved. Someone, Iím unsure as to whom, took their hat off and sat down in a funny way leading to R and me coining the phrase ďhatting outĒ. We were all just sat around, hatting out.


Over the course of the next few hours I began getting worked up as we had shifts that evening, earliest of which was mine. None of us had slept, eaten and we were on drugs.
I began getting worked up as we had shifts that evening, earliest of which was mine. None of us had slept, eaten and we were on drugs.
Well, I was the only one on anything really considerable at this point. R spent the next few hours trying to get me work ready as I began to freak out. Shivers go down my spine even as I type this because of the anxiety I felt due to the thought of losing my job which I absolutely love. Q and R left so P and I tried to nap before work. I had such intense closed eye visuals of indescribable mosaic art that appeared to be growing, accompanied by auditory hallucinations of creaking wood.

After an unspecified amount of time I gave up on sleep, P got up with me. I had no shoes on and it was raining outside in the pitch black darkness. P lent me some shoes that were far too big, I was sick and then P joined me to go back to mine. Unfortunately all three of my housemates, that I keep my lifestyle a secret from, were in the only communal area. Iím also very paranoid/anxious in my house on a normal day, let alone just before work whilst Iím tripping balls and donít want them to know about it. Peopleís faces looked as if the computer program Ďfun photo boothí effects were being applied onto them in real life. For example, the faces were curling in on themselves and moving around with the motion of a lava lamp. Streams of colours flowed like rivers in the background. I hallucinated that people who werenít in the room were sat next to me, talking.

I was so paranoid that (even though I was assured later by my housemates I was wrong to think) I thought they had a routine scheduled for when I bring a friend into the house. I genuinely believed they were carrying out this rehearsed routine in front of me when in reality they were all sat around talking and making dinner. P left, one of the housemates went upstairs and I couldnít handle what was happening, I started crying. I didnít want to lose my job, I told them about some general issues that were occurring in my life, then was cut short as I had to leave for work. On the way to the bus stop I changed my mind as I didnít even recognise my own neighbourhood.

My housemates kindly called work for me, who demanded to speak to me. I pleaded with work saying I was ill through tears but was told I had to be in, so I agreed to try and help. They asked me to message when I was on my way which I couldnít even do as my phone and laptop were broken and I had lost my wallet. Yes my life was a bit of a mess.


Again I changed my mind on the way to the bus stop because I didnít want to get in trouble with the law. This is where the trip becomes nightmarish. I become so paranoid and delusional about the law getting involved, I was so fucked that I couldnít form sentences, find the light switch in my bedroom or even put a jumper on.

Convinced that I would lose my job and that the law was going to catch up with me, I frantically tried to come up with a solution to the problem. The housemates came in to find me crouching in my washing basket, topless, skinny jeans halfway off (still had underwear on luckily) while I was schizíing out. Closest of my housemates ĎSí clothed me, I was so far gone. I turned to them, tears running down my face, having a nervous breakdown, and said ďitís game over. Thereís only one way out.Ē As I thought I was going to ruin their lives by losing them the house and getting everyone kicked off their Uni courses. Completely delusional. This carried on for about an hour. I then attempted an escape to jump in front of a car on the main road. Fortunately the housemates stopped me from killing myself by disallowing me to leave my room.
Since I had just announced I was suicidal in that moment, an ambulance was called by a housemate who had clocked that I was on drugs. Paramedics came in and the other two housemates, being innocently naÔve as they are (bless), were only then realising that I was on drugs, tripping balls. The paramedics proceeded to raid my room, finding all my hospital forms and illicit drugs. They took a sample of my blood and detected: amphetamine, MDMA, MDA, ketamine, bk-2C-B plus a few others. So obviously the source(s) of our drugs were not producing pure powders.


The effects of the drugs and aversive situation become far too overwhelming at this point. I was unable to speak or walk and got strapped into some unidentifiable contraption as the tripping was so intense I couldnít recognise anything. Forgetting what my face looked like, unable to think I just waited as from my perspective, everything was brought to me. Being carried from the ambulance into the waiting room of the hospital, I was left leaning on Sí shoulder. For the next couple of hours I couldnít think or speak and I had a bad case of tinnitus (ringing in my ears, as if an explosion had gone off nearby) as well as an extremely high, uncomfortable body load. There is a block of memory missing for I donít know how long at this point.

