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GPS Required
DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Tetrisdroid. "GPS Required: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp108145)". May 25, 2019.

6-7 hits smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis
DMT First Time

A little background;

I've used LSD and Mushrooms before and have always wanted to give DMT a try.

I obtained 100mg of DMT freebase. It came as a tan coloured powder, slightly grainy.

Being unsure of the best way to actually use the stuff, I did some research and decided to go with the weed sandwich method. That is to say, a water bong with a thin layer of weed both below and above the DMT. The weed I used was some Thai stick I had left over. Mostly leaf and trimmings.

I determined that 30-50mg of DMT would be sufficient, given my weight.

My lounge at home. Dim lighting and all electronic devices turned off, so as not to distract me. Television, mobile phone etc.


I sat in a large beanbag, and placed an empty tub of water next to me. I had read that it was not uncommon for people using DMT to suddenly lose consciousness and drop their pipe/bong etc. I therefore had plans to just drop my bong into the tub straight away, to avoid any possible mishaps.

I held a lighter over the bowl and was careful to not let the flame touch the DMT. For a few seconds nothing happened. I moved the flame a little closer and I noticed that there appeared to be smoke coming from the contents of the bowl. I inhaled gently, my intent was to fill the bong with the smoke, then use the rush hole to fill my lungs. Once the bong was full, I released my finger and hoofed the whole lot down.

The taste, is something I'll never forget. It tasted like burning plastic. In this respect, all the reports are true. I could feel my lungs/diaphragm twitching. Fighting the urge to cough. I held that first drag as long as I could before exhaling.

I went for a second hit. This time the taste was easier, but I could already feel some effects. I could hear a faint rumbling sound which seemed to be coming from inside me somewhere.

Holding the second hit felt like a race. I felt as though I needed two more hits (based on research) to get the full DMT effect. But it felt as though the effect was winning the race. The rumbling at this point had turned into a buzzing sound. Very loud and it felt like it was coming from my spine and rising up. At this point I also felt a pressure in my head. This made me quite nervous. It wasn't painful, but it did feel very uncomfortable. This, by far, was the worst point in the whole experience.

I let out the second fill, and decided to just chug as much as I could before the buzzing noise incapacitated me fully. I took maybe 4-5 further smaller puffs, holding them in for less time, but I figured amount at this point made up for duration. Maybe 5 minutes had passed from the time of the first puff to this point.
Maybe 5 minutes had passed from the time of the first puff to this point.

The buzzing sound was now inside my head, and I noticed I was squinting my eyes. The pressure in my head was unbearable.
Panic began to set in at this point. I dropped the bong and lighter into the tub of water and just lay back to await my fate. The last conscious thought I had was something like 'I'm gonna wake up in hospital'.

Then, the buzzing sound seemed to 'pop'. I began to see a kaleidoscope of colours in front of my eyes, fractal patterns so complex in their design, beyond description. I then felt the sensation that I was paralysed. Or rather, I was going somewhere but my body was not. I felt the sensation of speed. So much so that I felt inertia, pushing my head back. At this point, any sense of the passage of time was lost. The fractal patterns had dissipated, or maybe I had rushed past them.

I felt a sensation of floating, but without a body. I could see a landscape of sorts, with buildings and lights. The lights were moving, but nothing really seemed 'alien' or other worldly. It simply seemed like a place I had never visited before. The buildings were all comprised of geometric shapes. Not buildings in the architectural sense however. It looked at though someone had placed giant childrens' play blocks on the hillside. The lights, were everywhere. They were definitely organic, rather than artificial. Multicoloured, fast moving and absolutely mesmerising. Almost like dust caught in the sun. I could not work out whether the lights were small things, very close to me, or larger things that were far away.

One thing that struck me in this scene however, was my ability to have some kind of control. If I breathed in, it turned to daylight. When I breathed out, everything went dark. I became obsessed with this.
If I breathed in, it turned to daylight. When I breathed out, everything went dark. I became obsessed with this.
I tried breathe in many different rhythms and styles, to try and alter the ambient lighting. How long this went on for, I have no idea. I felt like hours.

I then felt a very real sensation of falling. The buildings seemed to melt upwards, and the lights became lines. As-if I was moving fast past them. Everything became dark. I tried to increase the light by breathing in, to see what was happening, to no avail.
Everything was dark, and I experienced my 2nd moment of panic. I could not figure out if my eyes were open or closed. Was I blind or was it just very dark?

It was at this point that I felt my body again. I could feel the carpet on my fingertips. Somehow, I had turned onto my side, one arm under my body, which was quite painful and tingly, the other was palm down on the carpet. Also, my eyesight had returned to normal.

I layed in that position for some time. I felt very confused for a while, and my back felt cold with sweat.

I looked at the clock on my shelf, it read; 15:02

The whole experience had lasted hardly any time at all. And yet, I felt as though a great deal of time had passed. I also remember being angry with myself at wasting time by trying to change the light around me with breathing techniques.
I had the feeling that I had somehow failed, or maybe wasted an opportunity.

I remained in the beanbag for another 15mins or so. I tried to stand up at first, but my legs felt very wobbly. I put this down to the fact that I probably had cramp, a result of the strange position I had apparently been lying in for the last 20mins or so.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and found it to be very interesting. If I were to repeat it, I would definitely research a better method for ingestion. The bong method seemed very haphazard.
The bong method seemed very haphazard.

I did not see any 'elves', nor did I receive any direct communication from any entity, as so many others seem to have. 

What I did experience however, was a place I cannot explain. I felt a very real out of body experience, and I definitely believe I travelled somewhere. A construct of my own psyche, or a tangible other world, I will never know.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 108145
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: May 25, 2019Views: 2,009
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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