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A Psychedelic Vacation to Start the Real One
2C-B-Fly, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide
by Mr.P
Citation:   Mr.P. "A Psychedelic Vacation to Start the Real One: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide (exp108449)". May 10, 2016.

30 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide  


Previous experience: have had a wide array of experiences with many research chemical, traditional psychedelics, and other drugs legal and otherwise. Have been alternating every other week between 1P-LSD and 2CB-Fly, though this would be the first time taking 2CB-Fly without taking any benzos, though cannabis was consumed before and at the end of the trip and nitrous mid-trip. I had previously taken a dose of 40mg, but there was significant psychedelic confusion at that dose, while fun and exciting, I felt 30mg would still be strong, but not too strong to record and remember events with some clarity.

Set & Setting: My apartment in early April, the weather is cool, but not uncomfortably so and many trees and flowers were in bloom in my neighborhood. I had just gotten off of work and was to start a week of vacation. My wife was coming home early and planned to go to sleep early. I had set up two psychedelic light machines and a lava lamp and had moved my comforter in front of the tv and planned to watch “Turn” when the peak has passed. The material I am to ingest is in the form of pre-pressed 10mg pellets from a (relatively) reputable source.

5:30pm (0min) - I consume the 3 pellets with soda, and go about my good night routine.

6pm (30min) - I begin to feel a little odd, my vision clarifies and colors become more saturated. I feel a warm, buzzing body load beginning to build, not quite euphoria yet, but I can feel it going there. I step out onto my porch to smoke a bowl with about .2 grams in it.

6:15pm (45min) - The buzz moves from feeling “High” to a honest tripping feeling, though the cannabis buzz is still going strong, definite synergy, but it is being dwarfed by the growing “trippy” feeling, Euphoria begins to become apparent in waves, and feels like a warm liquid inside my body flowing and creating contentment, there was clearly both a physical and psychological aspect to this euphoria.

7pm (1hr 30min) - The psychedelic buzz continues to build, while not as overpowering as some more traditional psychedelics such LSD or Shrooms there is definitely introspection, magical thinking, time dilation and while there wasn’t true ego death, it was quietly enjoying the ride for most of the trip. Visuals have become more immersive and my home has taken on a CGI-like shimmer. While no true nausea is present it feels like it would be very easy for stomach contents to come up, but I decide more cannabis would harm more than it would help should I cough.

8pm (2hrs 30min) Peaking, have been having vivid CEV’s and OEV’s, though not a lot of patterning and it seemed to build on reality rather than make it. Significant confusion is present and I am somewhat uncoordinated, can operate my Xbox with some effort, but I abandoned an attempt to make a sandwich. Having a lot of introspective thoughts and conversations with myself, talking about what is good and bad in my life and trying to think of solutions, I don’t know if I came to anything truly actionable, but it felt good and cathartic. I have my youtube trip reel going on in the background, but I am not really paying any attention to it. Euphoria, for lack of a better description, feels good, my palms and face are delightfully sensitive.

8:30pm (3hrs) - Definitely in the plateau, the feeling of ascending has passed, but still very much tripping. Everything feels, sounds and tastes amazing, though my stomach still feels on edge and I avoid overindulging in food, though I think vomiting wouldn’t hurt the trip. Strong sexual ideation, find myself in vivid sexual daydreams.

9pm-2am (3hrs 30min -8hrs 30min) - I turn on “Turn” and open a 50-pack of N2O chargers and over the course of 5 hours I do the whole box and finish the 2nd season (which I had started the day before), but had finished the N2O around the 3rd episode (I did the last one during the intro to the fourth of five episodes I watched). Each canister set of a wave of auditory and visual hallucinations and the euphoria of both materials complemented each other in a very potent way that melded well with the periods of calm, during which I marveled at the intricacies and power of the social cultural forces at play in the Revolutionary War era intrigue I was watching, though many aspects of the show felt fake or hammy compared to when I had watched episodes the day before. Around the 6 hour mark the waves of trippiness began to gradually recede till just a mild body buzz remained, by 2pm vision seemed entirely normal.

2:30am (9hrs) - Smoked a bowl, which brought back some of the trippiness and visuals, but also a deep sedation, I curled up with my wife who had gone to bed at seven, and I fell asleep some time not too long after that.

Day After: Woke up at 6:30am, energized, happy and a little giddy, but otherwise back to baseline, fell asleep again at 7pm, no negative residual effects. I found this compound to be what I had fantasized MDMA would be like before I actually tried it, just trippy enough, very entactogenic, empathic, energetic and euphoric. It payed well with both the marijuana and the N2O, might be fun to do in public at 20mg, but would require sunglasses as this gave me major demon eyes (mydriasis) for the duration of the trip, but will probably seek 40mgs for an at home, at night trip for this material in the future.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108449
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: May 10, 2016Views: 5,405
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2C-B-Fly (350) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), General (1)

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