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Seven-Hour Trip Cured My HPPD
Salvia divinorum & Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Jason. "Seven-Hour Trip Cured My HPPD: An Experience with Salvia divinorum & Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp107992)". Erowid.org. Mar 3, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107992

100 mg oral Amphetamines  
    repeated oral Amphetamines  
    repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Hello, my name is Jason (Pseudonym), I would like to share an unorthodox experience I had one night over the course of seven hours when I smoked almost a full gram of 60X salvia and ingested around one gram of Amphetamine. My experience was unique in a couple of ways which is what motivated me to share this experience. One abnormality was the length of time I was tripping on salvia, and the second; the unexpected effect of curing my HPPD which I had suffered from daily for over 5 years.

I have had moderate recreational experience with psychoactive drugs, starting in high school (I am 22 now). I experimented with weed, and then my curiosity for novel experiences led me to experiment with shrooms, acid, ecstasy, Salvia, heroin, cocaine and more.

After having two terrifying and ego shattering shroom trips that disturbed me for some years, I developed very Intense and vivid HPPD hallucinations that I experienced almost all the time, every day. They lasted 5 years until the night of this trip report.

After those disturbing shroom trips I could no longer smoke weed because it now gave me intense hallucinations, and anxiety. My hallucinations while high on weed became borderline psychotic as I began to hear voices, and had very strange and disturbing perceptual and somatic experiences. This led me to quit drugs almost all together.

But one drug I never have had a bad experience with is salvia.
one drug I never have had a bad experience with is salvia.
I have smoked it occasionally over the past 5 years or so, trying it only a few times a year since the intensity, short duration and somewhat uncomfortable nature of trip makes it less recreationally appealing.

Now for my experience. About a year ago I began experimenting with psychoactive drugs again after almost 5 years being sober (apart from alcohol, and salvia). The problem was since I hadn’t been using drugs in such a long time I lost contact with all my drug suppliers. I started school again, studying engineering and this became very stressful. I wanted some alternative to alcohol to get away from the stress of my responsibilities. So I started researching legal highs. I researched and tried a lot of different legal highs and research chemicals, and it eventually led me back to salvia.
The only illegal drug I had been taking was Adderall (amphetamine) which I get from a friend who has a prescription but doesn’t take the drug. Adderall was, and still is a drug I enjoy for its confidence-boosting effects, and anxiety relief. I have an addictive personality though, and generally when I take Adderall I end up binging on it for a few days. This habit I think is what led me to binge on both Salvia and Adderall for 7 hours straight.

The night I started my binge, I was planning on trying a small dose of the 60x salvia that had just arrived in the mail earlier that day. Because I enjoyed Amphetamine so much I thought it would be very interesting to combine it with salvia to see how the trip would turn out.

At 9pm right after everyone in my house went to bed, alone in my room, I took 100mg of Adderall orally. I won’t describe the effects of the Adderall itself since my high was very conventional. At 10pm after letting the Adderall kick in and feeling confident and euphoric, I decided to smoke a small amount of salvia to test the potency, and see how the drug would affect my mood and if it mixed badly with Amphetamine. I can only estimate the amount of salvia I dosed each time because I did not have a scale and I was eyeballing doses. Since I smoked almost the entire full gram I ordered, and dosed salvia around 20 times throughout the night I estimate each dose was around 50mg of 60x salvia extract.

At 10pm I took out a small pinch of salvia and loaded it into my pipe. I lit it and inhaled for 20 seconds, after I exhaled I made my way over to my bed, and instantly I felt the salvia headspace; a very dissociative and indescribable somatic experience that I had forgotten, and remembered; similar to how a smell can jolt a memory of a past experience you have long forgotten. I felt the “salvia gravity” and collapsed on my bed. The dose was small so I was not sent full blown into a completely dissociative salvia trip, and was still aware of myself and my surroundings. I have a lot of turmoil and strife in my family life, and the first dose of salvia was the only spiritually meaningful one. I had a series of painful emotions arise, because I have generalized anxiety disorder it can be difficult to pinpoint the root of my anxieties or negative feelings, but I started thinking about my family. As a series of emotions and thoughts surfaced about the dysfunction in my family, hallucinations began to form.

I was staring at my ceiling, and there was a dark bluish spot on the ceiling similar to the visual afterimage after looking at a bright light and looking away. As I stared at it, having emotions and thoughts about my family, I could see stonework and patterns appear in the spot. The patterns and image became clearer and then I was looking at a large stone sculpted chair, that had what looked like native south American pictographs (Mayan, Incan, etc.) and sitting in the chair which I concluded was a throne, was a beautiful South American woman dressed in ornate feathers and tribal decorations. She had a stunningly bold and strong facial structure, with large masculine jaw, yet she was still very feminine and beautiful.

