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May Have Fixed My Skin Condition
Citation:   CitySteve. "May Have Fixed My Skin Condition: An Experience with LSD (exp108231)". May 30, 2020.

1 hit oral LSD  
      Pharms - Lamotrigine (daily)
I had always been interested in trying acid. However, I never took it before because of a mixture of limited opportunities and the fact that I take prescription medication (Synthroid and Lamictal). One night I walked into my friend’s apartment to find one of his roommates tripping on acid, and to my surprise, she seemed fine, besides seeing all types of weird stuff. This opened me up to it a little bit more. So having acid available to me, I decided to actually research if it reacts badly with any of my medication. It does not. So soon after, I figured I’d finally give it a try. I bought a tab from his roommate’s friend who was there, put it in mouth, and let it dissolve.

About an hour in, we went to see a midnight movie. Much to my surprise, it didn’t really kick in all the way through the movie. I was feeling emotions more intensely, and felt a little numb/high, but I certainly wasn’t “tripping.” We all got home and hung out for a bit. By this time, it was very late, and it was about 2.5 hours since I took it, and still wasn’t feeling that much. Everyone went to bed and I slept on the couch (I feel very comfortable/safe in this apartment).

It’s at this point in the story I should tell you about my condition: I have a unique skin condition brought on by my nervous system and natural body temperature, in which when I go from a cold outdoor space to a hot indoor space in the winter, my skin breaks out in an intense burning/itching/stinging sensation. No doctor has been able to diagnose or give any kind of treatment for this. Winters are a nightmare for me. I just kind of have to wait until my body adjusts to the new temperature. It is also greatly caused by my anxiety (you might see where this is going). It was still chilly in New York, but during the entire time I was on acid, I did not feel this sensation at all. I just felt comfortable in my skin.

Back to the story. So a bit a time passed as I was lying on the couch waiting for my trip, when two of the roommates came back out to smoke a joint. I didn’t mind, I could use the company. I took a couple of hits of their joint, and it was shorty thereafter that I began to trip. Very hard. The acid hit me like a ton of bricks. Their faces started to morph into other faces entirely, and I couldn’t really speak coherently through the haze. I saw them wish me luck and walk out of the living room, leaving me alone in the dark with my experience. It was in full-flight for about 5 hours, or until the sun was again shining through the windows. It was during this time that pictures from my deep past (like 3 or 4 years old) that I thought I had forgotten were vividly presented to me. This was extremely euphoric for me, and I kept getting these blasts of early memories that I wasn’t totally prepared to see.
I kept getting these blasts of early memories that I wasn’t totally prepared to see.
I was laughing, I was crying, I was making “O” faces. The LSD was taking all my dirty laundry out by showing me that everything was still in there. It was very, very intense, and very therapeutic.

The sun eventually came up and I transitioned out of the trip very gently. Very smoothly. I finally felt “sober” again. It’s worthy to note that at this point, it was still coursing through my veins, as evidenced by my still-dilated pupils. What I noticed, however, was a very palpable sense of having been emotionally cleaned out, as though the acid had ripped out all my deep-seated feelings that were giving me anxiety. I just felt good. I felt light. I couldn’t help smiling. My friend and his roommates noticed it too, after they woke up. And you know what I still wasn’t feeling? My itching burning skin condition. I felt a weight lifted. Going to breakfast that morning, we went outside and inside several times, with no signs of my skin condition in sight.

It has been a week since then, and while I’ve some bouts of my condition, they were fleeting and very mild. In short, LSD may just have cured a tortuous condition that no doctor could.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 1,628
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