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Shocking Electric Galvanizing Buzzing
2C-C & 2C-B
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Shocking Electric Galvanizing Buzzing: An Experience with 2C-C & 2C-B (exp108607)". Sep 14, 2017.

50 mg   Deschloroketamine  
  40 mg oral 2C-C (capsule)
  25 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)


[Note: I prefaced this trip with deschloroketamine, but it had mostly tailed off by the time I dosed 2C-C and 2C-B, so likely had negligible effect. The most interesting aspect of my experiences that day was the synergy between 2C-C and 2C-B and so that is the focus of this report]

T-3:45-I went to the corner store to get ginger ale. I was wearing a new shirt, it was a soccer jersey. It was loaded with static that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. It stuck to me, and wearing it made me feel like I was buzzing. At the corner store, some pop song in Spanish was playing very loudly. The refrain had the word “electrico!” featuring prominently. This little detail will become relevant later on……

T-3:30-I did 50 mg deschloroketamine earlier in the day. It was a powerful experience, but I won’t go into it too much because that’s not the focus of the trip. It was supremely introspective, in an emotionally neutral way. It was sedating as deschloroketamine is often. I mostly just flopped around on my bed and felt like I was in big dissociative river rapids. (Also I did 10 mg of 3-MeO-PCP the previous night. I woke up on a slight afterglow from that.)

T0:00-I had mostly come down from the deschloroketamine. It typically has a long sedating afterglow and I was feeling that, with just the slightest numbness in my extremities. I figured now was the time to dose. I took the capsules together with ginger ale. I went downstairs to hang out with my roommates on the comeup.

T0:20-Already starting to have visuals, with very bright patterns appearing on the walls, they are demandingly bright like neon lights. But they are 2 dimensional and a nice adornment to my world. Mentally I just feel a bit floaty and high, not anything notably psychedelic. Nausea touches in, but it’s not nearly as bad as it’s been with other drugs, very manageable. I light up a blunt eventually.

T0:50-I only finished half of the blunt. Thing were getting intense, and I realized that I didn’t want to drive it too far. The visuals have picked up very very hard. The world is beginning to distort around me, it feels like the very fabric of reality has rolled in multicolored paint and telescoped in on itself. The edges of objects begin to dismantle into colorful fractals and drift away. Everything is overlaid by repeating patterns in swirling prismatic colors, all of them seem to be formed in some sort of sequence or mathematical harmony. They look like strings of diamonds and other forms, dancing and swirling and dragging my field of vision along with them. The room warps and melts and twists in response to the actions of these forms, truly expelling me from any shred of this reality. My roommates’ conversation becomes utterly surreal and incomprehensible. These strange beings whose form has become colorful and amorphous are projecting sound waves into the abyss of the air, firing off a cannon of voice, the projectile disintegrating amongst the crushing weight of this strange world. I decide I cannot really be around people, it has gotten too strange, when voices become gibberish that’s usually a good sign that I’m tripping so hard that I can really only be alone. My sense of body I wavy and unstable, I am walking like I am on a rocking boat (it’s like a dissociative walk). I float up to my room.

T1:00-I am up in my room. I attempt to operate my laptop, it’s very difficult when the screen is shaped like a melting orb covered in rainbow faces. It feels like I am radiating concentric fields of energy that disturb and distort my surroundings, making things bend and warp and bleed colors. It is as though fractals and patterns are oozing from the walls, and being cast into the chaos of the swirling air.

I close my eyes and this is where I get swamped. Immediately I can feel my body turn to waves, I can feel it ripple on the concentric fields of my mind. Visually there are various sharply angled patterns that are multiplying and repeating at an impossibly fast rate, multiplying so fast it would not be perceivable or conceivable to a sober mind. These overwhelm me, wash over my like waves, they feel electric, it feels like my entire existence is buzzing with electricity. The physical effects are more or less juts turning into a buzzing medium for a constant flow of electricity.

