Obscure Pharmaco-speedball
Lidocaine, Mephentermine & Ketamine
Citation:   Peaceful Garden. "Obscure Pharmaco-speedball: An Experience with Lidocaine, Mephentermine & Ketamine (exp108083)". Erowid.org. May 21, 2021. erowid.org/exp/108083

  repeated IM Pharms - Lidocaine (liquid)
    repeated IM Mephentermine (liquid)
    repeated IM Ketamine (liquid)
This is a summary of my experiences with these Lignocaine/Lidocaine and Mephentermine. Lignocaine is an anaesthetic, and mephentermine a cardiac stimulant. Although perhaps not particularly profound, I found them incredibly enjoyable chemicals. I start by giving some personal background information and the context of the experiences; if you’re not interested, you might want to jump straight down to the section headed “The experiences”. The most powerful effects undoubtedly came from combining the two chemicals, which I describe in the penultimate section, “Lignocaine and Mephentermine together”.

A little background:
I have used a range of psychoactives fairly extensively, including LSD, DMT, mushrooms, ketamine, 2C*, MDMA and other stimulants, GHB/GBL, nitrous oxide, benzodiazepines, opium, heroin, and a dozen or two other bits and pieces. This list is in approximate order of frequency or personal importance. The first four substances I have taken around 40-200 times each. As a general rule I have been far more interested in hallucinogens than in any other class of drug. Downers (heroin, valium, opium, etc.) have tended to hold particularly little allure for me. The major exception to this was GHB/GBL, which I enjoyed vastly and would happily take repeatedly throughout a day of sunbathing and relaxation, back when it was easily available in my country. Uppers (MDMA, speed, methcathinone) I used more, but almost exclusively in conjunction with other substances- to add brightness to a K hole, or ensure a positive experience while raving on acid.

I have been diagnosed with ADHD, but this experience occurred several years before that diagnosis.

The context:
At the time I was living and studying in an ashram in north India. I took my studies quite seriously. I also partied reasonably hard, as at this time there was an active trance party scene in that part of the world, particularly if one was willing to travel to find it. LSD was somewhat readily available, though not exactly ubiquitous, and ketamine, tramadol, valium, and ephedrine could all be bought in hospitals, vet clinics or pharmacies. After several months of sporadically using these substances I got to wondering what else the health service might have to offer. It struck me as an underexploited resource. A friend mentioned mephentermine, and I recalled that when I was living in the Middle East another friend had mentioned freebasing, snorting or injecting lignocaine/lidocaine, which he used to steal from a local hospital. So I went to various local hospitals and asked around until I found ones that were willing to sell these substances to me. I don’t know whether they suspected I was taking them recreationally.

The experiences:
Mephentermine without Lignocaine:
My friend and I never took mephentermine together. I think he had more or less disappeared by the time I got my hands on some, and I couldn’t find any info online about recreational use. He said he had drunk it, so I tried that at a party. My memory is a bit vague about dosage, for which I apologize. All I remember is that I drank most of a vial and got no noticeable effects.

At a subsequent party, I had a horrific time on acid (5 tabs of blue star), and as I was coming out of it- about eight hours in- I began intramuscularly injecting a combination of ketamine and mephentermine. I was much more active than I would have been on ketamine alone. My usual K hole dose of IM ketamine was about 50mg, and I was taking that full dose or more, in the same needle with the mephententermine, I guess about every half hour or hour, and returning to the dance floor. I stayed out of the K hole for a while, and was able to move around, though not really interact with anyone. The only experiential memory I have is of holding the entire dancefloor, and the air above it, in my arms as a solid space, and moving it from place to place as I danced.
The only experiential memory I have is of holding the entire dancefloor, and the air above it, in my arms as a solid space, and moving it from place to place as I danced.
I eventually did fall into the K hole, and I have seen video footage of the event in which I am clearly annihilated and unreachable. Friends told me later that I was totally unresponsive, unblinking, standing immobile on the dancefloor, unable to swallow water when it was poured into my mouth. However, I was definitely mobile for longer than I would have been on those doses of K alone. Indeed I suspect I would never have been able to take those doses of K without the mephentermine as I would simply have lost consciousness before getting halfway in. I don’t know how many times I redosed, but it went on for several hours, and my biceps and triceps got sore enough off the IM injections that I moved onto at least one calf, and I remember being struck by the sight of a visible lump of fluid waiting to diffuse into the muscle tissue as I impatiently packed it in and ran back to the dancefloor.

A few months later, while partying on mushrooms and ephedrine, I IVed or IMed small amounts of mephentermine and had a truly excellent night. I picked up poi for the first time and found myself to be proficient. This was not purely subjective- other people commented on it, though it wore off with the drugs. The simple physical act of dancing was hugely pleasurable. It was one of the most enjoyable nights’ dancing I can recall.

