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Potentiates Ganja High
Lemon Balm
by DiRealTopATop
Citation:   DiRealTopATop. "Potentiates Ganja High: An Experience with Lemon Balm (exp108691)". Jun 17, 2016.

  smoked Lemon Balm (dried)
  60 mg smoked Cannabis  


Lemon Balm (Melissa Officianales) Potentiates Ganja High

I hadn't smoked marijuana for approximately 2.5 weeks prior to this. I hadn't smoked for a while and really wanted to yesterday. The story starts with me trying all day and night to cop an eighth. Then I got desperate so decided to smoke the Lemon Balm I grow out back. I make tea from the lemon balm from time because I noticed it puts me at a peace I like.

This wait on my ganja is taking forever so I cut about 2.5g (I have one of them hundredth place scales) of lemon balm from several little specimens in corners of my garden. I then put them in my oven to dry running back and forth every 8 minutes from playing Dark Souls 3 in my bedroom upstairs to make sure they don't get too dry. Those 2.5gs dried out to .6 in about 30 minutes. So I'm like 'oh well, who knows when the plug is going to pull up?' so I'll split it into two .3. I don't see how tobacco helps your high therefore I smoke organic hemp papers.

After smoking one I went back to play Dark Souls 3 still waiting on the plug and was upset about the wait at the time. The lemon balm definitely had some relaxing (not sedating or high) effects I felt as if the night and wait just got longer. I was on the fence about the connect coming through or not (he didn't). So I decided to smoke the other. At that time, I said to myself 'This is mint. It's not going to smell in here.' I went in the basement out of respect (no one's home anyway).

I lit the %100 lemon balm spliff up and took a few hits when I saw one of my old jars wrapped up in electrical tape so you can't see what's in it unless you open it or check from the bottom. I checked from the bottom and didn't really identify anything and decided to open it. There was a small pinky segment sized spliff tail in there. That joint was sitting in there for months. Be it some good weed or not, it lost the smell. I immediately put out my lemon balm joint because I decided to build another spliff with this minuscule amount of weed and the rest of the lemon balm. I'm assuming there will be no effect at all but I want to get high.

I weighed this minute amount of weed just because and it came out to .06 but I didn't reweigh the lemon balm. I believe I was weighing everything because I had the scale in my pocket because the weed man kept lying about pulling up. I mixed the lemon balm and weed together the best I could and double rolled it in Organic RAWS without a filter. I said to myself 'this is pointless but it's better than nothing'. Therefore, I drank water before smoking so I wouldn't drink much water after smoking, so I wouldn't blow what little high I get, if any. I tugged on this 90% lemon balm 5-10% weed joint like it was the last and had a sip of water right after just to rinse the smoke inhalation. I went back upstairs to play Dark Souls 3, started talking to my dogs, and that's when I realized 'I'm so L!T I&I'. The way I can describe it is high as a kite but not dopey at all. Peaceful and confident like a dude flying a glider with the earth below not a cloud above and a destination that's rich.

Definitely wasn't a placebo. That was yesterday. Finally got my lil bag of bud (Gassy, Heady, Skunk weed) and tried the same thing at a different ratio to see if I can really use this herb to stretch my pack. The ratio was about point .06 ganja to point .2 lemon balm in organic raws. The lemon balm is so small this time because I really don't want to waste either. I been using the lemon balm once every 3 days sometimes 2 days in a row therefore I don't give it a chance to grow. I'm still open to the fact it can be a mild placebo because I haven't smoked any Mary Jane in weeks and because this has dumbfounded me.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jun 17, 2016Views: 6,282
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Lemon Balm (590), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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