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Second Time Around
by Candy Apple Strange
Citation:   Candy Apple Strange. "Second Time Around: An Experience with 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate (exp108339)". Apr 26, 2016.

T+ 0:00
6 mg oral 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:00 4 mg insufflated 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:30 7 mg insufflated 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate (powder / crystals)


25 year old U.S. male living in major urban city center. 10 years of experience with various psychoactive substances, including 5 years of experience specifically with non-psychedelic stimulants.

Relevant substances used in past include: dextro-amphetamine based stimulants (Adderall, Dexedrine, Vyvanse etc.); methylphenidate (Concerta, Ritalin, etc.); fluorinated amphetamine research chemicals (4-FA, 4-FMA, 2-FA, 2-FMA); various methylphenidate analogue research chemicals (3-FPM, HDMP-28).

Note that I have been prescribed both Adderall IR (30mg) and Dexedrine (10mg) for 2+ years, and thus have a significant existing stimulant tolerance. I did not take either medication for at least ten days prior to this experience.

Only one prior experience with substance described in this report, 3,4-CTMP, which occurred approximately one week prior to this experience and was a negative experience overall due to extremely uncomfortable vasoconstriction and a general lack of positive and/or desired effects.

In this report, 3,4-CTMP is ingested via oral and nasal routes over the course of 7.5 hours with the intention of increasing focus and motivation for working on various college projects.

T-2:00= 1:15pm
Small meal consumed, consisting of a vegan burrito and hot sauce.

T+0:00= 6mg ingested orally, 3:15pm

T+1:00= 4:15pm
No noticeable effects until I embark on a short walk to take care of an errand, which lasted 45-60 minutes total and entailed 20-30 minutes of walking on a beautiful, sunny day.

Walking and listening to music are both slightly more enjoyable than normal, but only slightly in the sense that the presence/effects of the 3,4-CTMP were not at the forefront of my thoughts and I could easily forget that I had taken anything.

Slight increase in task-related motivation, as in the midst of completing the errand I had initially set out to take care I felt the spontaneous motivation to attend to a minor task that I had been putting off. Positive outcomes from taking that extra initiative, but also slight physical discomfort throughout the entire process in the form of slightly heightened thirst/dehydration.

T+2:00= 5:15pm
First signs of significant effects. Some stimulation, enhanced focus, slight pleasurable feelings that appear to be primarily dopamine-related. Moderately enhanced focus, but little-to-no increase in task-related motivation.
Moderately enhanced focus, but little-to-no increase in task-related motivation.

NOTE: vasoconstriction is by far the most noticeable effect at this point, with occasional twinges of discomfort in my left arm and chest.

T+3:00= 6:15pm
Slight increase of the effects noted above, slightly increased but not particularly noteworthy. Appetite is unaffected, and eating a small dinner actually appears to increase effects of 3,4-CTMP. Other experience reports on the Internet support my experience of increased effects induced by eating small, healthy meals several hours after ingesting this substance.

Occasional twinges of discomfort that verged on sharp pain experienced in my left arm, left foot, and chest. This substance definitely appears to induce a strong body-load of norepinephrine-related effects in terms of more rapid heart rate, higher blood pressure, vasoconstriction etc.

T+5:00= 8:15pm
Effects have definitely reached a plateau, though no noticeable decrease in effects either. Spontaneous and intense sex with my significant other is sublime, but not more so than if I had not taken 3,4-CTMP, and also causes very significant increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Feel very light-headed and woozy for a bit afterwards, but overall extremely content and happy.

Still struggling to find much motivation and/or focus for a pressing academic task I need to complete tonight, which is somewhat disappointing. Motivation is better than it was prior to ingesting 3,4-CTMP considering I've procrastinated this project for two days now and am at least getting some work done now, but focus is scattered and motivation is low despite the task's topic being of relatively high interest to me.

T+7:00 1st dose (T+0:00 2nd dose)= 4mg insufflated, 10:15pm
Realizing the immensity of my workload over the next couple days may be more than I can realistically handle during daylight hours, and decide to throw caution to the wind and to insufflate a small dose in order to sustain focus/motivation later into the night.

Slight burning in back of throat 5-10mg after insufflation, though no discomfort whatsoever in nasal passages or sinuses.

T+7:30 1st dose (T+0:30 2nd dose; T+0:00 3rd dose)= 7 mg insufflated, 10:45pm
First signs of stimulation from insufflated dose at T+7:00, but after reading up a bit more on 3,4-CTMP I decide my existing stimulant tolerance might call for a slightly higher dose, though reports of extremely long-lasting, counter-productive and uncomfortable stimulation at higher doses are concerning.

