New Favorite
Citation:   nervewing. "New Favorite: An Experience with 2C-C (exp108603)". Feb 21, 2017.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 2C-C (capsule)
  T+ 0:40   smoked Cannabis  
T0:00-Administered in a gel cap

T0:10-Begin to feel the onset, thereís a sort of tension and building anxiety, I feel edgy and nervous

T0:25-Anxiety quickly fades to an overwhelming spaciness, like my head is just locked in a buzzing mass of cement, thereís some jaw clenching.

T0:40-Spacing out more and more, I feel like Iím staring blankly into space as my head drifts away. No visuals yet. Smoke weed.

T0:50-A tightness in my chest. Nausea isnít as bad as I expected, itís present but tolerable. Visuals begin to appear. It doesnít seem like visuals however, it feels like some ethereal metaphysical essence of visuals, itís my mind interpreting the essence of surfaces and applying some estimated pattern to them. They are colorful and remind me of Mesoamerican designs. There are a lot of stepped and interlocking patterns.

T0:55-Oh man Iím really tripping. Fast comeup. Iím downstairs with my roommates on the computer. Theyíre playing videogames. Visuals are pulsing and radiating on every surface, these Mesoamerican patterns adorn and enhance everything. I feel a glowing euphoria. The nausea is building and I decide to go to the corner store to buy ginger ale. I am totally lucid and in control for now, but I feel like Iím too spacy to interact well. The corner store is a mess of rainbows and drifting patterns. I grab my ginger ale and pay for it, interacting with the cashier feels profoundly awkward. My perspective seems to be zooming and warping. I rush home to safety as things continue to rise. I get home and get back on my computer. The cool colored patterns crawl across every surface. It looks like my computer screen has been crumpled and embossed and folded along diamond shaped patterns. Some begin to look like faces, peaceful and serene, reminiscent of Buddha statues. Physically, there is a warm relaxing buzz, it feels like my skin is a buzzing shell that is being absorbed and drawn back into my essence.
it feels like my skin is a buzzing shell that is being absorbed and drawn back into my essence.

T1:00-It feels like great patterned hands are gently gripping me. The patterns look like diamonds and are a spectacular array of colors, though most prominent are cool tones, blues, greens, teals etc. I am being enveloped by them, there isnít much mindfuck or that alien strangeness of other psychedelics. However, focusing on the visuals puts me into a contemplative and introspective state, like ďhow should my mind be reacting to the fact that there are rainbow 3 dimensional inverse step pyramids appearing on surfacesĒ. Itís all very tame and gentle though, they are regarded merely as decoration.

T1:10-I am stricken with a powerfully patterned tunnel vision. I decide to go upstairs to be alone and experience the full potential of this substance. I lie on my bed and meditate. The closed eye visuals are extremely intense. I do not feel my ego fading or the usual sort of mindfuck that comes with closed eye meditation. Instead I simply sit back and enjoy the show of stepped and diamond patterns that replicate and dance and glow. Itís purely eye candy. Soon however, even this gives way and I can feel myself meditating into a more dissociated state. Not really pure mindfuck or strangeness, but the feeling of my body vibrating away and my mind abandoning it. Using the computer, I do not get that persistent curiosity and feeling of being easily distracted and stimulated by everything, something very evident with most other drugs (Weed, 2C-E, LSD, 25c-NBOMe, 4-HO-MiPT to name a few). The visuals begin to pulse and radiate, they are very liney like 2C-B. Tracers very present too. I am shaking quite a bit, though also feel very relaxed and sedated, like I just donít feel like moving at all. Auditory distortions present themselves, it sounds like music is slowing down and dropping in pitch. It feels like each layer of sound is being separated and isolated, warped and chewed up as it travels to my brain.

My thoughts begin to become similar to those of LSD- I begin to view things very objectively, itís like my thoughts have been cleaved from my emotions and subconscious and simply exist in the present, ruthlessly and relentlessly analytical. To that degree, I begin listening to music with vocals. Song lyrics become such a strange thing in my mind, turning oneís thoughts into words, applying those words to melodies and rhythm, itís an instrument made of language, itís an instrument where the art is conveyed not only through aesthetic soundforms but also linguistics. Weird. I feel like a little grub curled up in the roots of the world. This is a blast. Visuals are very very strong and fun.

1:40-I go back downstairs to interact with people. It doesnít feel awkward, itís quite fun actually (everyone else is tripping too). I play super smash bros. I am substantially better. It might be that the other two people arenít as good while tripping, but I trounce them. Another friend comes over and we smoke a blunt together. I am wary that this might cause too much mindfuck to be around people, but that ends up not being the case. Instead, only the visuals and euphoria kick up. This is so cool this is so fun I love this drug. I feel so jovial, I am having a great time just being around people, talking to people, cracking jokes etc. I try to play zoo tycoon on my computer but it doesnít work. The next hour is encompassed by a struggle to do this, it feels like a futile task and never works out, but I never got frustrated or upset, this substance kept me on a very happy and pleasant baseline.

Overall, this is one of my favorite drugs now. I love the powerful visuals, I love the lucidity and warm euphoria, I love the electric body buzzing.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108603
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 21, 2017Views: 2,358
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