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Unexpected Trip in NYC
by Dezz
Citation:   Dezz. "Unexpected Trip in NYC: An Experience with 2C-I & MDMA (exp108264)". Erowid.org. Apr 19, 2017. erowid.org/exp/108264

T+ 0:00
1 capsl oral 2C-I  
  T+ 1:00 125 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 400 mg oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (daily)
An Unexpected Trip in NYC

My Friday began with taking 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid, because I've read on multiple harm reduction sites that it's great to prevent neurotoxicity from MDMA, which I'd be taking tonight. I was heading into NYC for the night for a show and was really excited to roll for the first time. My half gram of molly had been tested with 4 reagents from a dancesafe test kit.

When we got to the hotel room, my boyfriend D weighed out my molly. I already had one .125mg capsule weighed out by another friend, and what I had left was dosed out into 3 capsules, .125mg each - 2 for D, and a second one for me to re dose after I took the already weighed out capsule. The capsule that my other friend had weighed out looked slightly different than the ones D just did - it was more powdery, and a bit off-white. I just figured it was because it had been weighed out roughly two months ago and had bounced around the capsule for a while. I took that dose at roughly 8pm.

By 9pm, we were at the show and having a great time. D had candy flipped (molly + acid) and was really enjoying himself. I was confused because I really wasn't feeling much. When I told him this, he suggested I take the other .125 he'd dosed out, so I did.

About roughly 15 minutes later, 9:15, I started to feel…odd. Light and floaty, similar to the body high that I'd gotten from 2C-B I'd taken a handful of weeks ago. This confused me because that's not what I was told molly would make me feel like. A little while later, I was feeling slightly sick to my stomach. D kept making me drink water, then asked if I felt alright. I told him I needed air.

He followed me to the bathroom, where I proceeded to throw up for ten minutes. This SERIOUSLY confused me, because it's exactly what happened with the 2C-B. When I came out of the bathroom, D suggested we leave. I protested because I didn't want to blow the show but was feeling so off that I finally conceded. He went back into the crowd to get the hotel address from our friends. While I waited, I kept feeling like I was going to faint so I leaned on the wall and just tried to sway to the music. I had to keep my eyes closed because for some reason I couldn't quite comprehend everything in front of me. Every sensation was so overwhelming. My brain kept skip stopping, my thoughts racing and then coming back to, “don't faint. You can't faint here.” My body felt amazing but in my mind I was so lost.

When we got outside of the venue, I threw up again. We walked maybe half a block to hail a cab. The walking and cool air felt amazing and I began to feel slightly more clear headed in the sense that my brain didn't feel like a blob of mush. D was thinking I was having a bad roll and kept urging me to drink the water he had. I just wanted to lay down somewhere and really absorb the strange sensations in my body.
I just wanted to lay down somewhere and really absorb the strange sensations in my body.
When we got in the cab, I leaned my head back while he tried to give the cabbie the address. Eventually he shook me and told me he was tripping too hard to read the text with the address so I snatched his phone, read it off and then closed my eyes again.

That was when I started to notice the odd swirlies, for lack of a better term. Just beautiful random spinners behind my eyes. I have no idea how long I sat with my eyes closed, but eventually he shook me and begged me to please stay awake, so I opened my eyes.

I felt like I was driving through Madison Square Garden in a kaleidoscope. Everything was vibrant and shaking, zooming in and out of focus. I threw my hands over my eyes and took a deep breath before leaning over to him and whispering frantically, “why am I tripping??? Am I supposed to be tripping??” He told me we'd figure it out when we got to the hotel and to just continue breathing.

We got into the room around 9:45 pm. I threw up again and he had to help me get changed before I threw myself into bed. I kept trying to open my eyes but it was far too overwhelming - every inch of my field of vision was a visual. Everything was vibrating or dancing around. I was still so shocked that I was tripping, I couldn't really comprehend it so I just kept my eyes closed and sunk into the closed eye visuals I had, which were much more mellow and enjoyable.

