Very Happy at Low Dose
6-APB & 5-MAPB
Citation:   Uptown31. "Very Happy at Low Dose: An Experience with 6-APB & 5-MAPB (exp108134)". Mar 15, 2016.

50 mg oral 6-APB
  30 mg oral 5-MAPB
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  4 repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
I obtained several grams of various research chemicals through a reputable source. My background briefly: 31 yo male, with not too much experience with stimulants; I've smoked weed regularly for over a decade, and have tripped with mushrooms several dozen times in the past 14 years; I have rolled on MDMA twice before and had positive experiences both times.

The setting: Friday night, I'm going out with five friends to a club later that evening. Previously that day, I had weighed out my dosage using a milligram scale and put the powder into an empty capsule. After much research, I decided to try what I felt was a low-dose synergistic combination that might give me some euphoria with energy. My boyfriend had been ill earlier that week, so he decided just to stick to casual drinking, but was perfectly fine with me testing out the RCs, so he was also there to look out for me.

10.30: after meeting a bar with our friends, I take the pill I brought. At this point, I had had two beers.

00.00: we arrived at the club, I'm feeling great and excited but nothing that can be attributed to the substances yet.

00.15: I'm dancing, and I look up at one of the lights on the ceiling, it looks extremely intense. Kind of glowing. It's a blue light and has a glow familiar to me as being a little 'shroomy'.

00.30: I go to the smoking lounge and wow did that cigarette taste good. I feel a swell of energy and I don't want to sit on the couch. I'm not with any of my friends back here, and I'm typically a socially reserved person, but now I am chatting with three or four guys around me very easily. I am feeling extremely friendly and happy. It feels good to casually put my arm around these guys I'm talking to, and I am still in control of my headspace.

01.30: dancing dancing dancing! Music sounds great, the DJ is smiling at me, and I've got a great grin going on. I have a mineral water to help my very dry throat. My hands want to touch a feel surfaces. Kissing my boyfriend feels amazing, deep sense of affective love.

02.00: went to the urinal. Slightly difficult to get that pee going at first. Check my eyes in the mirror: definitely dilated, but not owl eyes going on. I'm giggling with the dude next to me at the sink because he asks me if his eyes look 'like drug eyes', but then he gets real close to my face and looks at mine and we laugh together.

03.00: dancing dancing! I don't want to stop dancing,my body feels cozy and my head is full of happy thoughts.
03.00: dancing dancing! I don't want to stop dancing,my body feels cozy and my head is full of happy thoughts.
I am able to carry on conversations with friends, and recall specific memories with ease, crack jokes based on shared history too. I am hugging my friends and in a happy place; my boyfriend comments that I look like I'm in a real good groove.

03.30: some of my friends want to go, since the club is feeling a little too crowded ( I agree, it's becoming harder to find enough space to dance). Luckily the ventilation is wonderful here, and it feels like a constant soft breeze is blowing. But I don't really want to go, I could keep dancing for hours it feels like. My boyfriend hasn't drunk too much, but the rest of my friends are pretty drunk. Somehow, we can't stay together in the club, I'm with my boyfriend but the others are distributed around in their own little adventures.

04.00: my boyfriend is getting a little frustrated at trying to herd up the group to go. I head to the smoking lounge one last time. The taste of cigarettes is divine. My eyes are ever so slightly darting around, but so even as close to how they get on MDMA. I reflect on the fact that my jaw isn't clenching up either. It's been about four hours since I started feeling my light roll, and there is no peak at all, I'm just happy and outgoing and have energy to keep going. Music appreciation remains heightened at this point too.

04.15: we collect ourselves and leave the club. I'm smiling like a doughnut still and others look pretty tired and drunk. They get into a cab and go. My boy and I walk home, since we only live about 15 minutes away downtown. He comments that I look like a happy kid, and I'm still moving my body in the walk home to a beat in my head.

04.30: we get home and I know I don't want to stay awake by myself while the boyfriend passes out, so I smoke a bowl of indica and get in bed with him. I feel horny and tactile sensations are extremely provinces and enjoyable, but I am definitely having trouble getting an erection (unlike with MDMA).

05.00: I check the clock at this point for reference. Boyfriend is asleep and I am awake but super relaxed, enjoying what seems like some closed-eye visuals ( not really colors, but patterns when I close my eyes).

At some point I must have fallen asleep, because i wake up around 11.00 the next morning feeling surprisingly fine. I pop 100mg of 5-HTP just in case but I'm feeling okay. No hangover since I only drank four beers in total and had enough water too. Sun is shining and going for a walk later sounds like a great idea. I make coffee and smoke a cigarette, at which point I notice a pronounced lingering taste for cigs. I also notice acute haptic sensations have remained. I bring the coffee back to the bedroom, and my boyfriend is awake too now. I'm feeling very horny, and touching surfaces still feels extremely enhanced. My boyfriend tells me that I had woken him up twice in the night because I was sleeping roughly, and that I had sweat a lot in the night too. Even If that's the case, my own sleep was not disturbed at all.

Around noon we have great sex together; once I got an erection I had no problem maintaining it. Sex felt slightly better than usual, mostly because of the still-obvious tactile enhancement of my skin and especially my hands.

The rest of the day I felt fine, just tired and prone to laying out on the couch. I noticed that for the rest of the day each time I smoked a cigarette my pupils would dilate slightly
I noticed that for the rest of the day each time I smoked a cigarette my pupils would dilate slightly
. Tactile sensations lingered throughout there at of the day but was not bothersome at all, rather enjoyable actually.

Overall, I think 6-APB is a powerful compound. I tried 5-MAPB on its own months earlier (enjoyable energy by itself), but 6-APB adds intense euphoria, some visuals, and heightens bonding with others. For a 5-6 hour night out dancing I would not change this combined dose. I think for a longer night out at a club that stays open later, I want to add perhaps 25-30 more mgs of the 6-APB, but won't add to the 5-MAPB because the energy levels were up enough. I truly enjoyed this combo, experienced no crash at all, and would gladly use this again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 108134
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Mar 15, 2016Views: 6,683
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5-APB (561), 5-MAPB (624) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Club / Bar (25)

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