Insectoid Machine Bee Wash
DMT & Cannabis
by Odhinn
Citation:   Odhinn. "Insectoid Machine Bee Wash: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp108349)". Apr 27, 2016.

4 hits vaporized DMT
    vaporized Cannabis


I sat on flat rock in the river with a waterfall close. I smoked my mild Divine Sage extract to enter a mind space that was less fearful of entering Hyperspace. I did a small verbal ritual to prepare myself ready to smoke crystal DMT from Acacia 50% with 50% finely mulched Cannabis. It was a cloudy sky and slight rain spitting intermittently.

I took in 3-4 deep vapors and already on the second I was half way there with the familiar wizzing sounds and the chemical metallic taste that precedes anesthetic unconsciousness. It was rapid and very powerful. Within seconds of my 3 or 4th (I can't remember) I was physically unconscious of my normal perception. The visionary light was at high intensity. The colours were endless and the shapes unfathomable.

An endlessly complex machine-like living object moved over me back and forward. It felt like it was cleaning my body, my mind, my soul, it was updating me, expanding and re-wiring my brain, preparing me it seemed, for entering the presence of the Light Elves. Those Light-dwelling Mantis entities I had met before.

As the Elvish Machine of endless complexity did its 'car-wash' over and within me I had telepathic messages that this was a preparation like before a person can see Royalty. It had a Bee energy, an unmistakable Bee essence. I could see all the details and shapes, every 'tool' and every appendage of this living machine. Every throb of it's energy was an invitation to enter deeper as I know 'resistance is useless'.

On the brink of being pulled away (or the DMT energy dissipating) I had entered the presence of the Light Elves, but only as I was on my way out. I had been prepared and was ready to enter into their presence fully again the next time, so long as enough crystal energy was available. They telepathically expressed that I need to enter again to meet with them.

As I began returning to 15% normal consciousness and could occasionally open my eyes, it was like consuming a strong mushroom in the visual perception of Nature. I knew that next to this waterfall was a successful choice of locality. It was a sacred place. I could feel the radiation of the sun go through my entire body. I pulled a towel I was resting my head on over my body and face. I entered a synthetic altered hyperspace, which is always predominantly blue. I could see the cotton looped threads like looking through a microscope. I could see into fabric as though the loops were almost my size. I understood from this experience and other experiences when I have been in a house, or other altered environments or have put a man-made object over my face that I enter a different hyperspace.
when I have been in a house, or other altered environments or have put a man-made object over my face that I enter a different hyperspace.
A bluish synthetic hyperspace as opposed to the Hyperspace of Light and Natural energies.

I returned back through the normal 'passage' where various imageries and conscious states flash by, some of them enter into spaces of degeneration, death and decay. I prefer to quickly bypass these places if I can and return to digest the new insights gained.

After a half an hour break, and sitting with my friend as he had a powerful journey too, I then reentered.

I took 3 vapors of what remained in the pipe from both our leftovers. By the second breath I was entering rapidly with buzzing sound like giant Bees. I realized there was not enough energy in the burnt DMT, although I was in the presence for a short time of Bee-like Light entities, some looked as though they had fly-like/bee-like compound eyes. I knew I could not stay in their presence long and could feel the DMT dissipating rapidly. However it made me more confident of making Contact again when the next opportunity arises.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108349
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Apr 27, 2016Views: 4,196
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DMT (18), Acacia (77) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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