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A Valentine's Nexus of Love
Citation:   lightbright. "A Valentine's Nexus of Love: An Experience with MDMA & 2C-B (exp107985)". Jun 27, 2019.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 3:00 20 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 10:00 1 tablet oral Melatonin  
  T+ 10:00 1 tablet oral Diphenhydramine  
Me: 155lbs, 25yo. Weekly amphetamine user (study doses), occasional psychedelics, especially LSD and 2C-B. I use DPH and melatonin to sleep after stimulants. I stopped using amphetamine for the two weeks before this, so that I wouldn't have a dopamine deficit (which I believe contributed to a less than stellar roll in the past).

Liz: 130lbs, 22yo. Has used MDMA 3 times in the past, no other recreational drug use. Uses acid blocker and Nasonex, and occasionally melatonin for sleep.

I surprised my girlfriend Liz last weekend with a handmade valentine's box. Instead of the usual assortment of chocolates, it had four capsules inside. Two with 110mg of slightly purplish MDMA, and two with 20mg of 2C-B HBr. Our last roll was in the fall, more than three months before, and I was looking for a good opportunity to have my next one.

I'd read that the combination of 2C-B and MDMA was a good one. People claimed that if one times them right, one can minimize the harsh comedown from the roll. This is also a combo Sasha Shulgin wrote about in PIHKAL. I have pretty strong drug discipline- I never redose on the same drug, and I always keep minimum intervals between use, but I don't have an issue with polydrug combinations so long as they are well considered.

Just a little background: I've had maybe 10-15 trips, mostly on acid and 2C-B at various doses, ranging from light to very strong. I've generally preferred not to trip around other people- when I've tried tripping with friends on LSD, I find myself completely unable to form communicateable thoughts, and I get somewhat anxious and self-conscious. Up to this point, my girlfriend had only had weed and MDMA, both with me (she disliked weed, but loved MDMA's openness and connectedness). At low doses, 2C-B is very 'handleable'. It has very little mindfuck, and is quite empathic- the most noteable thing about it is the body load. I found 2C-B to be extremely erotic at high doses, which I hoped would be perfect for valentines day.

My girlfriend told me that she preferred me to surprise her with drugs, rather than having plans weeks in advance. If she has weeks to think about it, she ends up stressing out about finding the right mindset and intention, which is counterproductive and makes the experience less enjoyable. So, on the evening before Valentine's day, I gave her the box- and she received it very happily. We had a delicious breakfast with bacon and eggs, and took a shower to make ourselves feel fresh and clean. It was an extremely cold day, but it was beautifully sunny outside. I'm strongly emotionally effected by the sun, and Liz is too. If the sun is out, that can mean the difference between a joyous day and a dull one for me, which is especially true when I'm tripping.

We drop the MDMA at 11:00 AM. I'm somewhat anxious, like I always am before almost any drug comeup. I guess this is mostly psychosomatic, although it increases with the first alerts of the MDMA. This time, I'm anxious about how Liz will respond to the 2C-B, since she has never tripped on anything before. Liz is not anxious. She has put a lot of trust in me to be safe with our drug use (since I came into the relationship with the experience), and I do everything I can to keep that trust. She says that if I think this will be a worthwhile combination, then she's excited to try it. We take some magnesium citrate to help with jaw clenching.
We take some magnesium citrate to help with jaw clenching.

Liz and I had written a list of activities to remember to do while high- but this list was almost immediately discarded when we came up. We sat on a foldout mattress with a comforter spread over our laps and talked. We attempted some card games, but the lenticular printed deck of '3D Dog playing cards' felt very unpleasant in our hands, so we abandoned the idea. Our tactile sense began to heighten. At this point, I tried putting on some music, but Liz didn't care for it. I like electronic music while sober, but she doesn't- so I turned it off.

We transitioned to the couch, where we had three or four very soft fuzzy blankets. It was around noon now, and the sun was coming in through the window, making the wood floor and our skin glow. We snuggled up close at the peak, and talked about our lives. Family, friends. Our relationship, and the future. I'm less talkative than she is on MDMA, but the conversation flowed beautifully. We feel very close. No sexual feelings yet, it's just very close and platonic.

