Smart Anti-Aging Drug ... Or Something
Citation:   Lojikbom. "Smart Anti-Aging Drug ... Or Something: An Experience with Deprenyl (exp10830)". Nov 26, 2001.

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The problem with legal drugs is that there's usually not much to talk about. Deprenyl is similar to an extent. I've experienced nothing truly unusual while using this product.

I began taking Deprenyl as an anti-aging agent and a smart drug. Deprenyl is not recommended until one turns at least 30 years of age, but I figured there's no better time to stop aging than now ... I'm 26.

As a smart drug I haven't noticed a thing about Deprenyl. Piracetam had a much more pronounced effect than this substance. The fact that I haven't experienced any brain boosting effects, though, could possibly be attributed more to the fact that I take such a low doseage.

As I said before, Deprenyl is not recommended until you turn 30. At that age one is recommended to take 1mg twice a week. This goes up to 1mg/day by age 40 and increases by 1mg/day, every 5 years, until a maximum of 10mg/day is reached.

As an anti-aging drug Deprenyl may actually have something. I've been using it for six months now and haven't noticed any sign of aging and it seems that I actually look younger than I did six months ago. Only after a few years is an observation like this going to really play out, but for now I've noticed absolutely no aging whatsoever.

It should be noted that Deprenyl doseages should be decreased after prolonged use as it is an irreversible, selective MAO-B inhibitor. Basically, you just don't need as much after awhile.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10830
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 26, 2001Views: 45,988
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