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I Smoked It by Accident
Cannabis & PCP
Citation:   SkipScramble. "I Smoked It by Accident: An Experience with Cannabis & PCP (exp108370)". Nov 12, 2020.

1 hit smoked Cannabis
    smoked PCP
My friend C told me he had some 'really good bud,' and that the next time I came over to his house I could smoke some. So a few days later - the day after C's 21st birthday - I went over to his house with our friends E and S around 9 PM.

A little background info:

I'm a lightweight, super fast metabolism, I get fucked up easily. Not too experienced - I had only been smoking weed once or twice a month for about a year and a half before this and that was the farthest I've gone with any drugs. But I suspected this time would be no different than the last 20 times I smoked.
I suspected this time would be no different than the last 20 times I smoked.
I've known C and E practically my whole life, and S for most of that. We're all pretty good friends. S doesn't smoke or drink at all. C smokes weed like a motherfucker, so does E. E actually smoked some of C's weed a few days before I did, and he said he 'felt [my] thoughtform staring at him through a window the whole time,' and because of that he wasn't smoking with us tonight. I should've taken that as a sign that maybe I shouldn't smoke, but I figured it would be nothing I couldn't take. I expected some top-quality bud.

I was looking forward to a chill smoke session. We had gotten back from Chipotle so we were pretty full and ready for a night of couchlock. E and S sit in the living room while I follow C into his room. He pulls out a bong and lets me take the first hit. I take a massive, earth-shattering rip, put the bong down, and instantly feel weird. Something was very wrong. I walk through the living room past E and S and get a glass of water from the kitchen. I walk back into the living room and I'm completely floored. I was stunned and amused by the presence of E and S, who I had completely forgotten were with us. In the 15 seconds between when I walked out of the living room and back into it, I had completely forgotten they were there. And that's when I literally fell to the floor laughing. I couldn't stop laughing, until I realized I felt really nauseous.

This happens to me when I smoke - I get this weird air bubble-like feeling in my throat and it makes me a little nauseous for about 10 minutes. If anyone can explain why this happens, I'd really like to know. But anyway, this was worse than any other time before. I got up, sipped water, and fought the urge to puke.

I sat down on a chair and stared at the space in between the TV and the couch in front of me. My memory becomes hazy at this part, but I distinctly remember the center of my vision started becoming pixelated, almost like an NES game. It also started to feel like I was looking at things through a fish eye lens. I felt like I had absolutely no control over myself and I started freaking the fuck out, worrying that things would start spinning around me and crush me to death and I'd have no way of getting out of the way.

C sat down next to me and I ask him, 'what was in that bong?' I will never forget his response.
C looked at me with a stoned grin and simply said, 'dawg, you smoked PCP.'

I knew there was a chance I'd take off all my clothes and start going crazy, but I also knew I had only taken one hit (although a really fucking big one) and that couldn't possibly enough to send me over the edge. I think it was a 'mind over matter' thing now because I slowly started to regain control over myself and realized that inanimate objects can't move on their own.

I got up to walk around a bit, and I felt like I was walking through a giant room full of olive oil. Walking felt almost astronaut-like, and to be honest it was really cool and pleasant. After about 45 minutes, the nausea subsided, but the shakes started. My arms and legs started spasming uncontrollably. I remember making a few phone calls to friends trying to tell them my experience, but no one answered, so I just left them voice messages. I remember very little except remembering that at some point, S had to drive me home.

I sat shotgun, S started driving, and I closed my eyes. I felt like I was flying through space - it looked like I was in that old Windows 95 screensaver where the multicolored Windows logos are flying past you. It was the most immersive, intense experience of my life, and it was kind of terrifying so I opened my eyes. The trees and the night sky flew past us as we were driving and I was completely mesmerised by how Van Gogh-esque everything was.

I got dropped off home and went to my room at around 2 AM. The first thing I did was get on Facebook and post a long message in to a private group I'm in about my experience, and immediately after I went to bed. I closed my eyes, and the usual random colorful static you see when you close your eyes was replaced by the most bizarre, whimsical set of cartoon animals I've ever seen. Blue anthropomorphic lions were marching in a line against a dark green jungle backdrop, and this slowly morphed into yellow Smurf-like pineapple men with swords marching on a coral reef.

I woke up the next morning to hear from one of my friends that I left her an incredibly long, 20 minute voice message in which I rambled about having done PCP, and another one of my friends - who I thought I left a voice message - asked me if I remembered talking to him for two hours freaking out about how I was terrified I'd puke all over my friend's floor. I asked later that day why he didn't tell me there was PCP in it, and he replied, 'I wanted to see how you'd react.' I'm not sure how to feel about it - overall, it was an interesting experience, but it was a dick move of C to not tell me there was PCP in that weed.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 108370
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 12, 2020Views: 4,986
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