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God's Good Herb
by Autonomous
Citation:   Autonomous. "God's Good Herb: An Experience with Cannabis (exp108053)". Dec 13, 2019.

1 tsp oral Cannabis


I haven't had any in over 10 years. At that time for a span of about 2 years I used only the cheap stuff almost daily or as money allowed. My so-called 'dealer' was an old man who used it to help him cope with arthritis.
My so-called 'dealer' was an old man who used it to help him cope with arthritis.
He soaked his left over stem in rubbing alcohol and rubbed on his joints to get further relief.

For myself I started using it to relieve anxiety and stress. I took 1 teaspoon chewed and swallowed on an empty stomach. What happened surprised me because I still had partly believed all the many lies I had been taught by the 'law' enforcers in school. Tolerance never built up and I never craved something more because this was just right. In 3 months without even trying I lost 30 pounds because my craving for junk food went away. My blood pressure and blood sugar went down by half and sleep apnea went away. My memory and concentration improved. I was able to read technical manuals and understand them and was able to finish a software engineering project ahead of time by myself using new development software. It was the most successful project I had ever done even to this day and eventually other company divisions overseas heard about it and chose to use it to run their businesses as well. To this day I still use the base libraries I had written back then, except I have added more code to it over the years.

I had to stop using this wonderful herb due to worry over the many increased risks involved from enforcers of bad laws and self-righteous drug testing 'human resource' departments who think they have the right to pry into everyone's private life and force everyone to piss in cups and give hair samples.

Eventually I found numerous alternatives such as 'legal highs', minerals, vitamins and diet. However, nothing has ever been as good as the real thing.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 108053
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Dec 13, 2019Views: 589
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