While I was out of it in the waiting room all I heard was this short, looped conversation where a few of my friends voices were talking about me in the background. S was the only friend with me. The voices were saying that ďall Tabís does is drugs, they have no interest in anything elseĒ that kind of thing. Hours whilst in this state passed; I felt like I was never going to return from the trip. S started singing to me. After about an hour or so I picked up on it and sung a lyric or two back at her. Then my fingers were the point of focus, so S tried to deduce what I was trying to say. Eventually I started saying hi back to her when she waved at me. A depressing moment was when I turned to her and, with my voice that was a messed up from a cold and all the alcohol, asked her ďS, will this ever end?Ē Each time I looked away and looked back at her, I perceived a completely different person being sat next to me.

After a while I regained my ability to speak and I managed to get up. I was back in the room! Following my regained ability to move, I wondered around the wards and waiting rooms with one shoe on trying to talk and joke around with staff and other patients as if they were on drugs too. Normally Iím an incessant chatter box, so I had a lot of not-talking time to make up for. Taken into several rooms but tripping too hard still to be of any use to any available medical professionals; my heart and blood pressure were scanned a few times. In the waiting room on my chair, next to a wall, I hallucinated a person opening a door right next to me. Streams of colours were still flowing, as well as cloud-like outlines of colours floating in the air as a vapour. They were almost tangible.

After 5 hours of me chatting shit, a group of big, angry goth girls got very irritated with me. Iím quite skinny and anyone of them could have beaten the shit out of me on a good day. Let alone when I had overdosed, not eaten or slept in days and was on the verge of throwing up. They threatened to punch me and beat me up at which point security came over to sort it out. Which was good, because if I had received a punch I wouldíve immediately vommed. There was also a group of guys (roughly my age range, 18-20) who were there because one of their friends had tripped over and knocked themselves out. They were on ketamine and were asking how much Iíd taken to be in my state. I even chatted to them about why I was there and my trans (MTF) issues, to which he replied saying ďitís okay, no one cares.Ē He then started hitting on me [ :) ], but S had definitely had enough and asked me to sit next to her, so I put all that on hold. Expending all my energy being ridiculous in the waiting rooms left me incredibly weak. That and my arms were in pain from all the needles, I had to ask S to lift a cup of water to my mouth to hydrate me because I was so thirsty. I was so thankful for everything she did.

I was as pale as a ghost, my lips were so blue and my pupils were enormous with an almost undetectable blue iris outline. After 11 hours of waiting in the hospital, well into Sunday morning, after having wires and needles put into and taken out of me, I was seen by a psychologist. Fortunately my skinny jeans had knee slits in them so they could put sticky stuff on my knees, otherwise I mightíve had to wear one of the dreaded hospital gowns. Iíve been referred to a rehab centre, doctorís surgery, counselling at my University and a psychiatrist for everything. Moral of the story? Iím sure thereís one in there somewhere. I hope no one ever has to experience something like this.


I know some people read these purely to find out about the chemicals. General notes on the effects of bk-2C-B:

I actually enjoyed the tripping effects. Obviously I took too much for moi, I have a fairly low mass as well and in the past have shown relatively sensitive reactions to psychedelics when compared with my friends. Actual streams of colours that had bodies, as in Ďdefined outlinesí like river banks containing the colours which flowed in multiple directions as a liquid were perceived. This filled the background of my visual field. People looked prettier, smoother. Peopleís faces when close-mid range away from me were morphing a lot. All objects were breathing, however this came in waves. I generally felt happier whilst on it. Tracers were seen briefly. I got full blown hallucinations, usually of other people who werenít there who spoke to me. The trip was quite gentle for a while but then, for me, it had quite a sudden peak which lasted for a long time.
The trip was quite gentle for a while but then, for me, it had quite a sudden peak which lasted for a long time.
Returning to baseline was slow. I got massive headaches and a harsh comedown Sunday night through until Monday night. Still washed out and very tired half a week later.

Any of these effects could have been mediated by other drugs in my system other than bk-2C-B. However, none of them are typical of any other drugs I was on.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107944
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Aug 7, 2016Views: 2,762
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bk-2C-B (618) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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