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Todays Shipping Forecast
Citation:   Whitefox. "Todays Shipping Forecast: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp108508)". Dec 1, 2016.

T+ 0:00
12 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT
  T+ 2:00   repeated vaporized Cannabis
I had ordered 100mg 4-HO-MiPT from an online vendor with a view to tripping on Friday 13th; itís just another date right? Of course!

Anyway, on the Tuesday a package arrived and I opened it with eager anticipation: a fairly dense ďepoxy-like gooĒ (quote from MGS) which really could be used to attach the wings to a jet fighter. Just looking at the stuff made it stick to everything. It was utterly impossible to cleanly remove from the greaseproof paper in which it was wrapped, let alone measure and there is no way I was going to take an unknown amount.
there is no way I was going to take an unknown amount.
So, into the freezer it went, and a message was sent to the vendor seeking advice.

On Thursday another package arrived, in a dime bag inside another bag, labelled ď4-HO-MiPTĒ. Curiouser and curiouser. It looked so tempting it could have been handed to me by a large white rabbit with the label reading ďEat MeĒ. So, what is the brown goo? Judging by postings in various threads I reckon it is 4-AcO-MIPT, but without confirmation in the freezer it will remain, perhaps to be found by however buys this house complete with freezer in twenty years time or so.

I weigh out 12mg of the lovely tan 4-HO-MiPT, wrap it in greaseproof paper and store it in the freezer so I can dose the next day.

Just a slight sidetrack on other drug experience: this is my first time on 4-HO-MiPT (itís just easier to type Miprocin, so be it from now on), but I have tested 4-HO-MET (so with Miprocin henceforth Metocin) fairly intensively and love it. Iíve also used the usual rogueís gallery of 2Cs (B, C, E, P Ė E is definitely my favourite) as well as DOC and extensive acid trials a couple of decades ago. Weed is also a constant feature on my trips.

Friday morning finds me on an on-line training course for work. It is scheduled to finish at noon, but had finished at 11.30am the previous day, so I figured dosing at about 11.15 would see me coming up nicely by the end of the course. During the tea break I got the Sonos Speaker set up in my bedroom along with water supplies so all I would need to do was stagger up the stairs and flump down.

11.15 comes; I grab a glass of water, tip in the powder and stir vigorously; not sure if it dissolves, but it doesnít matter as it is still ingested judging by the slightly nasty taste.

I feel some apprehension; this is a healthy thing. I think the day where I stop getting apprehensive about ingesting a psychedelic is the day I will call it quits. As this is my first time on this substance the apprehension is heightened somewhat.

It is now 11.27; the training is still going on and I can definitely feel the first alerts. Christ, that was quick! The only other tryptamine I have tried is metocin which also comes on quick for me, but this is quite a sharp climb. Of course, the come up on any psychedelic is your body reacting to the changing state of mind; some drugs are smooth and easy (2C-E for me surprisingly; always been smooth), others like to grab you by the hair, slap you in the face and knee you in the stomach until youíre crouched in the bathroom driving the porcelain truck. This is definitely not the former; the come up is too quick. Fortunately Iíve also never been the type to have conversations with God on the big white telephone either, but Miprocin is definitely on the more urgent end of the come ups Iíve had. I find myself kind of looking at the screen for the training, but keep getting distracted by the wallpaper on my other screens (I work from home and have three widescreen monitors as well as the work laptop screen); it is the standard Windows 10 picture of a woman running on the beach. The clouds arenít actually moving, but they are certainly altering slightly at the edges.

By 11.40 (T+ 0:25) Iím sitting in my chair not really paying any attention to the training. I have a standing desk, but I just need to sit right now and compose. No problems as itís nothing I havenít had before, but the last thing I want to do is pay attention to a training course right now!

Eight minutes later Iím begging for the training to finish. ďLet me just go back to the previous slide...Ē
Please God, no! You were on a slide which said ďNext StepsĒ; perfect, I can just send you a message wishing you a happy weekend and get out of here. I know what my next steps are. Donít put me through the previous slide again, Iíll do anything! Look, Iíll get down on my knees and make offerings to the Queen in the wasps nest under the eaves if you will just go back to Next Steps and let me go and relax!

Finally, the time has come. I exit the online training app in less time than the Boson particle pops into existence and head upstairs. Ah! Fresh air, light room everything set. I have added some drum & Bass albums to my Spotify playlist, but the tracks sound too commercial and light weight Ė definitely not right for the current mood. I plump for an old favourite: Amber by Autechre. Lie back and fantastic....

