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Meat Chairs Oatmeal and Bug Person
by JaySea
Citation:   JaySea. "Meat Chairs Oatmeal and Bug Person: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp108330)". Feb 14, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:20 16 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)


Before I get into the nitty gritty of this story, I want to make two things clear. First, when I say bug people, I don't mean people that look small like bugs, I mean organisms that share similar characteristics with bugs. They just sort of looked like bugs, they had four legs and antennae. The second point I wish to make about the bug people is that when I say bug people it's really only one person, there's only one of them. So I guess saying bug people is misleading, but I like how it sounds.

It was a warm Saturday in April, not unseasonably warm but still warm enough that you could walk outside without a jacket. Every Saturday I have a ritual where I try a drug, whether that be marijuana, mushrooms, or some other psychedelic, it's always on Saturday because that's just more convenient for me. I had been planning to do ACO [4-AcO-DMT] since around Monday, but the decision filled me with intense dread, more intense than any other drug I had tried before. The reason was that I had tried ACO several times before, and virtually every time I had a terrible trip. I had locked myself in the bathroom, I had made my friend run screaming out of the house, I had reverted inwards so entirely that all I could see was the inside of my own skull. So the decision to try ACO was not one I took lightly, but it was one that I still decided to do for a two main reasons. The first being I had previously purchased a gram bag of ACO about a year ago, that's just been sitting in my drawer for months. Now I consider a good dose of ACO to be around 15 milligrams, and a gram of ACO is a thousand milligrams. So do the math, and that's about 66 trips just sitting unused gathering dust, and I'm not one to waste a perfectly good drug. The second reason I decided to do it, is that when I had the previous awful experiences I wasn't particularly adept at handling psychedelics. I thought that now, roughly seven months from my last ACO trip, I could handle it. I've been working on various methods to handle trips, and like I said before I was doing psychedelics on a weekly basis, so I figured I had enough hours under my belt to take on what I saw was a behemoth of a drug. In a sense, I was right, but in another sense I was completely unprepared for how this drug would destroy my vision of reality and leave me stranded in the icy cold space around Jupiter.

I chose to take 16 milligrams for this trip because I believe that was the dose I took the first time I tried ACO. So I measured out 16 milligrams as best I could and mixed the powder into a water bottle. I figured if I drank the bottle slowly over a period of an hour I would be able to handle the come up better, as the come up always seems to be the roughest part of the trip.
I figured if I drank the bottle slowly over a period of an hour I would be able to handle the come up better, as the come up always seems to be the roughest part of the trip.
With this method I can track my dose and stop if it gets too intense. Anyways, I mixed it into the bottle and let it sit for a little bit. I was intensely nervous, so I smoked a bowl to calm my nerves around 4:30pm, which did help a good amount. I then did a little meditation to further calm my nerves and get the courage to start drinking the bottle, which after about 20 minutes of arguing with myself I finally decided to do. I got my phone, put on some music, and set out for a walk with my bottle in hand.

Whenever I do most any drug, I go for a walk for the come up. The fresh air is nice and I don't usually get the exercise. Typically I'll go for longer walks, maybe an hour or so, but today I decided to make this an incredibly short walk. This was because I had gone for a walk on ACO before and had almost become stranded in the middle of a sidewalk because my legs stopped working. I was doing everything in my power to prepare for the worst, which is always a smart decision.

I set out on my walk around 5 o'clock, enjoying the music, and taking slow small sips of my bottle filled with ACO water. It was actually very sunny out, which made for good walking conditions. There were however several people on the path that I walked, which sort of disturbed me. I went to a graveyard to walk a loop and I coulda sworn a car was following me, and the people inside staring at me. To make matters worse the car looked like an older police car, so I was incredibly nervous I was going to be arrested on the spot. Thankfully it was just someone visiting a grave, and nobody bothered me. During the walk I can't really say there were any real effects from the ACO, as I had only drunk about 2/5th of the bottle, but when I finished my loop and ended up home that's when things started to get weird.

I got home and headed into my room, and the second I sat down on my bed, my chest became incredibly tight, and I was pretty sure I was on the verge of a panic attack. I just sort of sat in my room listening to music, regretting my decision to try this awful awful drug again. To regain some semblance of normalcy I decided to finish up the show I was watching on TV, but it was impossible to focus. The characters' faces on the TV kept changing to odd proportions, their dialogue didn't really make any sense, it was like I was watching a foreign film about some undiscovered tribe in the rain forest. Still I just sat there, hoping the effects of the drug would subside eventually, as I hadn't really drunk that much of the bottle.