We laid in bed and I gradually accepted the fact that this was a trip, and not a roll, even though I did take that .125mg of molly at 9pm. I felt none of the euphoria I was told I'd get. The longer we were in the room, the more comfortable I felt. The setting was much more controlled, I was safe with someone I trusted and there was less stimuli than there had been at the show and on the streets. D kept telling me to describe what I was seeing, so I babbled aimlessly, describing the vivid, colorful CEV’s I had and how great my body felt - that is, until I got the intense chills and had to curl up under the blankets, and even then I felt freezing. He did his best to accommodate me though, holding me even though he was fidgety from the molly.

At about 11, my stomach grew uncomfortable and I threw up again. I wasn't too concerned though, I just wanted to feel better. I shouted at D, “oh my God my puke is blue!” it was fascinating until I realized I was still cold and got back into bed.

At 11:30 his friends returned from the show. By that time, I was far more comfortable opening my eyes. Across the room, his friends faces were slightly distorted and I could see wavy lines of colors around their bodies. There was also a moth flying around the room, leaving trails behind it and changing colors every few minutes. There were spinners all over the ceiling and the walls were waving in and out. There was a black and red pattern and sometimes the colors world change depth, swimming towards or away from me, switching places with its contrast. It was much more tolerable than the vivid bright explosion of light and vibrations from the city.

His friends checked on me before going back out again. D and I still laid in bed, describing our trips to each other. Everything was so pronounced, almost invasive, I'd say. Much more obvious than the subtle visuals I had from the 2C-B. My body still felt great, relaxed and happy. D and I took a break from describing our trips to express our love and happiness at being together. I felt truly connected to him in that moment, in the pure honesty it brought on. I felt as though I could practically see the love he felt for me, and feel it through his fingertips when he touched my face. He kept saying I love you and I kept thanking him profusely for staying with me and taking care of me even though it meant leaving the show. I was overwhelmed by the emotion I had for him; I couldn't come up with the words to tell him what he meant to me.

While I looked at him as we were playing together, his eyes were crystal clear and so bright. While the outline of his face was slightly distorted, his eyes remained clear and honest. Sometimes he'd get up to dance to relieve himself of the energy from the molly and as I watched him flow, his arms would leave trails and I felt like I watched him spin around multiple times, even though it had only been one at a time. We laughed together at nothing quite a few times, just happy to be in each others presence.

When we laid back down we'd wave our arms around sometimes just to watch the trails our hands would leave. Sometimes I'd touch the wall to see if I could feel it move the same way it looked.

Around midnight I realized that my jaw was clenching in a massively painful way. I couldn't tell if this was due to the molly or the psychedelic, but D always told me to keep gum on me if I was going to be rolling so I clumsily dug through my bag to find my pack of gum. I was so excited to relieve my jaw but the moment I began to chew, I immediately regretted it. It was like chewing on a damp sock. The texture was fuzzy and I could feel the flavor grit sticking to my tongue and gums. At my look of distaste, D asked if I was okay. I shook my head and spit the gum out, trying to rid myself of the gritty weight from my mouth. It had to be one of the most unpleasant sensations I'd experienced that night, and that's saying a lot considering I'd peaked out of nowhere in the heart of NYC.

A bit before 2am, D asked me to text his friends to check on them. The little app buttons on my phone were dancing and vibrating. My phone background was that of a beach, and I watched the clouds on it move, and the waves roll back and forth. A little bit after 3am his friends returned. I was still having the intense visuals, while D’s had died down slightly.

I still had my eyes open, and one of his friends had a mustache made of pink floss and I watched it inch around his face for several minutes. His other friend looked very much like an anime character - big sparkling eyes and pink cheeks. Sometimes I'd see glitter around him.

It was about 3:30am that D stopped getting OEV’s unless he really tried to concentrate on it. I was still watching the colorful moth zip about and the patterns on the wall zoom in and out. Considering I still didn't know what psychedelic I was on, I had no idea how long this trip would last. Time skipped about unevenly as it had been doing all night. It felt like 15 minutes had went by when I checked my watch again. It was now 5am. I went to the bathroom and in the dark, dim light available I watched a towel morph from the wall, displaying curling patterns that turned into Marilyn Monroe. When I crawled back into bed, I whined at D, “do you want my visuals? Please take them, I just want to go to sleep.”

