I Love You Very Much
GHB, GBL, 1,4-B & Noopept
by t9x
Citation:   t9x. "I Love You Very Much: An Experience with GHB, GBL, 1,4-B & Noopept (exp108413)". Erowid.org. Jul 3, 2017. erowid.org/exp/108413

1.5 mg oral Noopept (daily)
  2 g oral GHB  
This report gets mildly personal because GHB is literally my love and helped me with my depression/poor situation.

I transferred into uni and for obvious reasons I can't say which uni. I had a ROCKING time in community college. 3.8 GPA, ended a relationship with my toxic girlfriend, and had a lot of attention from women, eating clean etc. Got over my depression, anxiety and began lifting (for confidence) and started yoga and meditation(for groundedness). I fucked with DMT, LSD, shrooms, adderall, ritalin, opium, morphine, weed, briefly addicted to tobacco. By the time I transferred in, I basically only drank occasionally and was vegetarian, rarely ate processed food.

I had been depressed most of my life and had been bullied a lot. Had shitty grades. Things seemed to be finally “clicking”. Unfortunately, all that confidence died quickly as when I moved into uni, within a week I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. A rare disease where you just feel weak. Weak, shitty, small, insignificant. Getting up in the morning felt shitty. Tired all the time. Like your stomach was always nauseous and you had the worst cold in your life and you had been up for three days drinking and you have the worst hangover ever all at once for weeks/months on end. Something about fibromyalgia seems to be connected with depression/emotions, so an unending stream of shitty thoughts pummeled me daily. Life was a struggle and I barely got through my first year of uni. I thought of suicide a lot and had 0 friends. Maybe 1 or 2 people I occasionally hung out with. Went from a playboy center of attention with many job offers to an insignificant guy at uni. I imagined if I killed myself, none would grieve.

Regardless. I was shy as I was recovering from the worst life phase I could ever imagine. A deep life suffering and lots of suicidal thoughts. And the first day of fall quarter the second year, I met someone through a club and they invited me to a kickback. I told noone of my GHB dosing.

Luckily after trying a number of treatments, by the beginning of the second year I felt much better. I got a hook for GHB and I remember my first night. 2.0 ml’s that night. All I had heard of this drug was from the tech n9ne song “t9x”. “GHB, I love you very much” was the line of the chorus I had heard about 5 years prior. I put it in a drink and swallowed over the course of 30 minutes. Didn’t know what to expect.

It opened me up. I felt social and confident in a way that I hadn’t in years. I felt open. Giggly, energetic, clear, no stomach/throw up feelings, and a deep sense of peace. Not overtly euphoric like opium or morphine. But a deep sense of peace, clarity, and no social inhibitions. Within a week or two, I was making friends. I had a unique brand of humor. Even though I still had some minor symptoms of fibromyalgia left, it wasn't overbearing. I FINALLY HAD FRIENDS. I couldn’t lift and still had serious joint pains due to fibromyaglia but GHB was almost a super power to me. It was the adderall of social abilities. Made me the center of attention. With no inhibitions, the humor I said was often clever and even if it was stupid my delivery was solid. I was funny, friendly, open, and caring while on GHB and I liked it. I repeated this 2-3 nights a week. Friday, saturday, and sunday. Sunday to reset my sleep clock to 10pm because I wanted to wake at 7am for the week

Dosages for GHB/1,4 BDO
1.0 for a minor buzz
2.0 for social scene
3.0 for sleep/knockout

Grams for GHB and mililiters for BDO. GHB last 2-4 hours. I feel it kicks in at about 30 fully. Usually 2.5. BDO lasts 3-5 hours and take 30 minutes maybe 45 to FULLY take effect.

I LOVE GHB. Whatever symptoms of fibro I had, GHB never gave nasty physical effects to worsen them. Alcohol would make my symptoms of fibro return for a day or two. And that was horrid. GHB I could do endlessly and feel fine. It seems much easier on the body, especially when compared to amps or alcohol or almost any other largely popular drugs (besides maybe psyches or weed).

Anyways, my main dealer stopped selling it and I was bummed. I quickly found out through the net that a “prodrug” for GHB existed called GBL. It was banned in my state but I found this out after I ordered and received it. I was skeptical at first. But by weight/volume, it was more potent.