Lignocaine without Mephentermine:
Again, recreational dosage information was hard to come by. I found several articles online about IV drip use for various conditions, but obviously this was of little use to me. Eventually I found accounts of “bolus” use- i.e. a unit dose all at once- for the treatment of epileptic seizures. Looking around to find those papers now I notice that one was in fact *inducing* seizures. Anyway, a sensible starting dose seemed to be 1-2 mg/kg, so I guess I started around 50mg and worked up.

The chronology isn’t perfectly clear, but I remember one pleasant morning serially injecting K (IM) and L (IV) with a friend of mine in a rowboat on a smallish lake. We would row into the centre of the lake, put in, lie back, and drift around until we got conscious enough either to row back to the centre or put in again. The combination was lovely. It mixed perfectly with the sun and the shimmering water, lying with eyes closed being gently rocked and soothed. There were no troublesome aftereffects and no noticeable issues of accumulation. I was able to throw myself into the water, swim around naked and wonky, and climb back into the boat without encountering any insurmountable obstacles.

I only remember taking L by itself on one occasion, though I must have done so on several, because I recall how silly I felt when I missed the vein and just anaesthetized my arm, and then found myself hunting around for veins in a largely numb arm which I could not effectively hold still. (I’m not a hugely experienced IV user.) I was hiking in the mountains for a few weeks with my girlfriend, on a break from the ashram, and I wandered off into the woods for a bit. I was feeling good- she was a wonderful, kind woman, and the mountains were spectacular. We were around 3000m altitude, I would guess. 11,000 feet. I had taken acid once in the previous week, and IMed K a few times.

I quietly tied off, injected, and untied, in that order. I think this may have affected the experience slightly, in that the lignocaine will have come on as a bit more of a rush- all at once when I untied the tourniquet, instead of being gradually diffused into my bloodstream over the period of the injection. A small difference, or perhaps no difference. Anyway, the experience was mild, pleasant and beautiful. Just lying in the sun, feeling the light on my skin, being quiet and not thinking about much. Small smiles, unconcerned, warm all over. (The weather was probably not very warm at all.) My girlfriend at the time was not very pro-drug, and I hadn’t mentioned my intentions to her, but she suspected and asked me about it after I returned to her because, in her words, I was unusually quiet. It was not a transcendental or full-body-orgasmic experience, but I think it compares favorably to my one IV heroin experience, perhaps because I had lower expectations, or perhaps because of the setting. Very simple, very gentle, very pleasing and content. Quiet delight in the moment.

Lignocaine and Mephentermine together:
Although I think I may have tried to combine the pair on other occasions, there are two that really stand out. It must have been within a week or two of the above L-only experience, because we were in the same mountains. We were ascending towards a pass, and had to spend a couple of days at the same altitude in order to acclimatize to the thinner air. We were at almost exactly 3500m altitude. 11,500 feet. I wandered off late one afternoon with my medical kit, looking for a place to put in. I probably hadn’t used mephentermine in the previous week, though I had most likely IMed K quite recently.

Evening was drawing on. I was keen to find somewhere a little out of the way, not visible from the cluster of houses that constituted the village where we were staying, without wasting too much time. I found a dry stone wall and snuggled into the lee of it, out of sight and out of the wind. Ah, even thinking about it gives me little little luminous shivers. I took out a 5ml needle. I only had a few, as the guy in the shop had been somewhat unwilling to sell them to me. I drew up maybe 2.5 ml of lignocaine, 2 of mephentermine, and a tiny snifter of ketamine. Again, I apologize that I can’t recall the exact dosages. The K was at 50mg/ml, so there will only have been about 10mg in that starting shot. I had a tough time getting it in my arm at first, because after I’d knocked and squeezed the bubbles out of the needle, more appeared just as I was about to put it in. I repeated the process, only to find the same thing happening again. It turned out I’d somehow got a slight crack in the barrel of the syringe, and air was leaking in. I resolved the situation by taping up the barrel and injecting as near as possible vertically downwards, leaving the bubbles at the top. Not ideal, I know, but as I say I had very few 5ml needles.

The feeling was incredible. A bigger rush than anything I’d felt on MDMA, it seemed, and it blew smack out of the water. Perhaps I didn’t do enough smack the one time I did it, but I remember thinking at the time, That scene in that film where that guy says heroin is like your best orgasm ever times a thousand- what a scam. Not this. This was epic. God’s praises started spilling out of my lips. I’d recently learned a Jewish blessing for when you see mountains, and I’d been saving it up for the right moment. Baruch Ata Hashem, Elokeinu Melech Ha Olam, Oseh Maasaeh Be Reshit. Blessed are you oh Lord, Our god the King of the world, who does the acts of beginning. Blessed are you oh Lord, Our god the King of the world, who does the acts of beginning. Blessed are you oh Lord, Our god the King of the world, who does the acts of beginning. Again and again and again. I was filled, uplifted, rejoiced. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily a religious experience, but that was certainly the best way I was able to express the feelings it gave me at the time.

