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An Introduction to Mr. Waterbong
Citation:   Galaxian. "An Introduction to Mr. Waterbong: An Experience with Cannabis (exp10824)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2019. erowid.org/exp/10824

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
As a prelude to my journey into the water pipe dimension I must confront the reader with the facts that I have tried the sweet herb a good 10 or so times before and have used a gravity bong but not a water, and it was a great experience!

The day started off cold and dreary. I woke from bed and went to my friendís house. The friend whom I was picking up just turned 18 and wanted to buy something to smoke out of by himself, so I told him I would take him to a shop that sells them; and I did. One of the grayest and colorless days I have ever known passed by us on that trip. Once we got there we selected a nice straight bong with about a 2 inch mouth piece. It fit my mug nicely as it did his. We made the trip home talking quiet a bit how hungry we were, yet we didnít stop anywhere at all to eat which was a blessing in disguise I guess, it saved us money.

The time is now around 1 pm and we are sitting at home admiring his new water bong. Again it is just my friend Justin and I. We still didnít think to get anything to eat when suddenly the doorbell rang and in walked my pothead friend Scott. We could always get weed from him and today was no exception, we decided to buy and eighth and ended up smoking it in his car with the water bong. Justin got the first hit and I saw him draw no smoke into the chamber and my doubts were starting to arise. The bong went to Scott and he took one of the most monster hits I ever saw and didnít choke. I couldnít wait to try it, and after what seemed like a day it came back to me and I settled it into my lap and put my mouth to it. I prayed to have a good high and hoped I got really stoned off of the bong. I drew a big hit into the chamber and cleared it expecting to kill myself coughing but it was so nice and smooth! The hit I took was almost like a cigarette! I should mention that this bud was nothing more then powerful oregano, really nothing good.... we didnít care though, it was working it seemed. That is to say, it was weed but a very inferior quality as I judged by the mass amounts of seeds and stems, and just the way it smoked. I went on and took about 10 hits off the bong and we ended up smoking the rest of the eighth.

The rest of the day was a blur but I remember the first of it, sitting in the car marveling how complex the scenery is when I realized I had no idea where I was. I began to think we were near my house when I forgot why I was thinking what I was thinking. I never had such bad short-term memory loss like that before. I literally would think of one thing, and then either forget what I was thinking about in the middle of thinking it, or space out and just realize I was spacing ten minutes later. I wasnít thinking I was high until right then and it just hit me I was stoned off my ass. I couldnít do anything but just smile with a big grin on my face and giggle at nothing. We were lost in the city for a while in the car, maybe about 45 minutes when suddenly I realized a road and yelled out of no where 'AAAHH HOUSE NEAR HERE!' I couldnít think of what to say and after a while it ended up we were nowhere even near the city anymore somehow, which to this day I can never figure out how that happened.

So we headed toward another friends house that lives close to me. His name was also Justin. We relaxed there and I had some things to eat such as chips and ice cream. The second Justin looked a lot like Jim Morrison, especially with the hair and I kept thinking it was actually Jim and flipping out. I could feel Mary Jane clutching at my brain, and it felt as though the weed lifted a blanket off my brain and I had so much more space for all my thoughts to go to now.... if that makes any sense.

We talked for a while and watched some TV. The only other thing I can remember until that night is just staring at my friends face and watching it glow then turn into another friends face. The second Justin turned on Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd and told me to close my eyes and watch the colors. That was a great show; it felt as if my body was being cut in half but in a pleasant way. The feeling went up into my tooth and made my tooth feel fuzzy. I then started to feel like liquid and the music made me feel as though my liquid self was slowly going upwards for some reason in a quelling motion.

I eventually came down that day but I had a lot of 'brain farts' I guess you call them. For instance I went into a gas station, one is in my town, and another in the city over and they both look the same inside. I looked at the soda fountain and all of a sudden I couldnít remember which one I was at or how I got there. I asked my friend and he just thought I was saying that to make myself look still high, but I really didnít know which one we were at. Then later on I was dining out, and scooping myself some sprinkles for ice cream and I dipped the sprinkle spoon in the hot chocolate by accident and just left it there and walked away while the people I was with were screaming my name, I knew they were tooÖ but I just didnít register in my mind to turn around. The rest of the night everything just seemed so cool and the world around me was such a nice place. I had a wonderful long lasting feeling of euphoria long after it, and I still feel as everything is going to work out great.

Anyway, this about wraps up my first try on a water bong, and let me tell you it was the highest I have ever got. Out of all my times when I got high, it was the best from the water bong. I was also surprised at how easy it hits.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2019Views: 550
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Various (28)

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