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Hours of Fun
by stone
Citation:   stone. "Hours of Fun: An Experience with MDMA (exp10800)". Jul 7, 2019.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I've smoked weed for about a year now and do it pretty much everyday. AT LEAST once everyday. Then I decided to move onto other things and heres my story about E


Thanksgiving day after I was all done eating me, my brother, his friend and his girlfriend were chillin watchin some TV when we decided to go out. A couple days before I had asked my brothers girlfriend to pick me up a pill cuz I wanted a sure thing my first time and she had some trustworthy friends. On our way to buy some weed I was debating whether or not to do it that nite...I decided to(obviously). So I chewed it up so it would hit me quicker and godamn did it taste awful. I washed it down with some applejuice and waited...

We rolled up to the usual dealin spot and no one was we were leavin and we saw this pretty shady lookin man standin outside of 7-11 so we pulled in there and asked him for some bud...long story in the end we lost $40 and ended up with no bud then I was completely blown. We went to pick up another friend and as I got out of the car it just began to hit me. I was smilin dancin talkin all pasionetly and I cant even describe the feeling of hapiness I had inside me. I'm usually an incredibly happy guy cuz I just dont enjoy being sad but I have never been so boosted as I was then. This friend that we had just picked up happened to be a girl and happened to have expierience with X. I was completely in love. Just everything about her seemed so cool! We went to ANOTHER friends house and picked up some marajauna, then my brother told the story of how we were hustled and the man hooked us up with even MORE bud. We smoked some marajauna and I was smilin and bobbin my head to the music and/or talkin about everything that seemed important to me. We dropped the friend off we had just picked up and had a total of four people in the car. We went to pick up another friend and I went into his house...

I looked in the mirror and my pupils were incredibly dilated. Like my entire eye was black but I was cheesin so hard. I wandered around my friends house and saw a picture of his lil sister who is a year older than I am and I fell completely in love(again). We left(I didnt get a chance to meet his sister unfortunetly) and went to the bowling alley. We got in and did our thing and started to bowl when I realized that there were sooooo many people in the bowling alley. I told this to my brother and he pointed out there were only about 100. I did some math in my head and figured that there are 50 million times that amount of people on this earth. I wanted to talk to all of them!! I wanted to talk to all of them and change all of their lives.

So were at the bowling alley so I was bowling and I was INCREDIBLY rollling and I was INCREDIBLY high and my first few bowls were awful...I actually tossed a ball in the air it sucked so bad but I was still happy cuz I was rollin like no other. After bowling we dropped one friend off and then my brother off at home so he could pick up his car and take me home the next morning(we were sleeping over at his girlfriends house). When we got to my brothers girlfriends house I found out that my parents were so pissed off at me becuse they didnt know I was sleeping out that nite and they wanted me home rite away. I was rolling so hard and it would have bummed me so bad to go home. I convinced my brother to let me call my parents and he said 'ok I dont know if it will help I argued with them for 30 minutes and they didnt budge an inch.' so I call my parents at 1 in the morning and...I ended the conversation in control with the outcome I wanted. My brother was goin nuts cuz he thought we were in deep shit and I was gonna get caught. We watched batman, drove a friend home at 3 AM and I went to bed

Jesus christ I learned so much from this expierience...THERES ALMOST NEVER A REASON TO BE SAD...this is my life philosophy. The one downside however is that when I get bummed I'm completely blown...but that rarely happens. Also xtc is not a 'fuck up' drug it doent fuck you enhances everything...touch...sound... helped me get out of that situation with my parents. I love MDMA, but its too expensive... Thats my expierience.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10800
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 7, 2019Views: 679
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MDMA (3) : General (1), First Times (2), Various (28)

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