Once the show ended and I had no idea what went on in it, it was incredibly clear to me I was far too high to do anything normal. I decided I should just sit in and hold on for the ride. I turned my music back on and lay back in my bed staring at a tapestry on my wall. It's not particularly large, maybe 3 by 4 feet. It just depicts concentric circles and triangles all spinning around a white center point, very cool to look at when under the influence of psychedelics. So I just stared at it, hoping that somehow it would calm me down. The visuals I was having were animating the tapestry into almost clockwork, with every shape spinning around the center, growing and shrinking, sometimes going off the tapestry onto the wall. It was pretty mesmerizing to be honest, and it did make me calm down a significant amount. That the tapestry had morphed into a colorful eye, like some sort of demented Aztec painting. The eye stared at me and I stared back, neither of us saying anything. The eye looked vaguely menacing, but I wasn't particularly afraid of it. Eventually I decided to turn off my music to hear if it had anything to say, and it started talking to me.

It wasn't speaking in an audible way, it was really just talking to me in my head. It started telling me that I was in control, that this was my trip. I'm pretty sure the eye was actually my mind's eye that everyone talks about. As it told me the iris of the eye kept shifting and moving, as if analyzing me for some great test. Despite looking menacing it just kept saying reassuring things, like that I'll be fine, and that I'm doing great. After listening to its helpful words for some amount of time, I decided that it was right. I sat up, and when I did I got an incredible rush of euphoria, I felt amazing. I had never had control like this over ACO before, usually I'm just gripping the sheets waiting for death to come, but this was entirely different. I could make visuals stop and start at will, the voice in my head was so clear I could have completely coherent thoughts, something incredibly rare with most drugs I've tried. I decided to drink some more of the mug at this point, I wanted to enhance my trip. I was also feeling a little hungry so I got up and had some carrots that I left in the fridge earlier, they were pretty darn good.

About two hours had passed at this point, and it was around 7:30ish. I decided to get some oatmeal for dinner, because I thought it would be delicious, and I was right. I started writing everything that I felt to my friend, who I'll call 'N', via chat. He wasn't online, but I still typed. Just everything I was thinking, mostly pointless things. I spent a lot of time discussing the fat content of the chips I was eating, vaguely confused as to the meaning of all the numbers on the nutrition label. Eventually I grew tired of talking to N, because he wasn't there so I was just really talking to myself. So I went online to [one of those] websites where you talk to strangers, and discussed with people the value of oatmeal. Most people seemed pretty partial to oatmeal, but I spent a lot of time trying to convince them that oatmeal was the way to go. I don't really understand why I spent so much of my trip trying to talk to other people about food products, but it just was fun to share my experience with random people on the internet.

Eventually I grew tired of this, and decided to take a break and just enjoy the visuals. At this point I had drunk about 4/5th of the mug, and was still coming up and tripping incredibly hard. I just laid back and stared at my tapestry again, I didn't see the eye like I saw before but I just saw the tapestry's patterns begin to spread all over my walls. Eventually every surface in my field of vision was covered with the surreal pattern displayed on my tapestry, and it was honestly insanely cool. I decided I wanted to see what kind of closed eye visuals I would get off of this, so I took off my glasses and closed my eyes.

Immediately it looked as if I was going down a long tube, filled with electricity and random sparks. If you've ever seen Interstellar, that scene where the ship goes through the wormhole, that's basically what it looked like. I felt myself being taken apart and re-arranged, traveling across vast distances of space and time. I didn't know where I was going or why, but eventually I slowed down and looked up to see a massive being hovering above me. He was translucent, but made of all different kinds of colors like when you see a bubble floating in front of the sun. He had four legs, two big antennae he used to feel around, and he sorta looked like a bug. He said hi, I said hi back. He then proceeded to explain to me that I have wandered into a vast interplanetary transportation system, and that I could go anywhere I wanted. I was kinda confused, but he was a cool guy and explained to me what was happening.

He explained that space and time are two different things, they do not interact with each other. You can move matter anywhere through time, and time will not be affected. So advanced civilizations used this technique to travel on his system of tubes throughout the universe in virtually no time at all. He was the sole curator of these tubes, and the only entity that lived in time; ie the fourth dimension. We live in space, other civilizations live in space, but he just lived in time. He was the only one who lived there, and he just kept those tubes up and running. He was also very humble about it which was nice.

So, presented with the opportunity to go anywhere, I wanted to go to Jupiter. I've always been interested in Jupiter, because of all its moons. He didn't have a problem with taking me there, and in an instant I was floating above the gas giant in a bubble. Protected from the harmful solar radiation and lack of atmosphere, it was magnificent. I don't know how far away I was from Jupiter, but hold a beach ball at arms length and that was kind of the how it looked. I was impressed, and remembered there was a moon of Jupiter, Europa. I had read that Europa had life, and I wanted to see if that was true. I asked the bug man to take me inside of Europa, and so he did. Everything got very quiet and dark inside of Europa. The only sounds I could hear were the calls of some kind of massive organism, similar to a whale. A high pitched moan that echoed throughout the freezing ocean,
it was terrifying but also incredibly exciting. It was in this moment I sort of felt myself slipping from reality. I convinced myself that if I didn't open my eyes I would end up stranded inside this vast alien ocean and drown. I was seriously considering just staying there because I wanted to live with the alien fish, but I decided to open my eyes.
I was seriously considering just staying there because I wanted to live with the alien fish, but I decided to open my eyes.

