The Electric Thrum
2C-B, 2C-C & Ephenidine
Citation:   nervewing. "The Electric Thrum: An Experience with 2C-B, 2C-C & Ephenidine (exp108606)". Nov 3, 2016.

T+ 0:00
0.25 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  T+ 0:20 12 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 0:20 25 mg oral 2C-C (capsule)
  T+ 0:20 100 mg oral Ephenidine (capsule)
  T+ 3:20   smoked Cannabis  
T0:00-We are going to an electronic music show (Oneohtrix point never more specifically). I had prepared a party pill of the Ephenidine, 2C-B, and 2C-C, mixed into a gel cap with ginger extract to relieve nausea. I take it as we walk to the venue from the subway. I had ingested a weed edible [1/4 cannabis gummy] about 20 minutes earlier too.

T0:30-The first set has begun, it is an interesting eclectic experimental mix featuring a lot of sampling. I was pretty spaced out for the majority of this however. It was a kinda dull ambient high coming from the edible and coming out of an eagerness for my trip to kick in.

T0:50-First notes. Feel some nausea, getting slight visual distortions in dark places. I begin to realize that I may have timed this wrong, that I won’t feel as altered as I want until after the show ends, that this comeup is taking too long and I should’ve dosed earlier. I am stressed out, and I feel as though this stress is dampening the trip. I need to close my eyes, breathe deeply, be calm and focus.

T1:10-The first set has ended, the lights are up and I’m just awkwardly standing around. I go out into the lobby and sit on a windowsill and awkwardly sit around. I feel awkward and out of place, the trip is definitely kicking in now and I am just extremely mindful of my presence in the room and the space I take up. Patterns are beginning to appear, but visual distortions and warping are limited to my peripheral vision. I feel warm and tingly, with a pleasant warm dissociative numbness. I am still definitely not tripping as hard as I want to be though.

T1:40-Oneohtrix point never comes on. This music is hard to describe, it’s pretty dope, most of this experiment came off his new album “Garden of Delete”. This music is extremely surreal, like about as surreal as music can get. It is perfect for a mix of psychedelics and dissociatives, in the way that it too is a storm of fragmented and altered pieces of reality, it captures that chaos in its wild sounds. This is so cool. I don’t know what much to say about the length of this set other than it was a spectacular and extremely enjoyable experience. On screens they had visual displays, these mostly consisted of very surreal animations by Nate Boyce. This entire experience resonated heavily with past DXM use, in its surreality laced with a fundamental discomfort. The animations actually resembled some of the closed eye visuals I had gotten from DXM, almost verbatim. Honestly if I were on DXM at the time I would’ve thought some broken alternate universe was trying to communicate with me. But I felt very properly stimulated by the experience, the sound was a physical object that I could feel battering my flesh. The lights and visuals danced in circles with the splattered psychedelia of my mind. I felt so fried and so content to just be standing still, melting into the ground, being a pillar of salt.

T2:40-It’s over! I go wait in the lobby and realize I am still tripping balls. There are colorful patterns melding with every surface, things are shifting out of perspective and warping. I feel almost lost. But its okay and I am okay. I manage to weave through a strange crowd of warped looking inhuman figures that swarmed around me like a river of shadows. I meet up with my comrades who I came here with. I entertain the idea of walking home because I feel so great right now. The ephenidine has touched my limbs in the sense of making them feel weightless, but not to the point where I get the noodly-leggedness of other dissociatives that would make me stumble around. So . The others with me don’t seem as enthusiastic though, and my one friend who was on 2C-E seemed somewhat jarred and eager to return to my house, so I led the group there.

T3:00-We return to my house. I’m going decently hard and we sit around and smoke weed. My aforementioned friend pulls out some ketamine that he and another person with us were hitting all night. He seems somewhat anxious, and happy to indulge in the familiarity of ketamine in a more comfortable space than a music show. He cuts up 2 big lines and takes 1 and a half of them down and generously leaves the rest to me and a friend. He leaves soon after.

T3:40-My friend and I have nothing else to do for the rest of the night. We inhale the ketamine and run downstairs like eager children on Christmas morning. We have a great activity planned. I have the album “wander / wonder” by balam acab on vinyl and so we turn all the lights off, cuddle up on the couches, and spin it on the record player. I would describe it as the sounds great pulsing glowing deep sea creatures make. Lots of heavy base and water samples mixed with pitched up vocals. Immediately I feel my body fade, as if someone replaced my bones with conveyor belts and let my essence slough off. We are snuggled with blankets on the couch, and I feel like I am on an adventure, I feel like I am diving into the ocean and swimming about in its depths. I feel weightless, the entire room comes off as an endless blue void. I open my eyes and can make out nothing in the darkness, red and blue patterns fill my vision. The world looks 2-dimensional, and everything looks/feels like a cartoon.

T4:20-Wow that was cool as hell. The album has ended and the lights are up. My one friend leaves and the other sleeps over. He spins one more record, my favorite one. I have that wonderful feeling I get from coming down on psychedelics, where my mind feels sharpened, I feel wittier and more articulate. I dance to the music which is something I rarely ever do but the ketamine has my limbs feeling nice. I go to bed about an hour later.

Conclusion: My intent this night was to sort of manufacture a specific feeling or state of mind to glean maximal enjoyment from the music performance in a multisensory experience. I feel like I did well, I concocted the right combination of chemicals to get the effects I wanted. I mostly added 2C-B to counter the sedation of the 2C-C (plus how buzzy they are in synchronicity, good for being up and out and about), they both produce wonderful visuals in their own right however. Ephenidine is a relatively lucid and colorful psychedelic dissociative + being a mild stimulant. This made the music into a synesthetic assault with sound, and it was beautiful and wonderful. I wasn't too far altered to feel stressed out or unsafe or out of control which was nice, and also paramount. Though the doses were maybe a little lower than I would've liked, the low doses I took were an essential measure to assure I could manage myself in public. and I did.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108606
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 3, 2016Views: 2,568
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2C-B (52), 2C-C (262), Ephenidine (689) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), Club / Bar (25)

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