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SpiritualPersonal Growth Experience
by Tommy
Citation:   Tommy. "SpiritualPersonal Growth Experience: An Experience with 4-Aco-DMT (exp108458)". Jun 10, 2018.

20-25 mg   4-AcO-DMT


This was my first time on this great substance.

At first I felt nothing much, just the typical nice 'feel good' vibe from other substances... When about one hour passed I started to feel different.

The depth in which I could go into things was overwhelming. I happened to be at the desert (outside Nowhere Festival) at night with the universe above me and the ground under my feet I felt the connexion between my planet and the rest of the universe. I could feel we should start thinking as a species and we should talk among ourselves about where we want to be in the future so we can get there together. I think I can call that a spiritual experience, that is, an experience that provides meaning for my life and life of others. To be in touch with the sacredness of existence and feel the greatness of the mysteries that then universe holds.

The thin layer above the surface of the earth happens to be just perfect for us. Not too cold, not to hot. The air we breath is just good to fuel pur blood. We are just one more earthling more and we belong to this planet. We are to prove if our intelligence is an advantage our it will be our maleficence.

During the experience I cried, I felt happy and I talked in a beautiful way friend to a friend, which I was touched by my words.

Too bad I couldn't record myself.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 108458
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Jun 10, 2018Views: 789
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Unknown Context (20), First Times (2), General (1)

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