My Body Locked Up
by joe
Citation:   joe. "My Body Locked Up: An Experience with Methylone (exp108240)". Apr 4, 2016.

  repeated insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)

So I decided to write and share this report with you guys hoping it becomes useful to someone who has or has had a similar experience.

A friend of mine was able to locate some bk-MDMA (methylone) and some mephedrone recently. I have dabbled with the BK [bk-MDMA] in the past and really enjoyed it so I decided to get a few grams from him. I went home tried it out and it was thing I know it's 4 days later and I have been pretty skeeted out pretty much the entire time. I know now that this wasn't real smart.

So I've been going overboard with the methylone but I should mention that I did sleep every night but 1 and had been drinking a ton of water and forced myself to eat some fruit every day a couple bites of a sandwich, pretty much just enough to keep me going. But on the 4th night of my binge I experienced some major symptoms that really worried me.

It was late at night I was alone in my room bored so I decided to do a bump, I snorted the average size bump and almost instantly I felt my head get real warm and my Brain started to tingle in random spots. The warmth spread to my whole body and then soon I felt an ice cold pins and needles sensation all over, it seemed to be more severe in my legs and feet. My mind starts going a million miles an hour, I'm freaking out 'did I OD'? I don't believe I necessarily ODed, I had been doing it for several days but the stuff is fairly potent I would do small lines or bumps to keep me 'up' but I wasn't doing crazy amounts.

I decide I should lie down, walking to my bed I realize my left leg is kinda dragging and that I'm standing in kind of weird position, I'm kind of holding my right arm out to the side and feel stiff. I lay down and pretty much calm my mind down but I'm still buzzing all over with pins and needles, I have no choice but to wait it out. I notice my memory is awful and I'm really struggling to keep thoughts straight. The pins feeling is hurting badly but after awhile I decide I should try to get some water. Standing up I feel random muscles start twitching and notice I have zero sensation in my left leg, I pinch it and I feel nothing. After hobbling to get water I sit down and load a bowl of weed thinking it would relax me but that's when things got a million times worse.
I sit down and load a bowl of weed thinking it would relax me but that's when things got a million times worse.
As soon as I smoked this feeling in my brain I can't describe overtook me, I lost my vision and fell back onto my bed. My muscles are twitching everywhere especially in my chest and back. I can even feel really fine muscles twitching in my stomach and groin area. At this point my body locks up in a really odd position and my face involuntarily contorts and I'm stuck. I was stuck like this for maybe 20 minutes, I notice I'm not scared or worried about it then I notice it's really hard for me to feel emotions. When I try to feel emotions my brain kind of twitches and sends a feeling down my back and I faintly feel something related to emotion.

Being in this state was very odd I wasn't really all the way there I thought I was dying or my brain was dying. I do what I have to and tough it out until I'm able to move again. Then I have my dad drive me to the hospital. The way there I'm just staring into space with no emotion or feeling of any kind and I don't feel human. The depersonalization and derealization effects are at a 10 out of 10. I tell the doctor the truth that I had been doing drugs and needed help. They hooked me up to an EKG machine put an IV in and that was about it. Lying in the bed for awhile I start to come to back to myself again, and after being told they didn't think I was in immediate danger, I called my friend and left when they weren't looking lol.

I'm back at home still feeling these effects but not nearly as bad, my bladder is totally full but it's impossible for me to urinate. At this point I think I fell asleep for a couple hours.

My symptoms slowly subside eventually I regain feeling in my leg, but the next day I'm still having trouble feeling emotion. My sex drive is non existent and I just feel off. I'm writing this now a few days later and apart from a feeling like a cold drop of water hits my leg or foot every so often, I think I'm back to 100%.

I feel lucky and learned my lesson, shouldn't have been so dumb about my usage. I hope you readers think twice about using heavily after reading this.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 108240
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 4, 2016Views: 3,067
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