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A Fun Activity With Friends on Stimulants
by Cdag_Science_Jesus
Citation:   Cdag_Science_Jesus. "A Fun Activity With Friends on Stimulants: An Experience with Methoxphenidine (exp108263)". Apr 11, 2016.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 7:00   smoked Cannabis  


T+ 0:00 100 mg oral Methoxphenidine

Setting: my house with university roommates and a few more friends.

Background on myself:
I don’t take any prescription drugs regularly. I smoke weed about twice a week, but did not smoke on the day of this experience.

I have tried the following (which I allude to later):
weed, concerta, shrooms (high & micro), MDMA, MDMA+LSD combo, LSD, 25-I, GHB, low-DXM, oxy, mixed most of these with weed.

I don’t like very intense psychedelics – my experience on 2.5g shrooms (lemon-teched) was overwhelming, as was 25-I. I enjoyed LSD and MDMA-LSD combo.

I am a university student in molecular biology – I have the disposition of a typical stoner and have enjoyed weed for years.

Physical description of drug: received from a very reliable trusted source. Appeared as fine white powder, similar to confection sugar. Tasted very bitter and chemical-ish. Taste was easily washed away with root-beer.


T+0:00 - Ingested 100 mg MXP at 3pm. My house is filled with my roommates and a friend I invited over to hang out/watch me while I did MXP. I was a little nervous to start. I wouldn’t have done it by myself.

T+0:30 – Went with my friend to our usual spot for her to smoke weed. I started to feel weed-similar effects and remarked that I was about as high as I would want to be. I was mostly dazed, but wasn’t connecting with music how I would on weed. I also wasn’t experiencing subtle memory loss as I do on weed.

T+1:00 – Went back inside with my friend, who then decided to take concerta. Our other two friends decided to do about 0.1g MDMA at this point. I stopped feeling as dazed as before, and now started to feel weird, but not any “out-of-it” feelings. I was able to teach some biology to my friends. I described my feeling to them as “in my head”, as if my head was a separate entity from my body. At this point I had very little concern with my orientation. I could lay on the ground, be crouched, or any usually awkward position without caring. I said I felt robotic, and my friends agreed that I looked robotic.

T +2:00 – Perhaps because I was talking about submarines or something to that matter, or perhaps because my now on-M friends wanted to get closer, we decided to make a blanket-fort in our basement and pretend it was a submarine. I was much too lazy to take part in creating the submarine, but luckily my friends on M and concerta were happy to do all the physical work while I made some suggestions.

T+3:00->+5:00 – I was enjoying the submarine. I enjoyed getting a little cuddled to my friends, but I felt mostly like I was part of the submarine. I knew my friends were enjoying the closeness too, so I was happy to provide support (both structurally and as a listener). Water and foods were passed into the fort for my on-M friends, which I almost compulsively wanted to hold in the air.

T+6:00: The fort was taken down around me. I had laid in the same spot for about three hours. I thought I would be sad to get up, but it wasn’t much different. I stood around upstairs for about an hour while I came down from MXP. I remarked that my back hurt as if I was standing forcibly straight the entire time. This may have been the reason for my robotic-ness.

T+7:00: I have some beer to help ease me out of it. I then smoked a bit of weed too, and my feelings afterward became more like and alcohol-weed mix and MXP fades without any negative effects.

T+10:00: I try to fall asleep at 1am (about a usual sleep time). I can’t sleep until about 2:30am.

Remarks on the day: MXP is definitely a suitable drug for me. I relate to characters like the Ents from Lord of the Rings, I usually am around people much more emotional than me, and I feel a little socially awkward that I can’t relate much to them. MXP totally relieved my social anxiety (which isn’t especially high). MDMA also does this, but I find that MDMA helps me relate to other people, while MXP relieves my anxiety because I don’t care about the outcomes of things. I was able to speak bluntly and freely from a (seemingly) objective perspective, since I had quite little sense of self.

I’d give it at 8/10, on a scale based on the drugs I have tried (above). It wasn’t too intense like 25-I or shrooms, and I wasn’t feeling any anxiety. My thoughts were slightly inhibited but not nearly to the extent of a psychedelic. The next day I felt a little disconnected, which also helped reduce social anxiety. MXP seems like a great experience to have with people that are friendly, especially those on stimulants, who will let you be social and experience things without much effort (since I didn’t have much motivation).

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108263
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 11, 2016Views: 3,059
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