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Bliss as Always
Citation:   Neighborhood Chemist. "Bliss as Always: An Experience with Morphine (exp108130)". Oct 12, 2018.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
  T+ 0:00 30 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:15 2 lbs oral Poppies - Opium (seeds)
I should start off by saying that Iím a very experienced opiate user. Iíve used almost every prescription painkiller under the sun, though as of late theyíve been hard to come by. I also smoke pot a few times a week and have used stimulants like Adderall on and off over the years. As a result of the shortage, Iíve resorted to using poppy seed tea as I canít find any pods either. Iíve been using poppy seed tea for years now as a substitute for pills, and I have to say it rarely disappoints.

(-00:45) I take a standard 25 mg dose of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and a standard 30 mg dose of DXM (Robitussin). Generally I try and get the Robitussin with DXM as the only active ingredient so I donít get too tired from this combo. Taking more diphenhydramine or DXM has the potential to make the high feel 'dirty' or overpower it. I also take one fresh grapefruit, squeeze it, and drink the juice. The diphenhydramine and DXM work really well to potentiate any opiate, really, and there are enzymatic inhibitors in the grapefruit juice that keep the morphine from being broken down in your body too quickly, resulting in a better, longer high. Iíve done some experimenting lately and I find that the DXM really helps take the high to the next level.

Other potentiators that Iíve used in the past include Ranitidine and Cimetidine. Iíve also heard of people using quinine, which is found in club soda, though not really in any sufficient quantity. Iím personally unwilling to chug that much carbonated water, and when I tried it in the past I didnít notice that much of a difference.

(00:00) Iíve perfected my method of making the tea over the last four or so years. I put a half pound of poppy seeds into four different water bottles. I then add a little bit of Big Red soda to each bottle. I could add any soda, this is just my preferred combination for taste. The soda helps to create an acidic environment thatís better for dissolving morphine off the seed coatings. Iíve also used Gatorade in the past. Really, anything with a weak acid will work just fine. Some people use lemon juice, but I find the taste to be particularly horrible. I then add some water, just enough to cover the seeds, and I shake each of the bottles for several minutes. Next I loosen the tops of the bottles, not all the way, and squeeze out the liquid into a cup. Then all I have to do is drink. I usually chase each shot of tea down with a little more Big Red for good measure. Carbonated drinks also help to increase the rate of absorption rate in the digestive system, which means more morphine in the blood, which means I get higher. Did I mention Iím a biochemistry major? There is much debate as to whether you should use warm or cold water. I personally use cold water because warm has the potential to allow the seeds to soak up the water and the alkaloids along with it, which means I would lose morphine. I avoid boiling water at all costs because anything over 80 Celsius has the potential to break down morphine, making it useless. I wash each bottle of seeds at least twice, usually three times. I will get diminishing returns each time, but thereís always something left over after the first wash. What do I have to lose?

(+00:30) I start to feel the effects of the tea. It always starts with a body high. Poppy tea has a ton of different alkaloids, some of which are pretty stimulating. As a result, I always feel a tightness in my shoulders thatís accompanied by a general warm, numb feeling. Itís a pretty awesome come up in my opinion. Iím all about the body high, so poppy tea is perfect. It usually doesnít mess with my head so much that I canít get work done, and the added energy boost is most welcome, though in higher doses I have experienced a nod. Itís not often that I do anymore, though, because I use tea so often. And on that note I should mention that poppy tea, whether made from the seeds or pods, is just as dangerous as the pills and should be treated with the upmost respect. Itís every bit as addictive as any other opiate and there is the very real potential for overdose, so I always start small. Each batch can also very in potency by a great deal, so be careful. I always use the same vendor, so I know more or less what to expect.

(+01:00) The effects of the tea are far more pronounced now. I havenít eaten anything in the past six or so hours, which is definitely the way to go. Taking opiates on an empty stomach allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream much more quickly. If I have food in your stomach, itíll take longer for the alkaloids to be absorbed and as a result I wonít get as high. Personally, I think taking opiates having eaten anytime in the past four hours is a waste. I should also mention that in the past I have taken Tums (calcium carbonate) before taking opiates. Again, it helps with absorption which helps me get higher.

(+02:00) I can definitely feel it in my head now. Specifically, I can feel it in the front of my head. Iíve gotten to the point where it seems like I can feel different drugs in different parts of my brain. The euphoria has really kicked in. Iíve had a very stressful day and now, all of the sudden, none of that matters. All of my stress and my anxiety has melted away. The tightness still remains in my shoulders, but I donít mind it. My whole body just feels warm and numb. Iím so tired, but I donít think I could go to sleep even if I wanted to. Opiates have always made it very difficult for me to get sleep. I think Iíll just watch some Netflix and enjoy the evening.

(+03:00) One of the things I love about poppy tea is how long it lasts. Iíve always been pretty fortunate in that drugs usually stay in my system for a pretty long time, but poppy tea takes the cake. I think this is because there are so many other different alkaloids in it besides the morphine and the small amount of codeine. The high is still going strong, both in my mind and body. I can close my eyes and breathe deeply, knowing that itís all going to be alright. I just want to lay here wrapped in this warm opiate blanket for the rest of my life. It really is like a warm blanket, or a hug from someone you love. Itís by no means as powerful as a large dose of oxycodone, but it rarely disappoints in doses this high. Unfortunately these days it takes at least two pounds to get me going. Since I havenít eaten all day Iím going to fix myself some dinner. By this point, all of the drugs have been absorbed into my system and itís safe to eat without compromising the high.

(+04:00) The high is slowly starting to taper, though I would still say itís going fairly strong. Iím just starting to notice that Iíve passed the peak and am on my way down, slowly. I took a hot shower, which always feels amazing when high on opiates, and Iím ready to lay down. I love laying down and watching TV on this stuff because I usually get kind of a pseudo-nod. The diphenhydramine and DXM really help with that.

(+12:00) I woke up this morning and I can still feel a hint of the high. Iím definitely aware that I was high just last night. I have a slight bit of nausea, though that might just be because I was hungry. Itís nothing too unpleasant and definitely not unmanageable. Unfortunately, as I said, I never really get into a deep sleep on opiates so Iím still a little tired and groggy, but that definitely doesnít stop me from using poppy tea.

Good poppy tea is an excellent substitute for opiates/opioids anytime I run out or canít find anymore. In fact, there have been times when poppy tea was my first choice of opiate. That being said, they have the potential to be very potent, especially the pods, and should be handled with the upmost care. Itís very possible to catch a nod with a high enough morphine content. You donít have to search far to hear of poppy tea overdose stories, though, and you increase the chance of overdose by mixing and matching with substances like alcohol. Poppy tea can be a kick ass experience, but it should be done so with care.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Oct 12, 2018Views: 6,540
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