Just under an hour in and Iím scrabbling for a word to describe the visuals. It takes me some time as my head is nicely scattered right now. Eventually I come up with pulsating. It is different to the metocin visuals: metocin visuals have a very liberal approach to the concept of straight lines and I find that corners tend to groove and bend. Miprocin is a different beast; objects kind of grow and shrink. My head is also in a different place; less clear headed than metocin, but definitely a fuller feeling and I like it. Iím not one to worry about thought loops; I generally have a very good ability to clear my head and go with the flow. The only discomfort right now is the feeling of being cold; itís not a cold day Ė around 18 C outside, but I do feel cold, so I pull on a body-warmer and get under the covers. Much better. Definitely some clear visuals going on and Iím at a ++.

At T+ 1:10 some nervous tension remains. Donít think Iím fully up yet, but a bit more comfortable than 10 minutes ago. Seems like a good time for a cup of tea, so I pause the music and head downstairs. Thereís a swaying feeling as I walk around, rather akin to being on a ship in moderate seas; not the full drunken man walk or anything, but an intoxicated amble with the occasional ďOhĒ as I spot visuals on the periphery of my vision (although coming in closer all the time). Tea making is no problem, and I note that the garden looks especially nice now that the flowers are starting to bloom. Tea made, and itís back upstairs.

Ok, what did someone do with the last ten minutes? I went to make a cup of tea, yes. I didnít imagine it because the tea is right there, but that ten minutes seems to have been misplaced somewhere. Clear time distortion going on here. As this is the first time on Miprocin Iím unsure as to how much higher it will go. Generally an hour after ingesting Metocin Iím at the peak, so this seems close.

T 1:30 peak reached and now plateau. Very nice; Autechre sounds awesome right now. The way they use subtle sounds really synergises perfectly with the visuals and I find myself drifting along beautifully. Headfuck is definitely more intense than Metocin, but Iím really enjoying it. The circular mirror on the wall is doing its thing and spinning nicely, throwing psychedelic colours across the wall. Iím wearing a new tripping outfit I recently bought: and adidas Jeremy Scott lycra suit. Yes, I know at weekends I like to dress up as.... Anyway, it is very psychedelic and something that I think the Merry Pranksters would have been proud of. The leggings are a mixture of neon pink and yellow, and the colours seep from my legs towards the mirror creating what I can only describe as an analogue visualise. Iíve never been one for watching visualise on the screen, but this is ten times better. Colours seep from my legs to the circular mirror and spin outwards towards infinity; sometimes the pink dominates and the room takes on the hue of a Paris Burlesque house; then the yellow fights back and I feel like Iím on a warm and sunny beach.

At two hours I reach the same conclusion I always have on Metocin; Iím coexisting in perfect harmony with my new state of consciousness, but I want more of a challenge, something to focus my energy. Yes, I could lie back and just enjoy the visuals, but I need concentration to really dig deep. Only one answer here and that is my eCig with its very convenient ďloose leafĒ cartridge. I received some sour diesel the other day so it will be my second first trial of the day. Load the cartridge (two cartridges prepared earlier in true Blue Peter style for those in the UK over a certain age) and adjust the temperature to medium. The great thing about this eCig is that I can vape a cartridge on medium for about five minutes and then later am able to extract the last by using the high setting. The cartridge warms with its red light telling me that itís not ready yet; just drying its hair and applying makeup Ė be with you in a minute. The light turns orange, letting me know itís just looking for its keys, but vape is being produced so I hurry it out of the door and into my lungs....

Immediately a few darts of neon start flashing my vision. As usual when using weed during a trip, the first effect is an intense calm. Visuals calm significantly and there is a real feeling of peace. I liken it to the eye of a hurricane; that brief period where the wind stops and you gaze up at a still furious sky with a sense of serenity (not that Iíve ever done it or would really want to, but my imagination is fired). The light on the vape went green, we had a good date, thank you very much, see you again soon and lie back.

Yes, weed heightens visuals on all psychedelics for me. However, it isnít an instant ďBAMĒ youíre fucked sort of enhancement. Rather, I can feel it building slowly up through my body (probably due to ROA I guess Ė I long ago stopped doing bongs or any other sudden ROAs), starting with a tingling in the toes. Slowly it spreads up my legs; Iím controlling my breathing right now, relaxed, feeling the life-force creeping towards me rather like a benign version of the discombobulated Terminator at the end of the namesake movie. This terminator makes its presence felt in my groin; a feeling of warmth emanates from my cabinet members and converses pleasantly with John Thomas. At the same time there are visual hints starting to emerge: my football shirt is hanging on the wall, and one of the letters on the name printed on the back (in neon yellow Ė great for tripping) makes a dash before being warned back: ďItís not time for that yet; get back on that shirt nowĒ.