My thinking was not in any way confused or clouded. However, I was very rapidly over taken by a strong desire to repeat the experience, even while barely past the peak. It came on within a matter of seconds, and was only starting to fade after a handful of minutes, but I think I was reaching for the needle to put back in probably within ten or twenty seconds of the initial injection, addressing it with terms of endearment I perhaps should have reserved for my girlfriend.

I held off for a few minutes. What with the altitude, and being on my own, and it being a new drug combination for me, it seemed like a good idea to wait a bit before reupping.
What with the altitude, and being on my own, and it being a new drug combination for me, it seemed like a good idea to wait a bit before reupping.
I guess I waited maybe five minutes before putting back in, this time with a mixture that was a bit more M than L- perhaps 3:2- and a slightly more generous pull of K. Pulling the plunger right back one can get slightly more than 5ml in a 5ml needle. Instantly, back in the stratosphere. Lucid, elated, babbling. Caressing the needle and calling her my darling. I did this once more, with a still higher proportion of M and K to L. I K holed, I think, and my girlfriend found me, looked disappointed, and left. When I came to I felt pretty shabby- because of making my girlfriend feel bad, rather than because of the drugs themselves- and packed up my things and headed back into the village.

When I got back, I went and found my girlfriend, and rapidly realized that she had not in fact found me at all, and that I had hallucinated that whole element. This was something of a relief. We ate dinner and went to bed. I found that I could not sleep, and so ate some valium. I still could not sleep, so I ate and then gummed some more. Over the course of the night I ate, gummed, snorted and plugged about 40 or 50 mg of diazepam, and did not sleep at all. The night was not unpleasant, however, as I lay and looked at my girlfriend and contemplated her beauty and loveliness.

When we arose in the morning I decided to ascend another 1000m (3000 feet) to see some nearby frozen lakes. I went by myself and found the start of the path. A short way into the ascent I put three tabs of acid on my tongue, and held them there. I drank water over the course of the ascent, vomited the water back up, caught the tabs in my hand and put them back on my tongue. I tripped gently but pleasantly. The ascent was not too difficult, and required no special equipment or training. I saw no one.

When I got to the frozen lakes, around 4500m altitude, I took out my sleeping bag, medical kit and simple homemade bottle bong. I got in the sleeping bag, for protection from the wind, prepared a generous dose of white powder DMT- a quantity described by the guy who sold it to me as “two hits”- and injected about the same mix of M, L and K as the previous day. I don’t know why, but the injection had no noticeable effect. The DMT, however, was very noticeable. I took a big huff of smoke and, looking at the sun, saw it enveloped in an undulating purple orchid, furling and unfurling its petals and extending its tentacles towards me. I wondered whether I had perhaps taken too much, and took another huff from the bong. It was a powerful, beautiful experience.

As the peak wore off, I was significantly above my acid baseline, and being a bit more in control was now more able to enjoy this and revel in the deep glow of the mountains across the valley, and the increased depth and texture and shadow of the cracks and rifts between them. Although it was getting a little late in the day I decided to wait until the DMT wore off and I was back to my gentle acid level before descending. To my surprise, this did not occur. I waited perhaps half an hour, and there was no noticeable diminishment in visual intensity. It was as if the DMT hit had boosted the acid to a higher level, and I was now going to descend from that level over the course of the remaining acid trip- i.e., the intensity would remain for hours rather than minutes.

But it was not overwhelming, so I began the walk back down. I got a little lost, which was somewhat concerning, and in the end just found a stream bed of some sort and followed that down, reasoning that it would have to get me to the valley floor one way or another and I would then go left or right to find the village. Although slightly challenging at times, this was ultimately successful. I found my girlfriend eating in a little café, slumped against her, and was happy.

Over the next few days, however, I found myself quite weak. I was not specifically sick, but I could not manage the 4 or 5 hours of walking that we had planned to do each day. In the end we had to get a pony to take me over the pass, as I was simply incapable of doing it myself. Once we were over the pass and descending I was pretty much ok. I suspect that the mephentermine had interfered with my heart's ability to adapt to the altitude: my heart did not start pumping harder, or my blood start holding more oxygen or whatever it is that comprises altitude acclimatization, because the mephentermine boost simply made it unnecessary.

I found these both to be very enjoyable substances, and especially so in combination. This is despite a general slight lack of enthusiasm for traditional uppers and downers. They may have significantly potentiated ketamine and LSD/DMT experiences. In terms of long term health, I found a few months later that my resting pulse was around 100-110 bpm. Within another 6 months or a year of more restrained drug use (and no mephentermine) it was back down to a more normal 60-70bpm.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 108083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: May 21, 2021Views: 1,427
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