It was incredibly dark in my room, other than the light from my computer monitor. I looked over and saw that N had got online, and I was ecstatic. I left the bug man and began to explain to N my adventures. He didn't really seem to understand the concept of bug people, which was notably frustrating to me. In the background I could hear the bug man humming and going about his business, so I continued to explain to N the nature of reality as told to me by the bug man. I'm just glad he didn't get offline because in reality I was just harassing him over and over about the bug man, and he didn't have any god damn idea what I was talking about. Frustrated with N, I decided to go back on [the chat site] and talk to people on there about the bug man.

Obliviously no one wanted to hear my insane rant about an extra-dimensional bug person, which made me even more frustrated. I didn't get mad, I was just upset that no one wanted to hear the truth. I stayed on the computer for maybe 30 minutes trying to explain the bug man to strangers and N, when I finally decided to just leave it alone and go back to exploring the universe with the friendly bug person. So I turned off my monitor, layed back down, and suddenly I was back over Jupiter, hovering effortlessly. The bug man asked me where I wanted to go, I told him Titan, a moon of Saturn that also is rumored to have life. Again, he brought me there in an instant. I could hear the sound of the local flora and fauna, and it sounded more like birds and insects more than anything else. It was rainy, cold, dark, and fairly quiet on Titan. Not as interesting as Europa, but the longer I stayed on Titan I the more I felt myself melting into the scenery. I melted to cover the landscape like a puddle, which just felt weird. I decided to leave Titan as it wasn't particularly interesting, and so I opened my eyes and hopped back on the computer.

I went back to explaining to N the nature of the bug person, and he just seemed confused. I began to get confused too, as the language on the screen of my computer changed to what looked like Hebrew, which I just figured was the bug person's written language. I told N this, who speaks Hebrew, and he tried to translate it, but it made no sense to me. I told him I'd ask the bug person why his language looked like Hebrew, so I layed down, closed my eyes, and asked.

Bug person, who I'm just gonna refer to as BP, went on to explain he didn't really know why his language looked like Hebrew. BP told me that all religion throughout the universe is just organisms tuning into background noise from the big bang, all interpreting it differently. Apparently humans and BP interpreted it similarly, and used Hebrew as a common language. BP didn't understand the nature of the background noise, and he didn't see it as a religion like we do, he just used it to write records of existence. So that made sense, I explained this to N, and of course he didn't understand. It's difficult to explain to people the nature of reality, so I don't recommend trying this.

I went back to BP, and he answered some questions, but I don't remember the questions and I don't remember the answers. Eventually I grew tired of being thrown around the universe, and decided to make a second bowl of oatmeal. It was fairly late at this point, maybe around 11, but the oatmeal was still delicious. This just prompted me to talk to N about oatmeal, which he understood better than the reality of BP. I think I spent the rest of the night talking about oatmeal to N, and random strangers online, neither of whom shared my enthusiasm to my dismay. Eventually around 1 am, I became too tired to stay up so I attempted to fall asleep. I was still tripping reasonably hard at this point, and with my eyes closed all I saw was some sort of giant native American-esque mural of neon flashing color. It was loud and made it difficult to sleep so that was annoying to me.

The main reason it took me forever to go to sleep was because of the noise, and I kept seeing really weird shit like furniture made out of flesh and body parts strewn across the floor. Giant eyeballs squirting blood sticking out of the wall, all seen in my head. It was actually pretty similar to some kind of Silent Hill type horror movie. I wasn't really scared I was just deeply disturbed why I kept seeing everything made out of bleeding meat. It's really the only part of the trip that I didn't like. Eventually I fell asleep, probably sometime around 3am, and had meat-based dreams. People made of meat, sitting in chairs of meat, flesh hanging from ceilings, just gross shit that I didn't want to see.

I woke up the next morning feeling as if I hadn't slept at all, and I'm still incredibly exhausted as I write this. I feel dreadfully hungover and my brain feels fried like an egg just sloshing around in my head. Terrible dry mouth too, and my jaw hurts. I guess I must have been clenching it for some majority of the trip. This was still probably the most intense and best trip I've ever had in my life, and I don't even know what to make of it. I will definitely do ACO again, perhaps soon and in a higher dose in order to see BP again. He's not lonely but there's only one of him and he likes visitors. My only recommendation if you ever meet him, is don't try to explain it to other people cause they wont have any idea what your trying to say to them.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108330
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 14, 2018Views: 1,850
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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