GBL, dose in mL
0.5-0.75 Minor Buzz
0.75-1 Social
1-1.25 light sleep
1.25-1.50 HEAVY knockout for a few hours. Instant pass out and deep sleep

GBL seems to hit harder and faster, possibly due to placebo. 20 or sometimes 30 minutes. Usually 20 minutes I feel.

The same process continued. Eventually, I ran out of GBL and was even more depressed. I am knowingly and openly psychology addicted to GHB. Only maybe 3 people knew about my love for it. I did no other drugs. Maybe psyches here and there. I had taken it from about winter 2015/spring 2015 till now (the time of my posting) spring 2016.

I ordered 1,4 bdo and was skeptical due to stuff read online. I am basically an addict at this point so I ordered it anyways. I bit the bullet and paid 150$. I got the package in my hands and was excited. I still dose 2-3 times a week and have yet to run into serious issues. For a brief period of 2-3 weeks that I did not have G (or any of its prodrugs), I still felt that the social skills I learned on G had a carryover effect. I have done a lot of research online to see if it was neurotoxic. There are conflicting reports. But with infrequent use, and long periods of abstinence, I would say not much. Considering that people are prescribed Xyrem for years and run into little issues, I am not worried.

Just to be safe though, I use noopept copiously before, during, and after dosing. I also take 1.5 mg of noopept just in case daily. I figure if you are going to be using this drug in large amounts, it wouldn’t hurt to take precautions.

I have maintained straight B’s and A’s. NO significant decrease in cognitions. Though it’s not fair for me to make that conclusion on my one weak anecdote. One would need to have taken a barrage of cognitive tests to prove that Before, during, and after my 1ish year of somewhat heavy use for at least 50-100 people to determine if GHB was truly neurotoxic in normal amounts.

I think once I either get over fibromyalgia, and/or I get a girlfriend I am close to, I will work with her/myself and quit in a sustainable manner.

Some may not consider my use heavy. I can’t imagine GHB is more neurotoxic than alcohol for the brain. It would be hard for me to believe that. But regardless, I consider my use heavy, and I have run into little issues. An approximate estimate would be that I have gone through 500ml of GBL, 100ish grams of GHB, and about 5-10ml of 1,4 BDO over the course of 1ish years.

So I figure I would make a brief summary of this post and add in some tips on how to reduce dosing issues/general guidelines I found WORKS FOR ME (emphasis on works for me):
-I am psychologically addicted to GHB and its prodrugs. I literally am in love with them.
-They open you up socially in a way that nothing, even alcohol, ever has. Someone who tried GHB with me and tried MDMA before has said MDMA reduces inhibitions, GHB removes them COMPLETELY. I mean COMPLETELY. NO FUCKS GIVEN. I can’t compare because I have yet to try MDMA
-I felt GHB has helped my life immensely. Pulled me from dark depths to back to a social life. And even after I sobered up I felt more open and social. It is something close to my heart
-1,4 bdo, GBL, and GHB all felt nearly identical FOR ME. I got my blood checked and these drugs almost seems to be harmless and benign to my kidney and liver
-I have suffered no noticeable cognitive deficits from my 2 years of heavy use
-no increase in dosages or tolerance. Even one week I did 5 back to back days with no increase in dosage and no decrease in effects. (very unwise on my part)

Some tips of responsible use:
-no more than twice a week.
-I don't dose for 12-24 hours straight. Its' addiction waiting to happen.
-I follow the dosing advice I have written above. If I give beginners the doses I take they feel floored. Once I found my sweet spot, I stuck with it.
-I DON’T MIX WITH ALCOHOL. Or xanax. Not even a beer or shot. No high is worth death. I think about that every time. It's better to just take more GHB. Its safer and more fun in comparison.
-I live a healthy lifestyle around the GHB. I eat healthy, sleep healthy, take care of myself. I take noopept daily just to ensure I reduce neurotoxicity. I can’t say it works for sure. But I just take precautions with this stuff.
-I never go beyond 4-5 ml's with GHB. I could realistically push it to 5 range but beyond 3.5 or 4 I am just dizzy and unhappy. And with GBL beyond even 2 I find it unpleasant. Just dizziness and sickness.

A lot of people speak poorly of 1,4 bd, gbl and GHB. In my humble opinion, these reports are sort of overblown. With proper dosing I avoid that. Also people talk of addiction. But GHB is not something I dose around the clock.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 108413
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 3, 2017Views: 13,622
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