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Not as Scary as I Thought
Citation:   AngerStartsFire. "Not as Scary as I Thought: An Experience with DOM (exp108410)". Mar 28, 2019.

5 mg sublingual DOM (blotter / tab)
Foreword: During my trip my time perception was incredibly altered time definitely seemed to flow at half speed. DOM was my first full psychedelic trip excluding DMT. I have had a low dose of acid before but in my experience DOM and acid arenít comparable.

PreTrip preparation: I made sure to have 10 hours of no responsibilities from onset and be substance free for 48 hours beforehand
Set: I saw my favourite artist 2 days prior so I was feeling good about that but overall my mind was in a very depressed and anxious state.
Setting: My backyard and bedroom
Length from onset: 8 hours

12pm: Dosed 5mg tab sublingually after acquiring nutella, bread and fruit with the last money I owned. It was a good choice. I kept the tab under each side of my tongue for 15 minutes each side, the taste was bitter but not nearly as bitter as something like crushed phenergan (promethazine) pills, as such I found it completely tolerable.

12:45pm: Increased feelings of empathy and love- reminiscent of a weak dose of MDMA. I lie to my friend, telling him I skipped TAFE because the trains were stopped (they were stopped but not the reason I skipped TAFE).

1-1:30pm: Visual effects start; lines in the world are thicker and more pronounced than they usually are, deep colours glow from the centre out
Heart beat definitely increases, similar to Amphetamine (dexedrine) feeling ďampedĒ
I decide to leave my bedroom and go outside into my backyard, itís a sunny day.
The ground feels great beneath my feet, I donít plan every step to avoid anything sharp like I usually do, I just walk. I ask my friend what he thinks dogs opinions on humans are and retire to my room.

1:30-1:45pm: I stay in my room reading DOM trip reports until I canít anymore. I feel as though thereís a spring inside of me thatís pushing energy out in all directions. I have to go outside.

1:45-2:30pm: I grab my notebook, trusty inserts from a 4colour pen that I broke, phone and speaker and head back outside. I put on Red Hot Chili Peppers since theyíre one of the few bands I enjoy that arenít emotionally heavy for myself. I sit against by my barbeques chimney, itís been sitting in the sun and the warmth feels better than any warmth Iíve experienced, better than MDMA and better than Heroin! I begin to draw and write, the subject is spaceships, magnetic/electromagnetic engines and thermal materials. I feel a sense of purpose and excitement run through me as I scribble down my ideas. Patterns start appearing in the paper. This feels like it goes on for at least 2 hours.

I stop to look at the world and notice its beauty at this point I notice definite tracers. The tracers lasted 15 minutes but I didnít see them the rest of the trip, the grass blows in the wind and it looks as though a purple wave is being sent through it, the dandelions look taller and thinner than usual and I start to wonder how they smell. I end up smelling myself and deciding I need a shower this very second.

2:30-2:45pm: I ask my friend about new artists that have positive lyrics (heís the hipster type that mostly listens to Melbourne indie artists) He suggests an artist and a song, I like it, put it on youtube and click the playlist. The next song that plays sings about something very sad, it turns out I clicked on the wrong playlist and itís playing random songs. I decide to put the volume low since I enjoy the instrumental parts and go into the shower.

I have a colder than usual shower, the water is luke warm but feels oh so amazing. I play with sounds in the shower and discover sound split between the ears has the most detail at the tip of the nose. This discovery has me ecstatic.

2:45pm-3:45pm: I go back outside and sit in a very comfortable chair. I start to look at the world from different perspectives. I read a little work from Terence Mckenna about perspective. I crossed my ankles and noticed how I could see both legs and both from the angle I was sitting bent leant both left and right and noticed I could only see 1 foot. I promised myself to always look for other perspectives before making choices from now on. The rest of the hour was spend trying to see the world in as many perspectives I could imagine and my memory stops around 3:30pm.

3:45pm: I feel bad, Iím now sitting on a couch that lives at the back of my backyard under the shade of a tree. I call my other friend and ask him if he can come over, he tells me heís on his way to his brothers and will call me in 10 minutes.

The trip starts to go bad, I search frantically through my itunes on my laptop for any artists that might help me feel safe and find solace in Of Monsters and Men. I look at the only song I know from them and search that album on youtube, the album has interesting videos and I start to feel ok again.

I feel like Iíve forgotten something, my friend hasnít called me back. It feels like 40 minutes has passed but 20 minutes have.
I start to panic and call him thinking something bad has happened to him because he didnít call me back in 10 minutes. I hang up before he picks up. I go back to the music videos, but after one video the internet cuts out. At the same time one of my housemates comes outside and I nearly faint. He goes back inside but the internet is still out, I start thinking of people I can call and subsequently rule them off as soon as I list them. I remember that I can share my phones data with my laptop and do so. I start watching the music videos again and feel safe.

My identity is completely lost at this point. I remember that what I was having is called a panic attack and remember that benzos are very good for stopping these. I call my friend and ask if he got to his brother's safe, he did but tells me he canít come to me. I ask him if he has any benzos and he tells me he doesnít.

From that point I knew my name, my 2 friends names and I was in my backyard. Further than that was unknown. My housemates L and E come outside and my identity comes back to me very quickly, I speak with L for the next 30 minutes. It is hard to hold a conversation, I lose track much like being stoned.
It is hard to hold a conversation, I lose track much like being stoned.
I manage much better than being stoned though.

I watch the birds and notice how many different kinds there are. Itís the middle of Autumn and hundreds of migratory birds are in the sky. They are extremely detailed and are extremely apparent against the pink sky.

6pm onwards: It gets dark so I head inside, I turn on the tv and laugh at every commercial aimed at selling a product, the theory of owning something and money seems hilarious. I have it on the cooking channel but itís a critique show so I turn it off.

I feel a little less anxious than usual and deliver some mail that was sent to the wrong address. When I get home I hear a bell ringing, I know what this means. A cat that frequents my backyard is there, she is extremely affectionate I play with her for a while but felt worried she may eat some of the birds. I let her inside and tied a note to her collar for her owner asking them not to leave her out at night. She was very mad at me for tying the note and I could not bring myself to hold her captive until the morning.

The rest of the night the trip slowly died off, feelings of a heavy head marijuana high signalled the end of the trip at around 9pm which stopped at around 11pm. After 11pm I felt a milder version of a nutmeg hangover, yes Iíve tried nutmeg. The night went on as hungover until I slept.

Conclusion: I would try DOM again, though I would have a reliable trip sitter and benzos handy. Iíd up the dose 1 Ĺ tabs too.

ē The small amount of visuals I saw were nice and the new perspectives on the various things in the world are well worth looking into
ē The increased heart rate at times was quite disturbing and something that should not be overlooked
ē The colours blue and purple were the main colours seen throughout
ē Holding my blanket that my mum hand knitted me helped me immensely during the darker parts of this trip

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108410
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 28, 2019Views: 3,923
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DOM (20) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Alone (16)

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