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Waking Up in the Hospital
by CubedSquare
Citation:   CubedSquare. "Waking Up in the Hospital: An Experience with ALD-52 (exp108640)". Jun 9, 2016.

5 hits   ALD-52 (blotter / tab)


A legitimate online vendor recently started stocking ALD-52 blotter tabs, apparently making it readily available for the first time in forty or so years. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I immediately ordered five tabs of 100ug each. The night I took them ended with blacking out and hospitalization.

Before this, I had nine prior experiences with LSD, all of which went quite well. Two of these were at quoted doses of 435ug and 440ug from two separate sources; these had some level of initial nausea and anxiety but were ultimately fairly fantastic. As such, I took this whole situation pretty lightly beforehand. I carried the tabs around in my wallet for maybe two weeks before I took them all one night on a whim with little to no preparation.

My experience was nothing like any of my prior acid trips. To start, LSD has always taken an unusually long time to kick in for me. My first trip (145ug) saw near zero effect until the one hour 45 minutes mark, and a near two hour waiting period has been the norm for me at around that dosage. Even my 400ug+ experiences didnít have their first noticeable visual effects until maybe 40 minutes in. On the other hand, the first visual effects from the ALD-52 came at around 20 minutes, when I began to see different layers on the walls around me like a 3D eye puzzle. At around the 35 minute mark, it felt like I was vibrating in frequency with the entire world and that everything was made up of minute fractals, the world radiating the feeling of deep warm colors. At around the 40 minute mark, I puked. Most of what I remember from the one hour to two hour mark turned out to have never actually happened, and then the next thing I remember is waking up at around the seven hour mark in a hospital.

The series of events started out straightforwardly enough. I took the tabs just before a group of friends and I headed out to a local bar and lounge with a relaxed atmosphere. The incredibly quick and strong come up was my first sign that I had made a huge mistake
The incredibly quick and strong come up was my first sign that I had made a huge mistake
, but things really started taking a turn for the worse when mounting nausea brought me to the barís bathroom and I puked in the sink. The bathroom was rundown, a bit dirty, and out of soap. I looked at my tongue in the mirror and it appeared as if much of it was covered in some yellow bacteria, my teeth feeling like they were coated in some fuzzy substance. It felt like I had become infected with something horrible from the bathroom.

After walking out, some friends noticed I was doing rather poorly and bought me a cab back to my college dorm. My last concrete memory is being driven down the highway and for some reason not being sure if I was going to make it back or end up stranded somewhere.

After that, I remember bits and pieces of strange and even contradictory things that are unsupported from everyone elseís accounts. I remember approaching a group of strangers and insisting they help me get back to my dorm room, which they did. I remember being escorted by eight or so people up the hill, at one point being carried. I remember asking them maybe 20 times in a row if this was the correct place, and also repeating the word Ďuntilí over and over again as if I was building up to something that never came. Lastly, I remember violently rolling around on the hardwood floor of my dorm legitimately believing I might die. I donít remember why, beyond the fact that it was something about my breathing and whether I actually was where I thought. A few people outside my window were talking to me, which in hindsight was a hallucination considering that the window is on the fifth story and I was clearly seeing a ground level view of the city center a few miles away.

I woke up in the hospital with no shoes, phone, or wallet, connected to an IV and an oxygen mask. I had bad bruises on my knee and elbow. I had no idea if it had been hours or weeks, and it felt like part of my nose might be missing.

I was filled in later on what happened. I had actually made it back to the dorm without incident; the cab arrived at its destination, a couple of friends made sure I got back to where I was going, and evidently I wasnít doing anything strange or worthy of concern. But hours later when the group came back, they found me on the floor, rocking back and forth slightly, eyes wide open and completely unresponsive. I was carried to a car and taken to the hospital, where I finally became responsive after another hour or so.

I was discharged perhaps an hour after waking up, once it was clear I was okay. My room was a mess when I got back, things scattered everywhere. My best guess is that I had collapsed in the room, bruising myself and knocking things over in the process.

Nothing else notable happened until maybe the 12 hour mark, when I drank a glass of water and then threw it up all over myself just minutes later. After changing, I experienced the most incredible visuals Iíve ever had. Once I let my eyes relax, this beautiful 3D pattern of hexagonal blue-green gems entirely filled my field of vision. When I closed my eyes, I saw these brilliantly complex twisting and rearranging patterns of colors, sometimes forming characters in languages that donít exist against purple backdrops. It certainly didnít make up for the rest of the trip, but it was a welcome change at the very least.
It certainly didnít make up for the rest of the trip, but it was a welcome change at the very least.

My experience has led me to think one of the following must be true:

1) What I received was not ALD-52, or it was much more than 500ug
2) The gap between a 440ug trip and a 500ug trip is apparently absolutely massive, for me at least
3) There is something very fundamentally different between ALD-52 and LSD-25

Number one seems very very unlikely to me; as I mentioned before, this was a very reputable and professional vendor. Number two seems almost as unlikely based on what Iíve read in otherís trip reports. This leads me to number three as the probable conclusion: running counter to many claims that ALD-52 should either be very similar or exactly the same as LSD, they are actually significantly different chemicals.

Iím hoping that more trip reports for this substance pop up in the near future. Iíll be keeping my eyes out.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108640
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jun 9, 2016Views: 17,823
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