As I was having emotions about my family, an idea popped into my head, which was that in my family it is critical for me and my siblings to stand together and support each other. As I had this thought the woman gave me a very assuring nod and a look of compassion and for lack of a better description; a look telling me I was right, and it was very important for us to support each other. This was a very relevant idea since a large amount of my family's dysfunction comes from lack of support.
The trip then evolved into peering through other dark blue spots on my ceiling and seeing very average human activities like people at the grocery store, or walking out of their front door, or sometimes even just images of trees and natural places. The visions were very lucid though.
After I came down off this trip, having really enjoyed the experience, and also remarking how the experience was more pleasant at a subthreshold experience where I was still aware of myself and surroundings compared to previous strong experiences, I decided I would try to achieve subsequent trips at this same level of intoxication.

The next 7 hours are much less coherent or organized in my memory so I will summarize the overall experiences and the most memorable ones. As for time and dosing, after my first experience every 15 to 30 minutes I would re-dose around 50mg of salvia, and after every hour or so I would re-dose around 100mg to 200mg of Adderall. It was a blend of separate trips and continual ones so it is hard to differentiate when a trip would end a new one started.

At first the trips were very similar, I was hoping for more spiritual insight, but the tripping became purely recreational. For around the first 3 hours I would do the same thing after smoking, lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling and watch various vivid events, people and places.

Sometime after 3 hours the trips began to be more psychedelic.
Sometime after 3 hours the trips began to be more psychedelic.
I think this is in part due to Adderall binges bringing on my HPPD visuals stronger, and stimulant hallucination-inducing effects on its own. I distinctly remember being able to ‘feel’ the space in my room. Everything in my room felt melded together, as part of a whole; my experience of the external world and my own consciousness felt as one system.

A few times I accidentally broke through the threshold of reality and entered a strong trip unintentionally. These trips had a very similar theme, which was repetition. If I accidentally entered this realm whatever object or part of my physical surrounding I was looking at when entering this trip, became the entire theme of the trip. For instance, if I was looking at the corner of my bathroom counter next to the wall, I was taken to a place where everything was made of that corner of my counter and the wall. There would be nothing else, no reference to myself or anything else to get a bearing of where I was or who I was, just a surrounding and repeating vision of that place. It felt almost as if I was really small existing on only my counter in a universe made of counters- as strange as that sounds.

Another experience I had where I broke through, I was stuck in the ground of a green lawn, in the middle of a long line of shoes placed on the law, with a man wearing golf clothing standing over me.
The only uncomfortable experience I had, was during one trip when I was looking at my ceiling and patterns and shadows morphed into giant people in the ceiling, and they were looking down at me and judging me and talking about me. It felt like when you are a kid and you did something bad and your parents are standing over you and discussing a punishment. I felt very insecure, and felt as if they were discussing what they should do with me. The hallucination broke when one of them bent down to pick me up.

Oddly what caused me to stop smoking salvia that night was a feeling during my last trip when I was almost out of salvia that an entity had been following me throughout my trips and had been influencing the hallucinations. Toward the end of the night I had dimmed down all my lights, all that was on were two dimmed wall lamps in the corners of my room on the wall in front of me, and a Himalayan rock salt lamp that gave off a deep orange glow. It gave the room a very saturated and fire lit atmosphere.

At the end of the night these light sources became focal points for hallucinations. They radiated repeating patterns, and felt as if they were what bound the empty space of the room to myself and to my physical surroundings. During my last trip, when I thought maybe an entity had been manipulating my hallucinations, I felt somewhat tricked, or that I had been being toyed with, so mentally I rejected the entity and told it to leave. And once I did, instantly the hallucinations stopped. Even more strangely when I tried to smoke one more time I did not hallucinate, and I decided it was time to stop.

It wasn’t until a few days after my experience that I realized that my HPPD was gone.
It wasn’t until a few days after my experience that I realized that my HPPD was gone.
I had been seeing spiraling geometry in grass and trees constantly for years, auras and colored edges to objects and rooms, shifting layers on textured surfaces, and thick ‘visual static’ . Now I can barely see any noticeable hallucinations. It’s difficult to tell whether it was salvia, amphetamine, or both that contributed to the types of hallucinations I was having or which cured my HPPD symptoms.

On a last note, after this experience, any time I binge on amphetamine for a few days and begin to hallucinate I now see people, objects and ordinary events in walls that are very vivid just like at the beginning of my salvia trip. I don’t know if the Amphetamine caused these hallucinations in the beginning or if binging on both salvia and amphetamine linked the hallucinations across experiences.
Overall it was definitely a good experience, I will have to try this again in a few months. The cure of my HPPD though is the most remarkable part of this experience as time is the only known thing that stops HPPD.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107992
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 3, 2016Views: 11,716
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