That slight blurry feeling is starting to come over my vision now; peripheral vision is getting lively but nothing in the centre other than the occasional dart; even the mirror seems to have had its parking brake applied for now. Then it starts creeping in; my heart rate picks up and I re-commence my breathing regimen, buckling down for the ride. Safety belt attached? Yes. Letís go.....

T +2:30 Ė Utter euphoria. Am now listening to Kunstoff by Move D (an album I bought twenty years ago and misplaced but rediscovered on Spotify). Itís hard to describe the music, but a sort of ambient/techno crossover is the closest I can get. Iím utterly flying; almost at the point where fireworks of psychedelic colours burst forth and spread around the wall. The football shirt is now raving merrily to the music; shrugging its shoulders, rippling around and swaying. Definitely swaying. I read another TR on this substance that described the visuals as waves rippling around the room and I can definitely identify with that; standing up, the sea seems to have move from moderate to rough, kind of like a tripping shipping forecast:

Miprocin Ė Wind South 5 or 6, veering chaotically later
Sea State Ė Moderate becoming rough, occasionally heavy later
Visibility Ė Good at first, becoming poor at times very poor later

No rain on this particular parade though. Back on deck Iím becoming somewhat hypnotised by the mix of visuals and headfuck. I find myself staring and losing myself briefly; at one point my whole vision seems to jump about a foot before slowly shimmering back to its original position. Some feeling of stop-motion photography starts to take effect at this point. Of course, this is an interesting point; in reality nothing is moving anyway, so how can it be in stop-motion? On Miprocin this is completely possible. I roll around in ecstasy for a while, being sucked into the mirror and lost in my mind briefly for periods of time. According to my notes this persists for an hour taking me to the T +3:30 point. Definitely some +++ in there.

Things are settling right now; the sea state has moderated and visibility has improved; the Miprocin squall line has passed and there is a calm descending. Still feeling very relaxed and content though. Hmmm. Another vape would be good right now. I adjust the temperature to the high setting and relax for a few moments. Iím feeling hungry, so as the cartridge warms I head downstairs for a snack. Feeling a little like Garfield I cannot help but bask in the radiant sunlight poring through the patio doors and bask like a salamander soaking up energy for a busy day. I wonít be catching any insects, but darts across my vision as I drain the vape give the impression of sitting outside a Mexican bodega watching the world go by.

As I climb the stairs, the sea state starts to roughen: incoming squall! Plonk back on the bed and the ride out another 40 minutes of rollercoaster visuals and mindfuck. This time Iím pulled right to the edge of my concept of reality, snapping back into it just before the abyss. I didnít want to snap out, it just happened, but oh so close! Of course, I know the much-sought ++++ state is not dose-dependent, but I cannot help but feel that a few extra grains could have tipped the balance and pushed me over the edge into a higher state of consciousness. As it is the visuals are going nuts; Iím totally unable to focus for more than a few seconds. The mirror on the wall separates into two and then three, spinning furiously with my eyes darting around chaotically. Donít Fight it Feel it as Primal Scream said on Screamadelica, a concept to which I always adhere at these times. Steady, controlled breathing and deep thoughts. We are all one...
Must have gone briefly there. This happens a couple of times where I snap out of a hypnotic trance. The intense effects are starting to wear off and I close my eyes to a veritable symphony of colours. A couple of times I sit up suddenly, as if someone had suddenly entered the room, but it is nothing. I spend about an hour in this sleep/wake state and eventually the effects have drained to the point where Iím not at baseline, but certainly pretty functional. The sea state has returned to slight.

All in all I was back to being functional after about five hours.
All in all I was back to being functional after about five hours.
All I can say about Miprocin is wow! I never expected this at all. Take the best parts from metocin and combine it with some medium intensity mental effects and you get Miprocin. All this from only 12mg; I was glad that I listened to my own advice and didnít take 15mg for my first trip.

As far as come up is concerned, this was intense: the fastest Iíve had outside of salvia. I certainly wonít be seeking any alternative ROAs with this one (I prefer to plug the 2Cs). Plugging RCs rapidly shortens the come up; I can only imagine that looking at a plugged dose would start the come up. As far as snorting goes, just thinking about it takes me to a +++ (although I never snort anyway).
I love this substance and canít wait to take it higher.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108508
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41
Published: Dec 1, 2016Views: 2,280
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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