I take my 2C-B capsule at hour 3. I am feeling a little lessening of the MDMA- It's not an uncomfortable drop, but enough that I want to catch myself in the arms of the 2C-B before I've come down too much. 2C-B has a pretty long comeup time when I'm sober. Liz waits another half hour to get to the same place before she takes her 2C-B. She ate a little more than I did for breakfast, so her MDMA took longer to come up.

She's very tactile, so she's touching my feet and legs through the blanket. Her touch feels kind and warm, but also generous and a little electric. A hand wanders to my penis, and so she starts touching that. It doesn't take long till she's giving me the most incredible oral sex of my life. I'm not completely hard, and she swallows me completely into her throat, a first for both of us. Evidently the MDMA has distracted her enough to completely remove her gag reflex.

By that point I've started to come up on the 2C-B, and the physical pleasure is beyond anything I've ever felt. I've had more 'brain bliss' at times on LSD, from music, mostly- but this was felt in my every inch of my body. Liz greatly enjoyed being able to give me that kind of pleasure. She stopped eventually, because of jaw soreness and a need for a change of pace. I was happy to shift my attention to her.

Liz has a stronger reaction to the 2C-B than I did, probably because of bodyweight differences. Its still a pretty gentle transition. She's stretched out on the couch, with a huge smile, as I stroke her body where the fuzzy blankets aren't touching her. I make curving, meandering lines with my fingers, and she feels like they are turning her body into a flowing river. She's at a +++, I'm at a ++. Despite my lower level, we have amazing kisses where we simply lose our sense of self mid-kiss. I have some light open eye visuals, with Shipibo-like patterns overlaying my field of view, traced with glowing colorful edges. She tells me she's just kissed me in four dimensions, which she later explains meant that she felt like she was kissing me from four angles simultaneously.

'I'm hearing techno music in my head!'
When Liz said that, I realized that maybe she'd be more receptive to the playlist I tried earlier. I queued it up, and she started laughing. Another success! She was feeling music in her entire being, in the way that only psychedelic experiences can provide. This was eye opening for her- she normally limits herself to familiar music, because it's not a distraction, and generally doesn't feel it very strongly.

Liz is still couchbound, eyes closed. From what she's telling me, her world is quite richly realized. I'm not tripping very hard, but she's having a good synergetic reaction to the 2C-B. I'm enjoying touching her, cuddling her, and just being immensely happy and content. The 2C-B has made the colors in the room much brighter. The red yoga ball is a glowing brightly. I pour us some mango juice- Liz takes a drink, and lays back with a grin- it's turned everything blue! Her synesthesia this trip is quite remarkable.

We're coming down, but it's not a typical MDMA comedown. I mostly feel mildly disoriented, almost drunk. Conversation is more fluid, a little more rational, but still enjoyable. I'm not feeling emotionally 'down', just baseline. We decide to take a shower, because we've been sweating a lot and smell bad. Halfway through the shower, I become VERY tired. Similar to how it feels to come down from speed- just utter exhaustion. We had planned to make a nice dinner afterwards, but we have no energy for it. An attempt at putting on music to give us a boost of energy doesn't work, it's just distracting. We make ourselves some white rice, and drizzled soy and teryiaki sauce on it. Sustenance. I light a beautiful fire in the fireplace, and we sit down with our food and enjoy each other's company. We're both feeling quite happy still, just very tired. The crackle of the fire is perfect in our ears. The fold out mattress is still there, and night has fallen- so we cover ourselves in a blanket and quietly cuddle, which eventually turns into a beautiful sleep.

This is quite different from how I feel after taking MDMA without 2C-B; generally, I feel depressed and antisocial after coming down. With the 2C-B, I still want to be close to her.

We wake up, and we're completely sober. We're feeling quite normal. We brush our teeth and head to bed, where we make love- it feels like we're very much on the same page throughout the sex, and it's excellent. We both take a melatonin and a benadryl, and drift off to sleep for the night.

This was a perfect roll/trip. Comfortable from beginning to end, no freakouts, no anxiety, no heavy mindfuck or thought loops. Pleasure, fantasy, music appreciation, and emotional closeness. What a day! The day after was great too, no depression, just lingering feelings of closeness and love.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107985
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jun 27, 2019Views: 6,963
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MDMA (3), 2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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