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Better Late Than Never
AL-LAD & Oxazepam
Citation:   LyudmilaStechkin. "Better Late Than Never: An Experience with AL-LAD & Oxazepam (exp107961)". Mar 2, 2016.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Oxazepam  
  T+ 0:20 150 ug buccal AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 10 mg oral Oxazepam  
I'd like to start the report off by saying that I'm fairly inexperienced with psychedelics, having only used them a handful of times. The plan tonight was to go to my friend A's house, experiment with one dose of AL-LAD, decide whether further tests were warranted. A and I are very comfortable together and A's house is a good tripping environment, quiet and calm.

T- 0:30 10mg Oxazepam

T+ 0:00 150ug AL-LAD

T+ 3:30 10mg Oxazepam

I have rather bad trip anxiety due to a bad trip I had last year, and to combat this I took 10mg oxazepam about a half hour before buccally administering 1 tab 150ug AL-LAD.

I placed the tab in my mouth at 8PM, swirled it around and gummed it for about twenty minutes, and then swallowed it. I'd eaten two tacos about an hour and a half earlier so I'd have some sustenance for the trip but nothing too heavy. Sat and shot the breeze with A, browsed through tumblr, listened to some music, took a shower. As one hour grew into two grew into three we decided the experiment was likely a bust, so I packed up my things and A drove me home.


Up until this point I felt completely baseline, nothing out of the ordinary except trepidation and stomach unease that I always get pre-trip. I walked through the door, greeted my ma, and climbed into bed. Experiencing what I now recognize as serotonin yawns, I though perhaps it was time to hit the hay. The instant that I closed my eyes and pressed my face against the pillow I realized that this wasn't going to happen because I was assailed by complex CEVs that I was absolutely not expecting.
I was assailed by complex CEVs that I was absolutely not expecting.


I sat back up and turned my laptop on thinking, what the hell, I'll just watch some anime until this passes since those cevs are probably the only effects I'm gonna get off that tab. I make it through about five minutes of the first episode of Gate before I realize that I'm actually starting to trip pretty hard. I get up and turn the lights on and sit in my bed across from my laptop, and watch the maps on my wall begin to drift and sway as if floating on water. One of my pillows begins breathing deeply and regularly. I'm hit with an intense wave of anxiety and I call A to come pick me up and take me back to his place.


A shows up in his beat up old saturn, hands me God's Gift, oxazepam, which I promptly swallow. It's a pleasant two block drive back to his house. We head straight back to his room, greet his girlfriend B, and chat amicably about how I'm doing. The walls are crawling with patterns by this point and everything in the room is swaying dizzyingly.


The sweet, sweet oxazepam has kicked in by this point and I am beginning to really enjoy myself. A pulls out some LED juggling balls to see how I'll like them. I don't get any tracers or anything but taking the bright red juggling ball and peering closely into it I can see beautiful fractal patterns extending infinitely toward its center. After a couple minutes being dazzled by this I get up and follow A into his bathroom the far wall of which is covered with glow in the dark stars. After he shuts the door behind us we stand quietly there and my perception of the space that we're in expands dramatically, as though I'm standing in a stadium. The stars race backwards and spin before zooming back to their original positions and swaying to the same rhythm as the room outside.


I sit down to try and write the original form of this report on r/researchchemicals, but keep getting distracted so I have A finish it off for me. Afterward I finally think I'm ready to try some music so I listen to Changing Guard by Coyote Kisses and watch the album art from their thundercolor EP shift and bloom in time with the music (A+ would recommend).


Things seem to be winding down a little bit but are by no means stopping. I decide that I probably ought to get going home, so I pack my stuff up yet again and ask A to drive me back to my place. I take one last stop in the bathroom star Colosseum and then an uneventful drive home. Snag my ma's laptop and play a game of league as things wind down.


As I write this report, there's still a little bit of drifting and blooming but nothing to write home about. Overall a positive experience. AL-LAD is a really forgiving substance despite my anxiety and one that I greatly enjoyed. Very visual, fractals and patterns everywhere. Throughout the night I remained entirely lucid, if somewhat distracted, the headspace was non-existent. I'm willing to blame that on the oxazepam, though, YMMV.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107961
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Mar 2, 2016Views: 4,294
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AL-LAD (603) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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