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Bliss in a Pill
Tramadol, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Strakkar. "Bliss in a Pill: An Experience with Tramadol, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp108168)". Oct 24, 2023.

200 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol (capsule)
  2000 ml oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  half g smoked Cannabis (flowers)
I first encountered tramadol years ago at a party with friends, one of whom had been prescribed the substance after a shoulder injury, and he began generously dishing out the pills for everyone to get a taste of this new drug. We each took 100mg and got on with our party, singing and improvising music on household objects. We sung in harmony, enthusiastically applied hands and ears to buckets, a wooden marimba and kitchen utensils and felt especially connected to each other and interested in the sounds being produced. This was followed by beers, animated philosophical conversation and, for the lucky ones among us, wonderful sex. I still remember it as an especially cosy, intimate night surrounded by close friends.

This was a few years ago. More recently I came across a substantial quantity of tramadol and decided to experiment further, my only other experience with opiates having been a few months of occasional enjoyment of codeine, alcohol and weed. So, the postman (such is life the 21st century) delivered my drugs at mid-morning and, it being my day off and a beautiful one at that, I decided to wash down a 100 mg capsule with my morning coffee.

+ 1:00 a mild mood-lift sets in: I begin to view my life in a more positive light and to get extra excited about upcoming projects. I become thirsty and brew up a large pot of tea to sip as I check my emails. A familiar opiate warmth begins to spread from my stomach to my arms and legs. I note the absence of an itch.

+ 2:00 I crack open another 100 mg capsule, dissolve its contents in lukewarm tea, and drink about half of it. The taste is disgusting, a plasticky bitterness requiring copious mouthfuls of tea to forget about. Yuck.

+ 2:45 I feel energetic, focused and productive. I do some translating work on the computer and notice I am working faster and more efficiently than usual, but, on a second reading, realise my choice of words is slightly more flowery than usual. Not altogether a bad thing, depending on the job. A heightened sense of well-being radiates across my body and it is difficult to repress a silly grin. I feel genuinely happy to be alive and positive thoughts rapidly follow one another.

+ 3:30 The effects of the second dose take the pleasurable effects to a whole new level. I feel absolutely amazing! Sipping tea (I'm on my third pot of Oolong now) and puffing on my e-cigarette feels wonderful and I am filled with inner peace, pure physical bliss and optimism about my future.

+ 4:00 I down the rest of the second pill, bringing my dose gradually up to 200mg. I play the piano for a while, revel in the sound of it, and decided to supplement with a little vaporized cannabis.

+ 4:30 The indica weed synergises wonderfully with the tramadol, relaxing me. The serotonergic effects of the tramadol make me quite jumpy, albeit in a good way, making it hard to sit still for more than a few minutes, and adding to the musical creativity. New chords and melodies seem to flow freely from my fingers and I can barely repress myself from singing in a language invented for the occasion.
New chords and melodies seem to flow freely from my fingers and I can barely repress myself from singing in a language invented for the occasion.
My flatmate arrives, I show him the package and tell him excitedly about what I am feeling. He laughs and tells me that, other than my abnormally good mood, I look completely sober. He swallows one capsule with some beer.

5:00 I feel so blissed out I vaporize some more indica weed and lie down to let the waves of pleasure wash over me. We listen to Alexander Scriabin's “The Poem of Ecstasy” and “Divine Poem”. I feel the music affecting me deeply, occasionally giving me goosebumps.

6:00-8:00 The effects become more subtle, yet still leaving me feeling contented and relaxed. The comedown is very smooth indeed. I go to bed and lie blissfully relaxed, but not asleep, for hours. Sleeping is difficult on this drug, although lying in bed is very pleasurable.

On the following morning, my mood was brighter than usual. I found it easy to get out of bed and make coffee, although I am usually slow and grumpy in the mornings. I chirped “good morning” to my flatmates, hand them cups of coffee - not my usual behaviour - and enjoyed my morning shower and breakfast. This was followed by a great day at work (as an English teacher). I was focused, lucid and very empathetic, feeling even more connected with my students than usual. Far from giving me a hangover, tramadol actually improved the following day! That was my second experience with tramadol.

I almost always mix tramadol with beer if I take it in the evening, as it mellows out the effect. I now very rarely go beyond 200mg, spread out over a few hours. At these doses I can quite happily drink up to 2 litres of 5% alcohol beer and vaporize around half a gram of weed with no ill effects. This combination will make me quite drowsy. I will feel faint for a few seconds if I stand up after nodding on my bed for a while.

In terms of sex this drug makes me quite horny, it delays orgasm so I am able to have sex for longer, but my erection will be less firm. At lower doses tramadol heightens sensitivity, making me more connected to my sexual partner and therefore greatly increases the pleasure of lovemaking.

I found my tolerance grew quite quickly: I once took tramadol 5 days in a row, at doses ranging from 150 to 400mg, and the effects were noticeably reduced on each subsequent day. I also had a taste of withdrawal after those 5 days, with a severe mood-crash lasting for 2 days and awful restless-body syndrome, making it hard to sleep. Not a nice experience. The sweet-spot for me seems to be around the 200mg mark. All in all, tramadol has been an excellent drug.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108168
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Oct 24, 2023Views: 24
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