Imagine you pluck a taut wire, it vibrates and bounces back and forth, at first in large waves, but slowly the waves shrink, slowly it loses momentum and vibrates slower and slower until it stops. Now imagine that when you pluck it, it does not reduce in frequency. It instead vibrates faster, and the size of its vibration grows even larger. That is what this trip felt like. It felt like I was a wire being plucked, and I was vibrating out of control into oblivion. I was destroyed.

Mentally, it was very hard to comprehend this state. This was the most vibrate-y I had ever felt from any drug, this was the stronger buzzing effect I had felt. I didn’t know what to think of it, the visuals and other sensory effects were overwhelming. I couldn’t put music on, it got too distorted and that freaked me out. Instead, the ambient noise around me repeated like a sound glitch and trailed off into oblivion. All of this sensory distortion could only be processed by my brain as being “very strange”, and I was cast into a stupor and confusion. I felt mentally lost, I was happy I was in a safe place, but it felt like my cognition was being shocked by arcs of lightning, searing and sizzling it. It was like an electric massage on my brain, lightning bolts striking from the clouds of my skull and crackling across my brain. Remember the shirt I mentioned earlier, and the song in the corner store? Everything was electric themed today, there was electricity in the air. Odd coincidence.

T1:30-Eventually, I let the waves completely consume me, and found myself far away. I was completely dissociated now, I had finally truly vibrated into the void. This new existence was in constant motion, and constant repetition and self-replication. It was visually stunning, incredibly intricate and colorful forms trailing off into nothing, appearing and disappearing at a rate that my sober mind could surely not follow. I felt like I was being blasted down tunnels, that I was riding waves of fractals up and down, that I was being tossed about at the mercy of these unknown electric forces. I also was granted the pleasure of what I would zealously label as entity contact. I eventually felt like I came to a junction of this realm. Buzzing forms would come and pluck my form, mock me and jostle me, buzz around me, it was a hazing for a stranger to this realm. They were indescribable within any sensory parameters, just imagine sentient vibrations I guess? (and not that hippie “we’re all vibrations dudeeee” stuff, this was just very direct and literal ripples in this reality) They swirled and danced, dragging shreds of this reality with them, turning this junction into an incredible disorder of forms and spaces and vibrations.

Eventually, like gravity, the forms swirled together at the center. There stood a grand totem built of utterly discordant forms. Suddenly, this too felt sentient, and as I acknowledged it, it felt as though our consciousness blended into one. I was suddenly this totem, something revered and respected by the living vibrations. They stopped their mockery. I did not feel any sense of power however, I could not manipulate this realm, merely command the respect of its inhabitants. I was simply a disembodied voice vibrating within some unknowable object.

T2:20-I’m down enough to interact with people. My original plan for the night was to trip with my roommate and play videogame together. He was on acid at the moment. But we both retired to our rooms instead. I figured since I was past the peak I could go hang out. So I go downstairs and watch my other roommate play shadow of the colossus. This is my favorite game, and watching it brings back intense nostalgia. I love this. I feel the deeper and more eloquent thought of the comedown of trips. I appreciate younger me for liking this game, I think younger me is cool for playing it so much. Weird narcissism. This state becomes most prominent about an hour after the peak, I was currently post peak and the visuals were raging hard. Interlocking intricate patterns were on everything, flashing in blue and pink. I still feel like I am buzzing, but much lighter, I feel like a vibrating phone.

T3:00-The visuals remain, albeit lighter and less prominent. They simply adorn my existence. I feel like I have just been shocked and burnt. I feel burnt out, I feel like I vibrated so hard that it’s left a residual sort of fuzziness in my body. It is centered in my skull, in the middle of my brain. I feel literally shaken. That was cool and interesting.

T6:00-I am mostly down now, the burnt out buzzed out feeling remains until I go to sleep.

This trip was electric!!!!!!!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108607
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 14, 2017Views: 1,138
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2C-B (52), 2C-C (262) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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