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Life and Death
Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Black Mamba - Karma')
by biglibowski
Citation:   biglibowski. "Life and Death: An Experience with Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Black Mamba - Karma') (exp108080)". Mar 4, 2016.

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I'd had a good experience with synthetic cannabonoids before, especially Genesis. The new ban in the UK was taking place quite soon so I decided to get some more, and to my surprise I received a 1g packet of black mamba Karma.

I smoked a pinch from a pipe and was feeling good, my heart rate increased but I was able to keep calm and had a pretty good time. It all went down hill after the fourth bowl.

I had decided to take a bit more, as I was already pretty high, I wanted to be nice and toasted before I tried to sleep. It started when I tried to play some music on my laptop, I was pressing play but it wasnít playing, or I couldnít get the cursor on it. This is literally all I remember before being in a full blown hallucinogenic state.

I can't remember the start of the trip so well, but I remember being in a white space, with people. Something was chasing me and taking others down with it, I tried to help some and succeeded. Then it managed to catch me.

Like a kind of omnipotent force it held me and dragged me slowly through the ground, I shouted out to the others, I asked them why they did not help me when I had helped them. I started shouting and swearing, asking why they had done this. The only reply I received was from the force itself, and it was that I had sinned. It wanted something from me. I confessed to it, everything that I could possibly think of, and it still dragged me down.
The nightmare truly began.

I had tried all I could to be unleashed from its grasp, and now I felt as if I was dying. I felt as though I couldnít breathe, my life was gone from my body and all I felt was pain and entrapment. I tried to beg and plead with the being that was doing this to me but nothing changed. I shouted and screamed profanity towards it to no avail. It's then I started screaming in terror.

It was like an air raid siren powering up, and as it got louder lights in my vision intensified like hyperspace out of star wars. Every time I screamed it felt as though life was further and further from my grasp. And then I saw my mother, she was literally there with me trying to make sense of the situation I was in.

I awoke from the nightmare and talked to her, trying to explain what had happened, begging to be taken to hospital. But while I could see her and speak with great difficulty the hallucinations came back to me. I started talking to another person, like it was a courtroom, nothing was left of the real world, I started to converse with them as they judged. Thankfully my mother was able to pull me back to reality, holding my hand, she kept me in the light. From here the hallucinations stay in reality. I threw up and tried to keep my head together, and thankfully the serious trip was finally over.

It's ridiculous to think that I had such an experience from such a small amount of this stuff. I know what weed is like and it's not this.
It's ridiculous to think that I had such an experience from such a small amount of this stuff. I know what weed is like and it's not this.
If you can manage to spread the chemical through the plant material and make an educated judgement about dosages then good on you. But that won't be the case. This shit is unpredictable. Just keep to the good old green if you want to get high, it isnít worth it.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 108080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Mar 4, 2016Views: 2,365
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