I ultimately decide to insufflate an additional 7mg, which brings my dosage total to 11mg insufflated within 30 minutes. In making my decision, I do not consider my oral dose of 6mg, ingested 7.5 hours earlier, to be particularly relevant to my recent nasal doses due to the waning effects of the oral dose. I believe the primary effects of my oral dose 7.5 hours ago to be in full decline and do not anticipate significant interactions between my earlier oral dose and my later nasal doses.

Increased burning in back of throat from prior nasal dose, burning persists about 30 minutes but is soothed by hot tea and cough drops. No immediate effects in terms of stimulation, physical effects, motivation or focus.

*NOTE: Based on available Internet experience reports on 3,4-CTMP, redosing after first initial dose is generally NOT advised due to the unusually long duration of this substance AND due to the unusually long delay between ingestion (taking the substance) and onset of effects.

I’m very experienced with stimulants; am very in-tune with my body and my physical and mental limitations; and was fully prepared for a sleepless night due to my lack of obligations the following day. Generally speaking, novice users of this substance are advised to limit intake to ONE DOSE ONLY to avoid insomnia, over-stimulation, stimulant-induced psychosis, and other negative side effects. END NOTE*

T+8:45 1st dose (T+1:45 2nd dose, T+1:15 3rd dose)= 12:00am
Burning in back of throat fully subsided. Very noticeable increase in focus and task-specific motivation, similar to my usual dose of Adderall (30mg IR). Oddly enough, physical side-effects are less pronounced now than after my oral dose earlier, and definitely less-pronounced than after a comparably high dose of Adderall

Very pleased with the effects at this point, feeling like I found my sweet-spot dose for this chemical. Knowing that this substance has an extremely long duration and long come-up to full effects, however, I am anticipating further increases in the effects from my nasal doses, and am hopeful I do not come to regret my second and third doses.

T+9:00 1st dose (T+2:00 2nd dose, T+1:30 3rd dose)= 12:15am
Effects appear to have plateaued in all regards, though are still persistently present and enjoyable. I have to end this report here, as writing it is distracting me from more pressing and important tasks. I will, however, end with some informed speculation on the remainder of this substance’s effects tonight and also with some retrospective thoughts on this substance overall.

Based on my experience with 3,4-CTMP (which is fairly limited) and considering other Internet experience reports, I anticipate another 2-4 hours of primary/peak effects followed by 4-6 hours of declining effects (aka a “comedown”), after which I plan on sleeping for 3-4 hours before waking tomorrow.

This experience with 3,4-CTMP was much more enjoyable and productive than my first, which involved a single oral dose of 15-20mg and which resulted in over-stimulation, insomnia, brain-fog and generally unhappiness. I think that this substance requires the utmost care and respect, and also demands that users are patient and take the time to carefully identify their personal “sweet spot” over multiple trials in order to experience positive outcomes.

No single dose over 10mg is advisable in my opinion, I highly recommend that users wait AT LEAST 4 hours after taking an initial dose to decide whether or not additional doses are desirable, as the unusually long onset delay of this substance (3-4 hours orally) can easily lead users to ingest multiple doses before the first dose kicks in, resulting in very unpleasant over-stimulation, insomnia, vasoconstriction, and a host of other unpleasant and/or dangerous effects.

Overall, I think I will stick to nasal/insufflated doses on future 3,4-CTMP experiences due to the shortened delay between ingestion and onset of effects (30-90 minutes nasal vs. 3-4 hours oral). Also, nasal dosing avoids potential interactions with food/drink consumed prior to and during 3,4-CTMP experiences, which is nice because having a stomach full of food can potentially delay onset of orally-ingested 3,4-CTMP even further.

Interactions with food, however, are difficult to avoid considering the very long time involved in an oral dose, in the sense that any food consumed 2-3 hours prior to oral dosing may delay onset and/or interfere with absorption and weaken the drug’s effects, which may also occur with any food ingested during the 3-4 hours between ingestion and onset of effects. Fasting for 5-8 hours while taking stimulants, however, is generally ill-advised and can lead to negative side effects in my experience. In order to avoid food-drug interactions and/or drug-induced anorexia, I plan on sticking to nasal dosing in the future.

Stay freaky and endlessly curious, my friends.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Apr 26, 2016Views: 6,524
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