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2 Amazing Life Changing Trips
by Reeushima
Citation:   Reeushima. "2 Amazing Life Changing Trips: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT (exp107991)". May 18, 2020.

  vaporized 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Let me start by saying I'm a male 245lbs that has lots of experiences in all types of drugs. Also very high tolerance and a little bit of bad judgement.

Trip 1

I purchased some items from my vendor along was a gram of 5meo dmt. Now I have never done 5meo dmt but was told by good sources it was something to try. Now this was my first purchase through a new vendor. My package came and I was ready. It seems the package said 5meo and I couldnt read the end of it. Prepared and again bad judgement I choose to use it assuming it was 5meo - dmt.

I busted out my wax rig and knew the fact of 'blasting off' on dmt takes a little finess therefore I put a .3 on my dab stick and dabbed the substance.

Instantly upon blowing it out I fell back and actually blacked out for about 45 mins. I woke up to kaliedoscopes of colors while the whole room was vibrating moving and my body felt as it was gonna to explode with the temor of the body buzz. I got up began to procede to my backyard for a cigarette. Physical motion wasnt too much of issue. I had a sevre jaw clench and a wierd substance taste in my mouth. Burts of energy and a lot of not knowing what to do. My roomie came out and explained to me that I was not on 5meo-dmt and I better handle.

So I sat back and decided time to ride this out.

I smoked a couple cigarettes [which I couldnt get satisfaction outta like each one wasnt enough inhale, smoke, anything] while I watched the grass wave like waves of the ocean. The sky had a awkward pink green tint lot like I've seen on lsd.

Body buzz begining to get to over whelming about 1hr 30 mins in... Gotta do something.

Went for a walk. Again very handable and functionable in public besides the fact that I kinda look insane. Sweaty, jittering, eyes, etc. I walked through the college campus I lived by. Noises, people, shapes, objects, all amazing all morphing, tripping hard almost a combination of mushrooms and lsd. Body overload hitting harder feel like its hitting a peak 3 hours in.

I start to return home. Upon arriving had to take my dog out who had been cooped up in my room all day. I go to my room and its haunting. It looks uncomfortable and not where I wanna be. Got dog took em out and was feeling great away. I got lost in my dogs hair as if it was a village and I was walking through with my fingers looking down as I was god. The kaliedoscope visions mellowed more of a waving vibrating visuals. Considering shulgins dose in 10 to 20mg smoked I did about 300mgs in a dab. So the visuals were very intense.

Still trying to get the body buzz to relax was almost intimidating to the point of feeling like I may need medical  help. Farewarned the body is very intense in high doses.

Now about 5 hours in sitting in backyar. I light up a bong take a dab to try to mellow me out. Doesnt help almost intensifies the trip again. After sitting just breathing with the air and grass and sun, the substance took a turn. It conpletey changed up and I felt like a mix of mdma and cocaine. I was rolling. Chillstep and cigarettes for the next hour.

Now about 7 hours in yet another new experience. Extreme hunger. I have never been so hungry in my life. I began to eat everything.. Didnt care it tasted great. This went on for about an hr. No visuals anymore. Medium body buzz.

I ate then decided I wanted to sleep. Now this is the hard part of 5meo mipt in my opinion. Sleep was impossible.  My eyes became beams shooting though my eyelids and my brain would not shut off. Now this about 8hrs since inhaling. I laid there for 6 hours in a mild lucid state body buzz comsuming me. Finally after 14 hours of smoking I was able to fall asleep.

Woke up next day feeling like a million dollars. Renegerzied, happy, everything  was great. Called vendor to find out there was mistake and he sent me 5meo-mipt. After a bunch of research I studied heavily 5meo mipt.

Trip.  2

Ok now that I have a little base of my experience I will explain my vendor sent me 5 more grams of 5meo-mipt to try cause of mixup. After recieving more 5meo mipt from my vendor I decided time to really go down the rabbit hole.

I began my friday normal couple dabs, meals, etc. Now my roomie that was cool about research was outta town. I decided screw it my other two roomies dont care lets MIP as we call it.

I pack a .2 of marijuana into the bong and 1.0 gram of 5meo-mipt into the bong. Now knowing the highest shulgin advised was 20mg smoked i.e. a .02 and I was smoking 1,000mg that I was about to embark on a journry noone has dared to venture. Not even shulgin himself. I grabbed my torch and blast the bong took a massive rip. Held it in a sec then took a couple more. Trying to kill the bong in a couple mins. I got about 75% of the bong inhaled before I couldt even hold the bong anymore.

The room filled is the mot intense geometric and color filled patterns and shapes. The texture on the walls breathed and moved. Sprials of colors everywhere. Skrillex playing in the background just arously raping my ears. My body felt like an explosion in which I had to mentally expect the fact I was going to feel that for awhile..

My trip began on friday evening and contiued until sunday afternoon. 3 days trip.  All night friday in sat in yard smoking bong till every drop was gone.. Horrid taste in my mouth that lasts forever.. The visuals r so compelling and life changing. Alexander shulgin came and talked with me for about 3 hours. Lots of shadow people constantly watching me following me around yard. Something I'm used to but on 5meo mipt they were everywhere.
Lots of shadow people constantly watching me following me around yard. Something I'm used to but on 5meo mipt they were everywhere.
Finally I decided back into my room.

Now here where it gets weird. I am a stupid person. From saturday 2am to sunday 9am I have no recollection of what went on.

According to my roomies I was in kitchen making food, in the shower, in yard, in my room. I do not remember any of this. Apparently I was on the roof too because I left a pipe with marijauna up there. When I try to remember its blanks but come sunday morning around 9 10am I can remember being at the end of a still storm. Like the calm. I had a chillstep mix blaring and just laid in the grass involved with the world. I popped a couple xanax and fell asleep. Again woke up next day feeling like a million bucks.

Except no food in the house. Overall the experiences where life changing almost as the first time I did lsd. Its something to be taken lightly. Shitty sleep. Strong body. Rated 10 outta 10 for trippy thing I've ever experience next to mixing mdma and ketamine.

So with all these being said 5meo-mipt in my opinion and experiences is a better safe reearch chemical. Not something I'd take everyday. This chemical can lead to some very good soul searching. At points I could see the molecules in the sir. Very intense.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107991
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: May 18, 2020Views: 909
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