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Falling Into the Abyss
Citation:   HumanAI. "Falling Into the Abyss: An Experience with 2C-B (exp108213)". Apr 4, 2016.

24 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
This report is written the day after the experience and I felt the urge to share this with others as I think they should be very careful with 2C-B and its powerful mind-altering effects.

I got a 100mg pack online and based on what friends said and my own internet research I concluded 25mg is a safe dose for me. Although I never took 2C-B before, I already experimented with LSD and shrooms a few times, all very pleasant and joyful trips. Iím also familiar with other types of drugs so my body is prepared for these kind of experiences.

It was a weekend night and I was at a stand up from my favorite comedian and was in a very happy mood already, so I thought the trip should be fun since I already have a happy and peaceful mindset. I ate around 6 pm so my stomach was almost empty. I took a dump and then a shower as I do before each trip, I prepared all kinds of music, trippy videos and porn in case I get horny, I didnít know what would it feel like so I wanted to be prepare for whatever I was feeling like.

It was 12:25 am, I weighted 24mg from my pack and snorted all at once. It was very painful and my nasal canal was burning so I took a few steps around my room to ease the pain, after around 10-15 seconds my whole body was on fire, after 30 seconds I was cursing myself loudly because I knew I overdosed way too much, I felt like I was receiving too much information from my sensory system
I felt like I was receiving too much information from my sensory system
but I canít process them, the flow of information was more than my brain can handle. Noises were loud, colors were too intense and the whole room was so vibrant and alive. 1 minute into the trip I was so scared that I was almost sure this overdose is going to kill me.

Hypertension and extreme visuals was too much that I could barely take it, lots of crazy thoughts were passing through my mind and I could feel a very clear relation between my thoughts and the visuals I was seeing, it felt like the thoughts passing through my mind show themselves in the visuals, with all the dark and bitter experiences colliding into each other and shaping dark red color shapes and all the good thoughts were just pure white. My mood and feelings were very quickly changing based on my thoughts, I was alternating between anger, horror, euphoria and occasionally seriousness. The whole trip was getting more intense and 5 minutes into the trip I totally lost control of all my body and felt like Iím being controlled by an outside observer, outside of the reality of this physical world, I felt like Iím a character in a video game and a child is playing me.

For the first time in my life I could clearly see myself as a machine, I could feel how my body organs are working together to keep me alive, how my brain is receiving all this information and simulating consciousness for me so I can feel alive. I was trying to say out loud ďwhatever it was in that chemical is messing with all parts of my brain, there is no boundary between my thoughts, my logic, what I see and what I hear, what I smell and what I feel under my skin, itís all mixed up, itís mixed up very bad, I donít want this, this is too muchĒ. I donít know if I was saying this loud or it was just a thought, I couldnít hear myself. My consciousness was very blurry; it was like watching a movie when there is no good reception.
2C-B was amplifying the signals coming from my sensory system, the intensity was too much that they were all overlapping, it was an explosion of thoughts, memories, noises and imagery in my head.

It was in that moment (around 15 min into the trip) that the whole world with everything I knew about it was meaningless, I couldnít access any parts of my memory, I could see objects but I didnít have a definition for them, I was like a new born baby, the concept of fan and the concept of tv were both the same, all words were the same, language was a set of rules that I knew humans agreed upon to transfer their state of mind to each other and get some feedback from another, but I couldnít use it to think anymore. My mind went blank and I felt like whatever I see or hear is not going where they are supposed to. It felt like voice signals are going to part of my brain that images are being processed, and visual input is passing my imagery area and going where it shouldnít, dark objects were so painful to look at, white was good. Colors were part of my life now, sounds were who I am. I could see objects are alive and warping, I saw everything as fractals, geometrical lines were around every objects. Everything that moved left a pattern behind it. And that pattern was made of fractal shapes to the shape of the object, mostly in dark red color. It wasnít normal deforming of objects like LSD trip, it was very sudden warping and color bursts, it was horrible to look at.

At this time, (20 mins into the trip) the effects of MDMA kicked in and I felt high blood pressure, lots of energy in my muscles and the urge to move my body to let the excessive energy release itself. I felt like Iím going totally crazy, I was jumping around with no purpose, but rapid thoughts and visuals were so deep and intense that I needed some coordination between my mind and body. I realized music should be a good way to achieve this, Iíve put my earphones on and blasted rave music, that felt much better, I danced to the music and the music turned into visuals, my whole body, mind, what I see and what I hear was synced and it was the rhythm of music that was shaping everything. It turned my horribly dark nightmare into a beautiful dream and that dream was the musical notes I was hearing. I couldnít stop the music otherwise I would go to a very horrible world. Music was a beam that I could grab to avoid falling into the darkness of my mind.

I continued listening to music for an hour or so and dancing along, it was euphoric at times and fearful and exhausting at some points, I just wanted it to finish.

Around two hours into the trip I started coming down, I could feel myself in my room again, with objects having the same meaning as they had before, my eyes could see the reality not my thoughts, gravity started to pull me down and my heartbeat went back to normal. I was so happy to see myself still alive and was appreciative of how my body works in harmony so I can perceive the reality in the way it is.

It took me an hour to completely come down, and in that hour I was just walking around looking at objects an enjoying how everything makes sense again.

The whole trip took 2 hours with 1 hr coming down and for a few more hours I was feeling exhausted, appreciative of life and had a very edgy mood.

I know now 24mg is way too much for me, maybe 5mg was ok, I probably never experience 2C-B again in my life.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108213
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Apr 4, 2016Views: 13,464
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2C-B (52) : Overdose (29), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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