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A Fractal Zoom Out
Citation:   InnerExplorer. "A Fractal Zoom Out: An Experience with DPT (exp108204)". Mar 30, 2016.

20 mg IM DPT
DPT was put into a solution with bacteriostatic water (.9% benzyl alcohol preservative) at a concentration of 40mg/ml. Heating the water was important for getting the DPT into solution. Once in solution, it stayed that way even after returning to room temperature. The solution was run through a micron filter and into a sterile serum vial with a rubber top.

Experiment 1
20mg DPT IM

t+0:01 - Some nervousness, beginning to feel what might be some relaxation coming from the peripheral nervous system.
t+0:02 - Muscle relaxation starting from top of head, relaxing all muscles in skull down into neck. Developing quickly into the feeling of a sigh.
t+0:03 - Opening up significantly, all seems to be flowing into One Stream. I don't quite know, but I have just done something beautiful. Just like deciding to be alive.

t+0:04 - Typing is becoming difficult, going to lie down. Flowing visuals around the sides of vision.
t+0:05-0:35 - Lose concept/track of time entirely, seemed to be falling through a series of fractal realities. Was shown how humans are an amazingly complex and evolutionarily advanced design. Essentially human beings together comprise a huge brain (fractal reality of each individual). Each human being has 'free will' in order to facilitate a greater array of possible novel ideas generated. There was a great feeling that this experience is one of the most significant of life itself, right up there with birth and death. There were several moments where it felt like the whole 'veil' of reality had been lifted. There were also several moments where I felt like it was on the edge of being 'too much' but with deep breaths I was able to keep pressing on. The only way out is through. I felt an incredible emotional release as well, crying at several points as I processed various emotions I had been holding on to the past few days. As during other high-ish doses of tryptamines, my body felt compelled to move around.
As during other high-ish doses of tryptamines, my body felt compelled to move around.
I wonder why this happens with me particularly and if this happens to other people.

t+0:40 - At this point got on the computer, here are my raw descriptions of the experience:
It was crazy to be alone for
some parts were quite like ayahuasca
but i got the whole concept that we are all a part of a big brain
just kept zooming out on itself
all kinds of great fractal concepts
I keep getting these shakes or strange tremors, however
didn't like those very much
however, when those aren't happening, the body feel is quite nice
although i constantly am desirous of something bodily like being wrapped in a blanket, then wanting someone to be caressing me, wanting someone to be stroking my head. I recognize that these desires are manifestations of various wants that my bodily self wants and how they are tied to emotional/romantic needs.
The shakes wore off after the peak
I can think pretty clearly
though still tripping quite hard
keep 'blowing up'
now a more relaxed
almost dopey feel
It's like after jumping around, dpt has found its groove
its similar to ecstasy in the way some of these rushes are... strange
but nice at the same time, they are like DMT rushes or waves.

t+0:47 - Slight dip/decrease in intensity, first real actual dip where it felt like things were settling down and I wasn't 'going to be like this forever' visuals were still present, but nothing compared to the intensity of the first 30 minutes. It had dropped from what might be compared to a 500ug LSD peak to about a 100ug LSD peak (purely subjective speculation).
t+0:50 - I'll say its interesting and has potential
I dont know what a higher dose of this would accomplish
I personally may not need to
It's so strange
It's like so many things and not
It's like a trip on a trip
It's strange that way
The way things fold in on themselves
t+051 - I feel like the main effects are done by now.

Post-trip reflections: I was incredibly surprised to come down so smoothly and at the end. The way it concluded made me more inclined to continue working with this medicine in the future. Definitely not something to be taken is a quite intense experience which feels as significant as being born or dying. I can definitely understand why it is considered a sacrament Temple of the True Inner Light. I could also not 'escape' the experience, as sense of self dissolves quite readily within the first few minutes. All I could do was let go and flow with the experience. I was also surprised how easily the ego dissolved during this experience. I am either getting better at letting go and not being afraid of dying or it happens quite easily with this substance/at this dose. I think if someone were trying to 'reboot' their personality, this might be a good choice for a peak experience. Quite a bit left to reflect on and implement in daily life.

Tripping effects lasted until about t+1:30, then sleep was very easy. I would assume that if I were not too tired and if it were not too late, I might be tripping a bit later. I also think a higher dose might extend the duration slightly.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 108204
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Mar 30, 2016Views: 11,060
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), General (1)

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