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The Magical Mystical Tour
Cacti - T. bridgesii
Citation:   Starfire. "The Magical Mystical Tour: An Experience with Cacti - T. bridgesii (exp107996)". Feb 26, 2017.

14 in oral Cacti - T. bridgesii (fresh)
I have had approximately 30 Bridgesii trips of different strengths in the last 7 years. This trip is typical of about 12 to 14' of dark green skin eaten raw.

I Eat the skin raw because I do not want to degrade or upset the chemical content of the cactus with heat or extraction chemicals. MY PREPARTION METHOD is to cut the bridgesii into 'stars' each of about 1~2' IN LENGTH, (7 OR 8 stars FROM 14 INCHES OF CACTUS) and de-core the white center and remove the spines and outer clear waxy coating.

Then I place, one star in my mouth, chewed it while taking sips of root beer which does a magnificent job of attenuating the taste. I chew for 5 to 10 minutes per star, and my mouth gets numb, after a a time, the bitterness is not so bad, and I wash the remaining pulp down with more root beer, then start on another 'star'.

I had done about 5 of the stars when I noticed my body was tingling with the first physical sensations of what I knew bridgesii feels like when it comes on. This was about an hour after I started eating.

As I continued to eat stars, another hour passed by which time all fourteen inches was gone, and I was experiencing uncomfortable physical sensation and racing thoughts that are characteristics of mescaline.

I took a hot shower, and it relieved the anxiety quite a bit. At approximately 3 hours I began to vomit, and after I finished, I felt very calm, yet euphoric and excited.

This was at about 3 hours. My visual field began to become covered with a glassy sheen, not unlike an LSD trip in the first stages. The edges of things began to move, and as I looked at my computer, I could no longer type because the characters where coming off the page. I lost track of time.

I took a walk outside. Everything was glowing with the most brilliant colors. A splotch of blue, like someone had suddenly spilled a can of bright, sea blue paint, was running down a gutter by the sidewalk. I felt emotionally happy and 'in touch' with the world around me.

I went back to my room, and as I lay and listen to music, I noticed an intense pressure or feeling on my arms and legs and head, like bands were wrapped around me. It was extremely pleasant, and I thought it felt rather like the physical sensations of an anti-depressant, like Wellbutrin.

As I lay on my bed I noticed the plastic flowers on the side of the bed. Their intricate details had come to life, and they were speaking to me. 'Look at the wall...look at the wall...'

I looked at the wall, and began to notice a shape forming. The shape materialized into the image of, possibly a native american 'medicine man' He was dancing with 2 maracas in his hands. Bands of color, like the orbits of planets, surrounded his waist and arms. As he danced, sparks of fire flew up from his heels. I was extremely happy. I was crying.

Suddenly, the image vanished. It was replaced by a figure that looked like the 'reaper' complete with black robe and sickle. I was frightened beyond belief. All else in the world failed to hold any meaning for me. He was coming for me!!!

Then another thought filled my mind. 'If it is my time,why should I fear it?' And I told him, up yours buddy, and started to laugh hysterically. I was in tears, and as I laughed I noticed the 'dancing shaman' had reappeared. He was smiling at me!!!

From that moment on, I have not feared death or the unknown. I accept it. The rest of the trip was typical visuals, I.e. A 'generic' trip that had no specific meaning.

It lasted about 14 hours. I ate an ice cream bar--a klondyke--that I had in the freezer, at about 10 hours, it was the most magnificent tasting thing I had eaten.

When I awoke the vision of the dancing shaman was brilliant in my mind, and I sketched a picture of him in my sketchbook.

Since that trip I have had several bridgesii trips, and each one is unique. They may not even be strongly psychedelic, but there is always something to discover about oneself that makes a bridgesii trip intensely personal and emotional.

As a final note, a recreational trip around other people will not have that same meaning, but it will give me a feeling of comradeship, and comfort with other humans.

That's my understanding of what this substance does to a person.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107996
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 57
Published: Feb 26, 2017Views: 3,260
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