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I Started Taking the Tea Every Day
Poppies - Opium
Citation:   Widdy. "I Started Taking the Tea Every Day: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (exp10811)". Jul 25, 2018.

  oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
My Poppy

Well, the first time I tried poppy tea was when a friend pointed some poppies out to me at a wedding. I had been playing a gig at the wedding, and afterward, we were walking around admiring all the flowers around the organic farm. I have had IBS a painful intestinal/abdominal condition since I was 14, and was always looking for some natural pain killer, besides alcohol. So, I snatched some poppies and dried them out... then I read how to make the tea.. at first I made it with the stems and it worked, but it took sooo much time and energy to make tea using so many stems. I can't believe that actually used to be enough opiates to do me. Anyway, it helped me sleep, and made me high, but not lively of course. It kinda made me edgy, and messed up my sex drive. but the good of having some pain relief and sleep outwayed the bad.

After having tried them and ran out of them, I was on the lookout for opiates of any kind. The mental addiction had already begun. I would score some codeine and extract it from the aspirin etc. But I was far from physically dependent.

Last summer, I aquired some real nice poppies, from the only place I know on the web that you can get the real ones. I used my will power to only use them every other day so I wouldn't get used to them.... well that worked for months, and I really thought that they helped calm my nervous system and my bowels, giving me deep rest for the first time. And when I would not take the tea, I could sleep fine. I could go for a couple of days just fine.

Then I had to move back to NC from CA and meet back up with my long time girlfriend. That's when I started taking the tea every day, cause I felt dissed by my girl. I began using the tea as an escape from our/my relationship problems. Funny thing was, she liked it compared to my previous drinking problems, she couldn't tell when I was on poppies. they didn't make me crazy, rather, they made me rational and creative (I am a professional musician).

Then one night I felt like I had the flu, but I couldn't sleep and drinking red wine made it twice as worse. I was hot then cold, I was sweating, and I was freeked out feeling, deranged. This went on for two days, and then my poppy order showed up. when I drank my tea, the bad flu feelings went away completely! A month later, looking back, I realized that was when I was fully physically dependent on them. So after that I just gave in to the pros of being on poppies, like having good sleep, a reduced drive to drink, a reduced sex drive, which was good for a little while, but became a big problem. To this day I am completely physically dependent on them, and when I have run out, I have sadly spent thousands of dollars on pills like morphine, OxyContin etc. to hold me until the next shippment. How long does this go on? One must kick the habit! But withdrawl has just been too much for me, too much, and especially because when I do withdrawl, my abdominal problems come back full force, so part of me is like, 'it's worth being addicted to this natural plant if it reduces my pain' but I know it has weakened my whole being and caused me to give less of myself to the world in many ways.

I still am waiting for the right time to try to kick it... my mother, father, and friends have offered to go to the beach with me, isolated yet with help, and just let the demon go, the mystical demon. Poppy tea is a very very strong medicine, and its extremely addictive when taken everyday. Just like heroine, your body becomes completely dependent to it to function, pretty messed up. I sure don't understand it except for the idea that it is a teacher, and hard, ugly teacher, but maybe one of the best. If you can, stay away from all drugs, because they all seem to lead to others, which usually are harder. It is a shitty cycle to be caught in, and they only answer is to find what you are craving so much within yourself, through meditation or whatever, music does it for me fairly well.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10811
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 25, 2018Views: 3,854
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