At 6am I was still laying in bed, watching my CEV’s. At this point, I'd accepted I wouldn't be sleeping. I was just hoping the visuals would go away soon, as they were distracting and getting rather old at this point. Keep in mind, my only frame of reference was my one and only trip on 20mg 2C-B, which lasted 5 hours. At this point, it has been 10 hours of tripping.

I don't know if I fell asleep or if I completely zoned out of existing but when I looked at my watch again, it was 8am. I still felt weird. D woke up a bit and held me for awhile. At 8:30 he began to ask me how I was feeling and if I was still tripping. I mumbled that I wasn't sure. He held his phone up to my face and asked me to look. This time, none of the apps were shaking or dancing. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was exhausted. The night had been one wild ride. The morning wasn’t much better, either. The shower I took was weird, the walk to get coffee was weird, and the train ride was too. Whenever there was a consistent thrum of noise, I kept hearing the sounds of the horns and sirens we'd heard through the night. Residual auditory hallucinations, I suppose? They were pretty consistent throughout the day. Through the train ride home, the noises continued, over the thrum on the engine while I was driving, and then whenever we turned a fan on at home. At one point, I grew a little bit anxious, thinking that these effects would never go away, and I'd be stuck reliving auditory parts of last night forever. That anxiety only lasted a few moments though. D told me several times that the day after his acid trips are spent recovering and “rebooting” his brain. I decided that there wasn't any long lasting damage, and I was just sleep deprived.
Driving home from the train station was a strange sensation. My whole body felt heavy. I felt uneven and off balance and it looked like everything was moving at a slow frame rate, like my brain was struggling to catch up with my eyes. My brain seemed to be poised in wait for the next visual.

Until I went to bed that day, I still felt light and floaty, and mostly drained. I was still reliving the night before in my head, it was still so surreal. I'd gone out to roll and ended up tripping my brains out instead.

The next day, Sunday, D and I finally found out what happened. About two months ago, a friend of ours weighed out the molly I had gotten after I had tested it. The environment he did this in, was one when everyone had taken acid and I was the only sober one. He'd weighed out a .125mg capsule of my molly and put it it in the baggy that had the rest of my unweighed molly. That capsule was the same one that I had taken at 8pm on Friday. When we talked to him on Sunday, trying to figure out how I ended up tripping on Friday, he told us that he'd been tripping on 2C-I that night and when he'd weighed out his, he must have placed one of his capsules in my baggy instead of the molly he'd weighed out. He told me the capsule was about 25mg of 2C-I.

After learning this, I felt incredibly relieved. No one had slipped me anything, the test kit hadn't led me astray - it was just a series of strange events.
I felt incredibly relieved. No one had slipped me anything, the test kit hadn't led me astray - it was just a series of strange events.
I was grateful that I'd had that singular experience of tripping on 2C-B so that I didn't entirely freak out when I began getting visuals in the city because they were familiar to me in a way.

Overall, the visuals from the 2C-I were intense and at times invasive. Environments with multiple stimuli were overwhelming and almost too much to process. The trip lasted somewhere between 10 and 12 hours - longer than the tab of acid D had. The residual “trippy” effects (slower brain processes, kind of waiting/expecting another visual) and body high lasted throughout the next day, however that could also be attributed to having reached 24 hours with no sleep. It could also be due to the fact that I hadn't been prepared to trip, so my brain was still coping with the experience. By Sunday, I was feeling 100% again - none of the auditory effects, I wasn't sleepy or slow feeling. I felt completely back to normal.

If I were to take 2C-I again, I definitely would start with 15mg and stay in with a few friends that I know and trust with quiet music and a comfortable accommodating setting. If I were to go out in public, I'd choose a low stimuli environment, such as a small park or beach in comfortable clothing.

I wouldn't consider this a “bad trip”, but I certainly wasn't prepared for it in the same way I had been with the 2C-B. D and I are now purchasing our own scale to weigh out our stuff and we will never be doing that in an uncontrolled setting in which everyone present is under the influence of something.

Once the setting was controlled, the trip became fun and more manageable. I don't recommend going out in loud stimuli places while tripping on 2C-I, and having a trip buddy for this experience especially made a world of difference as well. On that note however, it’s going to be a very long time before I decide to take a psychedelic again.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108264
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 19, 2017Views: 5,366
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